Ramleh 'Grudge For Life' book imminent

Started by Mr Klang, July 31, 2020, 01:43:10 AM

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I got a copy via Electric Knife which showed up sealed in plastic and in perfect condition. Sorry to hear there have been issues with damages.


I have always had mixed feelings of Ramleh works.

I wasn't exposed to Ramleh until about mid 90's, and after Masonna, some Gerogerigegege etc and as yougnster it didn't seem as wild as I would hope. It took some months to fully appreciate the stuff. (those years the time went on different speed. That is also mentioned in book. Within year, happened so much, and it was a damn long time..)

When I got into the old PE works, I was not interested in rock stuff they did at that time. Eventually I started to like many of the rock recordings too. Afterall, liking Godflesh, Skullflower, Cosmonauts Hail Satan and stuff like that. Already in 1996 I was playing in Junkdrome which was pretty much influenced by such stuff. And have played similar stuff since under other names.

Appreciation to Ramleh grew big enough, perhaps to level of almost fanboy, that I actually travelled to UK sometime in 2000's when band did sort of comeback show after long break. And then flew over to NYC to see the first noise gig since early 80's!
Of course there was always other things combined, like doing Grunt show or whatever, but all organized based on idea of seeing some band I wanted to see.

Still in recent years, when Ramleh played in Helsinki, of course I went there.

So the book? Of course when book is announced, one has a lot of expectations. Like all things Ramleh, it is basically somewhat disappointing at first (haha), but then you look at what is good in this, and always find something.

In this case, you will discover that there is unusually long interview with Mundy, lots of small details, bits and pieces shared of interesting early years of power electronics. Stuff that you had not read before.

I can perfectly understand, that most of old stuff, most of the transgressions are sort of dismissed merely as juvenile provocations, and over and over and over again explained how they were not X, and people assuming they were, do not understand the context and era when it was done etc. Blaaaah. I think it would have been nicer if they could have gone deeper into memories, to state of mind at the time, talk about how actually information gathered.  What they may have thought, what they may have expressed. Even if it is something they would not do -now-.  If only would get as clear treatment as the latest album, which I can not stand, despite liking to even previous album to some degree.

Perhaps the fanboyish attitude of author is not all good here. Good is that he knows about band enough to make very very long interview that is the core of whole book. Negative may be that there is no challenge or critical follow-up questions. Very often goes into such hyperbole and mythologisizing about greatness of something what becames pretty hilarious. My favorite is that author concludes in longer rant that latest album instrumental song titled "racial violence" is strongest statement heard in rock music in recent years, relating to BLM. Oh yeah? I would assume there is pretty hefty amount of anti-racist rock out there that'll have more than clumsy electronic toy sounds being thrown together?

Anyways. In times when there really is no abundance of amazing noise books, I'm fine with book that has this much of nuggets of information. It has stories by people who are not asked questions so often. Of course some relevant people had declined to be part of book. Most notable Philip Best. One fairly short, but very funny thing is Rupenus setting it straight how the Whitehouse Morden Tower "riot" actually happened, hah.. Certainly hardcover book worthy story!

A lot of images are pixelated, a lot of album covers seems to be like cut & pasted from online source (discogs?) and one wonders how long it would have taken to actually take good pic or scan of something that is commonly available? In other hand, you got some rare gig posters, flyers, and such. Things that are good to be seen and preserved.

While reading, GRUDGE FOR LIFE 12" - very disappointing record for me what I first heard it, but nowadays I appreciate it to some degree. Hole In A Heart good stuff. Real goodie after the early days mayhem. Giving it a try to new album, but just... can't. Beyond couple ok'ish tracks, it is not good at all. Selected tracks from previous album circular time ok. The Onslaught of the early days and some rock 7"s, always nice! I am fully aware that it must be annoying to be always judged (in good and bad) for like first couple years of activity, while having plenty of stuff out there.

Recommended? Absolutely! Could it be somehow better? Well, what could not? For noise book makers, world is open to make better one if one can!
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