Free noise samples and player Akai-Force skin (Win) Oops!

Started by JLIAT, December 29, 2020, 09:34:38 PM

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Updated EXE - defaults to longer playing samples - and bug fixed which sometimes crashes..

Free noise samples and player (Win)

I've been looking a the Akai Force music system. Looks good but not suitable really for noise...and ££££££.. so  I created a skin which plays up to 16 sound files. It picks these up from the directory the .exe is in.

The JPG is a rough user guide. The samples will loop and play a random time. The MU button (toggles on off- red= ON)  makes these longer depending on the sample button pressed. RECOMENDED. They blink when playing. I've included lots of short samples taken from a bug weevil, Korg Kossilator Mini, and a couple of pocket operators, which is why the .zip is quite big. You can of course delete these and use your own. Feel free to use and pass on. You can also record what is playing. (based on previous players) Windows only i'm afraid.

Source code in VB6

New .exe

The code for writing a WAV is not mine! VB6 code – yes I know, but its easy...