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Started by Kuollutmato, July 02, 2022, 04:23:19 PM

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Romun Huuto 2022.

FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/1215111652635454

Melua, pauketta ja paahtoa luvassa la 6.8.

Paikka : Utran Puukoulu
Osoite : Utrantie 91, 80170 Joensuu
Liput : 10e (tasaraha käteisellä tai mobilepay)

Omat juomat ja eväät mukaan.

Lineup :

KOVANA (Noise, Power Electronics)


VIGILANTISM (Industrial, Noise)



TYHJÄ PÄÄ (Harsh Noise)

✖️ Edge of Decay ✖️ Vigilantism ✖️


Tapahtuma info :

Paikka : Utran Puukoulu
Osoite : Utrantie 91, 80170 Joensuu

Lippu 10€. Tasaraha käteisellä tai mobilepay.

Ovet auki klo 18. Keikat alkaa klo 18:30.

Bussi :
Keikkapaikalle pääsee keskustasta bussilla numero 2 (lähtee Utran suuntaan Kirkkokadulta), jonka lähin pysäkki on aivan puukoulun vieressä.
Tapahtuman loputtua bussilla pääsee myös  takaisin keskustaan.

Ps. Omat juomat ja ravinteet mukaan. Paikalla distromyyntiä joten varaa käteistä mukaan!
✖️ Edge of Decay ✖️ Vigilantism ✖️


Great event once again from the Romun Huuto crew! Gig took place in a very old wooden school, attendance was maybe around 15 to 20 excluding the bands? Not too bad, lineup was so killer that it's a shame more people didn't get to see this. I highly recommend to take a trip to the east next time, it will be worth it!

Viligantism opened the night. Background video had mixed images of african militia, child soldiers, execution posters, treated with grainy VHS edit. Sound part was dominated by low bassy tones, metal objects were handled, mixing some shrieking sounds. Vocals were okay too, maybe a bit more force into them next time! But no complains, definately lived up to the recorded material.

Tyhjäpää shouldn't need no introduction. Out of control yet totally in control harsh noise, executed with wild performance. It's the kind of harsh noise gigs that annhilates and leaves, maybe a bit more volume but that's about it. Highly enjoyable, waiting for a full lenght CD or something!

Junta was missed due discussion outside, but what I heard was solid noisy stuff.

I was really looking forward to Kovana. Only seen them once before this and that was probably their first gig ever. A lot has happened since then. Same enthusiasm towards doing noise is still there. Set was loud, sturdy, sound was like a solid wall of noise storm. From scraping fury of the trademark treated record player, to low end destruction, which reminded me of some BU gigs I've seen. Vocals were equally good. Kovana is still the best example of how to do female vocals in power electronics, absolutely ripping!

Ahola & Silander, I've seen them two times before. Those times it was seemingly rehearsed and sharply executed, if not even composed, material. They knew where they were going with the sets. Storms of noise that left no prisoners. But this time crowd was greeted with a massive pile of metal junk on the floor. And the gig was the biggest scrap metal orgy I've ever seen, amplified by a mic and a contact mic. Mashing and bashing, metal objects flying in the air, smashing to the ground, blood was shed, sweat was dripping. There was also some bizarre vocals and at the end some crushing noise. Set left me with high spirits, physical action gives so different vibes. At the end of the set, there was the same pile of scrap metal on the floor, just in more disarray and blood stains here and there.


Awesome. Appreciate the review. Sounds like a great time