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Puce Mary oli kyllä järkyttävän kova Oulussa vuonna 2015. Tavallaan olisi ollut hauska nähdä että millaista AOR / opiskelu-ambient meininkiä toi lopulta pääosin oli hehe
A fresh 26 minutes long work dedicated to Ariel Castro case is released via Deepthroat Records! 2207 Seymour Avenue is suffocating oldschool sounding PE, created by using a lot of metal junk, samples, voices and simple pedal chain. Everything was recorded straight to tape in one take.

gear/tech/etc / Re: Synth as an effects unit
Last post by Mass Graven Image - September 30, 2023, 08:59:26 PM

The Arturia Matrixbrute is my daily driver for mono synth, and it has audio in / envelope follower as one of its functions, and as the mod matrix works you can almost modulate anything with itself or other function.
It also has a triggering envelope that is cycled with the input amplitude. I have had some very good and unexpected tones come out of the dual filters and a driving guitar or bass guitar with dist pedal for extra drive on filters.
Last post by Heppakirjat - September 30, 2023, 08:45:51 PM
PUCE MARYN keikassa ehdottomasti parasta oli vauhdikkaammat kohdat: välillä kiskoja kolisi juna kohti, välillä leffatraileribassoiskut pörisi rytmikkäästi ja välillä tuli sekavampaa pätkittyä ääntä. Samaa mieltä siitä, että ennen oli Maryt keskimäärin paremmin, mutta kyllä tuolla akustiikalla ja äänetoistolla nautti niistä maalailevistakin kohdista. Kun yleisössä selkeästi tuntui olevan myös kohtalaisen paljon tuota paremman kuvauksen puuttuessa, enempi taidekorkeakouluporukkaa, olisi ollut hauska kun jotain todella räväyttävää olisi tapahtunut musikaalisesti. Toisaalta sama toiminee toisinpäin. Ehkä Mary on nykyään vaan niin ammattilainen, että soittaa turvallisesti keikan, jossa tarjoillaan sopivasti kaikkea.
Last post by Der Hund - September 30, 2023, 08:03:52 PM
New zine out, Leave Britney Alone #1.

Featuring interviews with Feberdröm, Ali Robertson of Usurper/Giant Tank label/solo and finnish noise rocker Lörsson. Short review section of CDs and tapes.
28 pages, A5 format.

You can get it by emailing me at
[brevsolo] @ [gmail] dot com

6 euros per copy. Only got 10 copies left as of this writing.

Please get in touch via e-mail as I don't have time to check out this forum as often as I'd like to and therefore won't respond to any messages here.

GENERAL SOUND DISCUSSION / Antimúsica - Noisecore from Br...
Last post by Emocaust - September 30, 2023, 07:07:18 PM

Noise do Brasil, a DIY Documentary.

CLASSIFIED ADS / Re: GEAR: Elektron Analog Heat...
Last post by tiny_tove - September 30, 2023, 02:00:37 PM
parting from on of my two leploop, which was big part of past 10 years wertham's loops and patterns as well ass the most industrial parts of C031 (with appropriate distortions). I have another one that is less predictable and messier, so I decided to part from the second version that I technically never used.

600 euro plus postage

most on line demos sucks as usual
can send actual photos but it's mint/new
Last post by Apes Clog Snag - September 30, 2023, 01:24:51 PM
Emil Beaulieau – Dedicated To Richard Rupenus cd (Pure)
Sixth track, that evolves slower but is still quite raw, ends up being very memorable, rest of the album is all over the place constant NOISE. Personally I might enjoy TNB sounds through Emil even more. TNB is great, but throw some broken off tonearms over it and see what you get then! CD got multiple listens this week and everytime I ended up thinking how cool it would be if something like the ARTBREAKHOTEL lp got the minutoli treatment in this day and age!

Zwangsbeglucktertum - If It Pleases The Court 7" (I Dischi Del Barone)
I've had this on my turntable constantly since I got it. Best noise 7" of the recent times! Not that there's been many. A side is Incapacitants-y in it's approach, with raspy noise tangled up with feedbacking unintelligible voice crying out under a lofi recording of someone playing with marbles. B side starts slowed down speech distortion and then blows into layers of rough electronic signals, not that much more, but all I really need. The cover art is nice, has some shoes and the guy from the mythbusters.

