Late Whitehouse Percussion technique

Started by xsanguination, October 01, 2022, 06:29:00 PM

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I'm not trying to copy Whitehouse exactly or rip off their sound, I just want to know the technique for the "drums" they used on Cruise,Bird Seed, and Asceticists to sort of generate ideas for percussion and adjust it to my liking and style as that's one of the areas I struggle with and I just really enjoy this sound.

At first I thought it was just timestretched or delay Djembe trance rhythms, which I tried to do via sampling loops pitching down a bit and stretching and adding quick delays but didn't really get close. This leads me to believe the technique may be in the "rhythms" they drummed themselves and maybe chopped up and sequenced post production? I don't know what im doing at all so it's probably still pretty simple. I'm using Ableton only no hardware, but I think they were using DAW as well at the time or maybe a tempo delay or something on the SP-404. I've seen them turn knobs on it in Live Action and glitch up the rhythms so it might be. Either way I'm sure anyone with more experience who isn't as dense as me could easily explain, so thanks in advance.

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