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Started by mag-maa, February 17, 2023, 11:10:40 PM

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I decided to start a topic for the UTON releases. All upcoming news coming to this same thread, instead of creating own topic for each album. This same post was also sent to Scream & Writhe forum (I assume it´s not too disastrous for anyone´s mind to accidentally see this twice)

Latest album:

UNI-O-MYTHICA double-cassette, released by Ikuisuus, January 2023 - Edition of 50 copies
Psychedelic and experimental synth music, recorded between January-May 2021.

Recent digital reissues:

- Radio Olio Metaphysica! (February 2023 - originally from 2008 / Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam)
- Ground´s Dream Cosmic Love (December 2022 - originally from 2006 / Students of Decay)
- Background Music for Silence (December 2022 - originally from 2006 / RuralFaune)
- Earth Noise (November 2022 - originally from 2009 / Digitalis)
- Suoniin, Luihin, Ytimiin (November 2022 - Originally from 2006 / Ikuisuus)

Still fresh and available:

- 555 (Magma Tones, 2022)
- The Source Has Its Raw Beauty (Outlier Communications, 2022)
- Processing the Unseen; Again (Magma Tones, 2021)
- Awakened Hyperspace (Ikuisuus / Unread, 2021)

All this and more at: uton.bandcamp.com
more news etc at: https://www.instagram.com/_uton_/


New album ARCHAIC SYMBOLS available.


Digital version now, physical copies in 1st May (but only available in pre-order; read more behing the link)


kongkong - Minor Inaccuracies
experimental free noise, sometimes harsh, sometimes less...  

pre-UTON era 4-track cassette recordings... previously unreleased. Available now at:
https://uton.bandcamp.com/album/minor-inaccuracies (digitally, no physical copies)
recorded in 2000 (about 23 years ago :O)


Another set of old previously unreleased recordings, by kongkong (pre-Uton)
from the year 2000.  / experimental / noise / improvisation /



▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀
  ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀ ▐ ▀


U T O N - 25052023

Digital single. Free download available until the end of May 2023.
Recorded in Turku, 25.05.2023 Thursday afternoon, with one microphone outside the window and
electric guitar inside in the recording room studio; both lines effected with distortions and delay/reverb.
Simple droney/noisy meditative (or sedative?) sound.



soon some new material, but here are some download codes for the earlier album (from May) :


I stopped selling in Bandcamp (see uton instagram for details): https://www.instagram.com/_uton_/
but I keep the albums visible/streamable - and propably selling "manually" (old school way: with email)
less (dirty) hands between, less taxes, less outer control...

Some albums in uton.bandcamp.com are FREE to download - some not downloadable at all (but if you see something
what you would like to get, just let me know, so we will find a way)


UTON - The Black Cube Meltdown

New mini-album now available. Droney psychedelic guitar-synth exploration to the Saturn and its occult dark ancient mysteries.


For the digital version, please contact for the download code. Donate as much as you like.

Record labels interested to release this on a physical format, please contact. Meanwhile, CDR copies are available for price 5 € (+shipping). Numbered edition of 8 copies!

some codes here (anonymic download possible, no need to contact and ask):