Zalhietzli - Armure tape (Narcolepsia)
Hard to describe. Active, fervent and distorted in a very specific way that feels particularly satisfying to me. Unmusical but not for the whole length. Different from the previous tapes and cdrs from the artist, that were also quite varied. How it sounds? Like 2023 tape noise transferred into an old MacII computer. Crunchyness, fluttering, screeching, wheezing, all there, but crackled up by software. Great! For anyone who likes both Altar Of Flies and K.M. Toepfer.

Mot - Break tape (Fanalstatt)
Break has all the elements of Mot I like, but juiced further! Warbled tape loops hot with feedback, steel and iron junk, distorted ground hum. All bloomed with tape saturation. More noisy than some Mot, and I like that, but not nearly as noisy as the Oaf 3".

Idler - Oaf 3"cd (Satatuhatta)
Blunt, simple, very tastefully distorted, delicious microcassette noise. Unlike the plunderphonous dictaphone abusers of the old, Idler oafs around thick and saucy. There's similarities though, it's as messy as the old timers and maybe by that misses some of the trappings of other modern noise, finding it's own way to be harsh.

Commando 15 - Vauhkola tape (Satatuhatta)
Second tape from an occupied Ostrobothnian noiser, Commando 15. Sound consist mostly of layered feedback. Very hand made, played vibe that creates a nervous mood. It wails distantly only to burst into echoes that distort into a cassette recorder. Saying it like that doesn't tell you much, but I think the main charm of this is in the nuances of the sound, the texture so to say. Textured feedback huh? Well, yeah and not exactly, more like how the different sources act with each other and how that affects the recording space and how it all hums and hisses onto tape. I think. Anyway, a compelling piece of noise!
Last post by FreakAnimalFinland - September 30, 2023, 11:15:22 AM
PUCE MARY keikka oli tavallaan yllättävä, tavallaan ei. Sellainen asiallinen, mutta ei loistava. Esittelypuheen perusteella tiesi odottaa että luvassa maalailevampaa ja "ambientimpaa" kamaa. Positiivista oli yleisö joka katsoi hiljaa ja äänentoisto joka kykeni sekä lujaan ja massiiviseen, etenkin bassotoistoon. Valot ja savut sun muut pikku lisät. Lisäksi liki tunti vierähti niin nopeasti ettei mitään kelloon vilkaisua ehtinyt tapahtua! Kenties vaan hieman new age vivahteista synaa, shimmer / "synth pedal" tyyppisiä efektejä joista syntyi sellaista melankolista hidasta vellovaa tunnelmamusaa on jotain mitä en itse kovin paljoa kuuntele. Ne biisit joissa lähdettiin hieman rajummalla äänenpaineella liikkelle, oli selvästi parempia - tai sanotaanko että omaan makuun!
Puolivälissä settiä oli rajuttu stutterloop mylläkkä josta tiesi että tämän tahdissa joillain stressihammas narskuu ja otsa hikoilee. 
Eli siinä mielessä hyvä että useita hyviä pätkiä ja kyky vetää tunnin setti ilman että olisi puuduttava. Omaan makuun tyylin kehitys hieman väärään suuntaan.
GENERAL SOUND DISCUSSION / Re: Cleaning studio / ready to...
Last post by kiiski - September 30, 2023, 10:46:23 AM
Right now I don't have a studio space. We're looking to buy a house in the near future and I'm excited because then I'll be able to design and build a proper room for my needs. I used to have a professional studio space with control room, recording rooms and lot's of storage in my old home town, but for my current needs as a theatre sound designer and an experimental sound artist one room will suffice. It'll resemble a traditional control room with a mad professor / Gyro Gearloose / Lee "Scratch" Perry vibe.

What was the question again? I'll describe how I had my last temporary studio space set up.

I'm a pretty organized guy. All cables and utilities are stored in different cardboard boxes (the ones made for shoes are my favourite), power outlets are easily available and connecting to amplifiers, tape recorders and computer can be done quickly. This is really important for me, because this way the purely technical hassle will be minimal and it doesn't distract my workflow. Organizing everything neatly and the constant improving of the infrastructure in studio takes time, but it pays off as the creative workflow becomes so much better.

I like to have some free table space where I can build a setup and leave it there for awhile. Some of my gear have their designated places in the studio but I don't want the studio to be too rigid. It narrows down the experimental workflow if everything is too though out. Small synths, pedals etc. can easily be connected when needed. It forces me to think what I'm actually trying to do. The ready to go / always from the scratch -balance is delicate and causes constant struggle, heh.

The studio is used for my own experimental sound sessions, but about half of the time I do other stuff: sound design for theatre (which can also be experimental but not always), mastering jobs for other artists and so on. I need to have my main work desk relatively clean and distraction-free.