LARRY WESSEL'S ICONOCLAST -- The Boyd Rice Documentary

Started by ironfistofthesun, February 13, 2011, 03:22:17 PM

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Seen the trailer other than that no.

Heard it was due this Spring.

andy vomit

i got my copy a couple weeks ago..  i only watched the first disc so far, but it's pretty good.


I got mine a few days ago. Watched first DVD and finishing the second one. I found DVD 1 very entertaining and amusing, but with DVD 2 thing is getting even better! Recommended for those who know about Boyd Rice and for who don't.
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Glad to see this has finally been released. Looking forward to purchasing it.


is it region free or only region 1?
is anybody going to carry it in Europe?
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andy vomit

was anyone else kinda pissed that the discs are DVD-R?  it's not a huge deal, really, it's not like it affects play or anything, but still...


I would be. Even the regular dvd seems to have much more issues than regular CD, but the damn burned discs. Especially those with a lot of material. With little bit cheaper player, just forget. The nice double layer feature when movie just freezes when layer is changing. The fragile surfaces, the expected decay to become rubbish.

This is what I thought about that Cleveland industrial documentary DVD(r?). I guess it says pro-duplicated, but what the fuck that means anymore in the noise/industrial scene? I didn't want to ask to clarify, but it does say in rules of board that one should be clear what you are selling, and it's no news at this point to anyone, that there are plenty of people who don't want to buy CDR sold to them as CD. It's less task to say R than circle around the fact with fancy sale speech.

Not long ago was published that En Nihil new CD. I ask from guy is this CD or CDR, due pressing was quite small (yet doable as CD). He says it is pro-done. I ask so, is it CD or CDR? He goes, it's pro-done with silver reading surface and shrinkwrapped, ok!? I though I'm not going to beg more, so I just take them to support the return of this nice project. And what do you know, CDR's arrive. So, should I try to sell CDR for price of CD? Should I complain? I decided not to. Just sell for price I find reasonable and thats it.

You see Bloodlust opening his new webshop. While re-starting the whole it would be easy to tell he's selling CDR's. But no. In fact, the previously done compromise after Noisefanatics topics that he actually mentions "-R", is again abandoned. Now it's again just scamming you like usual. I commented it privately, and big surprise no response.

You would think, document of Boyd Rice would interest at least 100 people. And this is the amount you can do real dvd. Cheap and easy. Anywhere in world. If you don't want to, could be honest to tell what it is. So this is primarily american phenomena isn't it?
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Quote"BOYD IS AN ICONOCLAST!"]-Anton Szandor LaVey


This new documentary by long time Church of Satan Priest Larry Wessel explores the depths of Satanism along with it's key figures and purveyors at depth unseen before...

ICONOCLAST is a 3-DVD Set Documentary on one of Anton LaVey's closest friends, once a spokesperson for the Church of Satan, and one of the most controversial artists in the world - BOYD RICE.

Featured and interviewed are Blanche Barton], the wife of the late Dr. Anton LaVey, COOP, Rodney Bingenheimer, The Partridge Family Temple, Gidget Gein (of Marilyn Manson), Matt Skiba] of Alkaline Trio, and many many many more.

Watch a live exorcism performed by Bob Larson! Watch exclusive videos and learn EXCLUSIVE information and new revelations about Anton LaVey from his closest.

This is a must see for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on Boyd Rice, Satanism, the occult, Anton LaVey & anything and everything underground culture...

This film took 6 YEARS to complete. And the result? The ULTIMATE film on Satanism, Boyd Rice, & Anton LaVey.

Get your copy here -





Quote from: Wesselmania on February 18, 2011, 11:41:45 PM

This film took 6 YEARS to complete.

Gee if I spent six years on a film (and I have) I would damn sure to make it available on something slightly more upscale than DVDr. I hope it play on the festival circuit somewhere were I can catch it.

Speaking of old icons. THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE and won a Teddy Award(Gay film award) at Berlinale. Anyone seen it?

Bit bummed out that I missed out on Rosa von Praunheims Rent Boys doc.


The Disc 1 is great, Disc 2 and 3 are also good, but not so informative like the 1 one. And i miss really much deep Into Stuff, the Set is about Boyd as Person and not really contain his Musical Matters. Is little about Michael Moynihan, nothing about Ian Read, Tony Wakeford or whole World Serpent Family. Only a few Minutes with Douglas P.

But for a Docu about the Person, the Set is great after all :)

With the Price of $30 for a 3 DVD Set i expected DVD'R. Since you pay here for a normal Music DVD 13-20€...


i am hoping that some indi run cinema will show a print of the film here in the uk. NON is over in the uk this year as part of the mute short circuit festival, It would be great for someone to show it around then. Im sure there is a enuff in interest!!!

Tommy Carlsson

I am curious to hear if the documentary has any early NON footage, i.e. the noisier stuff?

And the DVDR decision seems like a strange move. I guess it would be easy to go further off-topic on this subject, questioning for example why Crucial Blast would do a 250 copy Vomir disc on CDR rather than real CD, but maybe it's best to keep discussions like that for another thread. Still, if this was a real DVD I would probably drop the money to check it out myself, but I'm not paying for a crappy format like DVDR. Is this relevant to this topic? I would think so.


maybe not interesting enough for Mute to put it out on dvd   ;-)  i was thinking Boyd&Mute were still good palls?.....


I think it's meant to be an unauthorized Boyd Rice documentary, which would be kind of weird to have on the same label as his official releases.