PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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Anybody have a live video footage of Navicon Torture Technologies? I never seen one on youtube, and can't find DVDr on discogs... so, anything, if it's exist?

Bleak Existence

once see them in nyc 2002 it was a very long psychedelic power noise set if i remember correctly


Sickness - Ende Tymes 2016

EDIT: moarr

Alleypisser - Summer Scum 2016

I thought Alleypisser was done and Knækkede Stemmer was the "new incarnation".


Wanted to post that with some witty comment, but been a bit late. thanks

New Forces

New Forces

Breaking The Will
Form Hunter




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No vacuum? Scum FC vacuum kvlt is so awesome.

Been thinking about doing something with some Henrys actually, but they are quite expensive and I dont own one as I never clean anything.

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Gotta love that sparkly 'title'. Really enhances the mood.
aye, might slot some more in if i get time


Twisted fangs of Pembrokeshire, the deeply magnetic sounds of Filthy Turd