Recording at home - habits/discipline/routine

Started by NaturalOrthodoxy, August 30, 2017, 07:27:49 PM

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Soloman Tump

I still don't have a dedicated space for making music, so I have the time consuming effort of setting stuff up to a rough idea, playing around until it sounds reasonable, and hoping something good comes of the session.

I recorded about 3 hours worth of sound Friday night, and I have roughly 20 minutes of audio from it that I want to use towards a forthcoming split project.  That is quite a lucky haul actually from a one-off session.  Usually I do not like what I come up with.


We are in the process of moving, having sold our house and yet to find a new one!
so living in a one bed flat which has meant much reduced setup.

As for routine - the move upset this & Covid lockdown depression!! but back to making new works -
did 3 tracks yesterday and will try today. The use of the Behringer and PE100 means that all recordings need no
additional processing, the volume can be set very high and the delay on one channel gives a stereo effect
i like...

Soloman Tump

Quote from: JLIAT on February 22, 2021, 02:38:26 PM
We are in the process of moving, having sold our house and yet to find a new one!
so living in a one bed flat which has meant much reduced setup.

We just moved too, it took about 6 months in all due to various failures.  Awful time.  We were effectively homeless over Christmas but thankfully a family member put us up for 3 weeks.  Which turned out well because everyone else in the country had to spend Christmas alone.

Solicitors were awful.  I hated the entire process.  It cost a fortune.  But thankfully,  I like our new house and town and hopefully I will soon have my dedicated space set up for music and crafting. 


Good evening.
I have not been posting anything meaningful for months. During the last year I had difficulties in focusing on anything rational and have been unexcitingly been recording sounds while standing the same table where I eat, watch tv and do my smart working routine.

I was sincerely considering to stop due to lack of enthusiasm, also because big part of my recording action for years have always been to simply go to a rehearsal room with mixer and digital recorder and use the amplifiers etc. That space has been vital for many years especially for vocals because the only way to record vocals are in one of the two bathrooms that, unfortunately is small and have a terrible reverb. All vocals recorded there sounded muddy. It's cool because it is 100% soundproof but has this terrible reverb.

A few months ago things changed and I organized myself very differently. I bought some reflection filters and et voilà issue solved.

I then created two "sound space" where I record now sounds. One is in the bedroom where I placed my multi-track, and from time to time I move there different synths and machines. That is where I record most of the noise/industrial parts. I still need to find something to place a stand to keep bigger synths, and chains of boxes. I go there at least 2 times a week for at least 2 hours.

Then I reorganized my working desk in the living room where I have my imac, and there I mix everything with some decent monitors. I also use a couple of midi controllers to record the more musical stuff  foresta di ferro and collaborations.

I use it almost every evening, even if I am not "composing", simply to explore the endless sound libraries and VST I have.

Cool thing I can play quite loud because neighbors say they don't hear that.
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I used to have my whole gear in my room and record whenever I wanted to, but now I moved to my girlfriend´s place, so I have to find a proper space only dedicated to the music production. I don´t have a definite routine when it comes to my own music, I do music only when I´m totally up to and somehow "need" doing it, and this happens when I feel that I have something to express with this channel. I am getting used to focus on the real structure of what I want to record, and then work on the single sounds, creating my songs as a puzzle and editing and re-editing them until I get the result I want. For the album I´m working on at the moment I previously wrote on a bloc notes a lot of details regarding both the feelings I wish to bind with the music and the related sounds. This helped me at least to understand better what I wished to reach with the music. (Industrial / ambient)


I got a small basement in my house which I use for recording. Obviously I can only record during the week days when everyone else is sleeping. No problem with volume down there and the acoustic works for me too. Due to limited time I usually only manage to record 1-2 tracks during a recording "day". It's only when I record vocals for my grind project - those are a bit louder, and my wife can hear them even with two concrete floors in between. But there's a chimney going through the house that spreads my insults in the air.... No idea if neighbours hear anything but the ones next to our house are old and deaf anyway.

n a a r a

I sit on the floor to push buttons on the synth/ make some no in-put patches on a mixer/play the frickin guitar and once I find something worth recording, I record it and start experimenting with Ableton Live or Reaper. Repeat until the stuff is accectable to your ears/your back hurts too much/ the cat needs to be taken out/neighbours start banging on the wall. Home recording is life. I really hate it when somebody interrupts me while I'm working.