Noise Space XI, Helsinki Oct. 8, 2022

Started by Atrophist, June 06, 2022, 11:13:10 PM

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Here we go again. A more of an experimental/avantgarde oriented Noise Space this time.

So far confirmed:


a bit poetéremécanique


electronic jazz concert
music by Mario Massa and MixaFortuna

Mario Massa: trumpet, electronic environments
MixaFortuna: concept and voice
Lyrics by V.Woolf (The Waves)
DURATION about 50 minutes

Two more artists and other info soon!

As per usual, the venue is Vapaakaupunki at Redi shopping mall. Showtime 7pm, free entry, BYOB.


Final addition to the artist roster this time around: Absolute Key!


Autotel cancelled. Replacing artist announced soon!


So here we go. Saturday 8 Oct is almost here.

You know the drill: Olohuone venue, 2nd floor of Redi shopping center in Kalasatama Helsinki. Venue open all day, soundchecks 18-19 hrs, showtime 19-22.00

Free entry, BYOB. Merch available, so consider bringing cash.

Performance order:

1. Mario Massa & Mixa Fortuna: ELÄT
(Note: this performance will last about 50 min, not like the standard 20 min NS set)

2. Absolute Key

3. a bit poet

4. Jessio

5. Comatose Levitation. Atrophist side project, basically the same but even more quiet and boring. Halfway through the set, any of the other artists who are still there and have their gear connected are welcome to join in for a group jam.