Trade Cassettes + Zines

Started by Ogata Tetsuo, October 18, 2022, 04:46:26 PM

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Ogata Tetsuo

I have these stuff to trade, but I can also sell them if you want:

KEBEK ZINE, is a small publication about noise cassete releases + an interview with an noise artist/label/distro.


Govnerment Alpha vs Ogata Tetsuo - s/t (Debila Records)
Hiroyuki Chiba vs. Ogata Tetsuo - s/t (Debila Records)
Venta Protesix vs. Ogata Tetsuo - Anxiety-Inducing ASMR (Enfermo Distro)

- Kebek #1
- Kebek #2
- Kebek #3

- Any japanese noise cassette
- Any noise cassette tape for (3 kebek issues)

I will upload this post very soon with more stuff.