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Quote from: pentd on February 11, 2022, 10:00:52 PM
recently video guru omri cohen set up a "system" and suggested to stay with that only. i gotta say, that never occurred to me... i have always kinda freestyle just started chaining up modules, always different ones than in previous patches... so yeah, next project = just a "closed" vcv-system / template?

this is definitely something I need to do more of myself. I came to vcvrack with zero "experience" in either modular synthesis specifically or music making in general. the first few months with the package was fun but as time went on I started to get frustrated with a self-perceived lack of "progress". when I force myself to stick within a more narrowly defined range of options / modules it tends to force me to actually READ documentation and and legit figure out how the stuff works (as opposed to an often time consuming and frustrating trial-and-error process).


Have you tried Pure Data?


yes i have though i never invested the necessary time to learn the proper syntax, but i like it a lot!
for pd i recommend martin brinkmann's machines:

yet for me vcv has been the easiest to dive into with best results

check out palette by xenakios (legendary hourglass + paulxstretch dude), find it in the library