PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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Few sets from last weekend. The show was in an arts space / workshop, with a decent crowd considering the restrictions in place.

Blunt Force Head Trauma




- "The Dawn of Day" (2020) by Darja Bajagić with sound by Fifth Era, Ferro Mortem, and Die Kombination


Very obtuse Cementimental video I made for a stream recently. found footage sci-fi, anachronistic Mac Plus noisecollage, pedal and eurorack improvs


Junkyard Shaman - Archive of Live Performances

Noise, ambient, junk drone, industrial ambient, I don't care what you call it or what you think of it, but this playlist is a collection of my recent live recordings and I will be adding more in the future, all with visuals or the live stream or whatever there was.  This first one is from last Sunday, at Osaka's Environment 0g.


Going back through my Instagram story archive from the past couple of years and uploading some documentation of various live actions and events I've attended which may be of interest to those on here. Information about each is included in the videos description. This is not exhaustive, and not all are full sets.

sherman & field @ First Coat Studios 8/3/2019

Lilith @ The Foundry 9/5/2019

Amateur Childbirth @ Griffith University Art Museum 22.8.19

Slupr @ Griffith University Art Museum 22.8.19

RAUM @ Griffith University Art Museum 22.8.19

Anthony Baker @ Open Actions, Enoggera Reservoir, 17.11.19

ANL: The Allure of the Unaesthetic Discord @ Wreckers Art Space 13.10.20, 20.10.20

Brackish @ Tanuki Lounge 14/11/20

Unique Oil Free Air @ Tanuki Lounge 14/11/20


Sorry if this has been posted before but very high quality Prurient performance in Moscow