New record store in Manhattan for noise (Skuggsidan branch office).

Started by Skuggsidan, January 31, 2023, 11:46:54 AM

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Work in progress: we will open up a branch office in Manhattan, which will be a record store specializing in noise/"industrial". This will also serve as the official distributor in the US of Skuggsidan & analogue masters (side label for reissues). For example, black metal and ordinary music will also be marketed to finance this.

Some of our future releases will be sold exclusively in this store.

More information will come soon.


The Swedish store will soon be available for those who write a message via our upcoming Telegram channel. This store can be found somewhere in central Sweden, about an hour from the head capital. However, this is only open on weekends, and much of our distribution will take place online. There is also an on-demand service when people need something on special occasions.