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Started by cantle, May 06, 2022, 07:43:28 PM

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Might be of interest to someone so I thought I'd pass it along...



For Finnish, there is quite similar, but archived by Oranssi (organization that started as squatting group several decades ago)


There are some good ones there. Its focusing just on the early days.  You can find all things like Propaganda zine (1980 before the infamous label)

You can find old zines of Nalle Virolainen like:

Of course most of these zines are 100% Finnish language, but site is pretty fast and easy to navigate if one just wants to take a look how Finnish hardcore&punk, alternative punk comics & art looked in the late 70's early 80's. Most of these one could never find as physical objects.
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A few years ago, Simon Fraser University created the Vancouver Punk Rock Collection collecting documents from the first wave of Vancouver punk in the late 70s. Almost 1000 items scanned including zines, posters, album covers, etc. Not downloadable in any easy manner, but fully readable online https://digital.lib.sfu.ca/vanpunk-1-collection/vancouver-punk-rock-collection
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