4.-13. Oct, 2023, EU tour: The Rita + Black Leather Jesus + Vomir + JSH

Started by a_way, July 05, 2023, 01:07:43 PM

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Could be wrong, but haven't seen this posted here,

"Tour coming this October [2023]!

Oct. 4 - Paris @ Chair de Poule:
The Rita featuring Mad Recital fashion show plus dance troupe Slowdanger. Mad Recital is a fashion line designed by Sean E. Ramirez-Matzus & Richard Ramirez.

Oct. 5 - Paris @ Instants Chavirés:
Threesome Slitting (Werewolf Jerusalem/The Rita/Vomir), Thin Mountain, Rien, Scarlet Diva, etc. TBA.


The Rita / Black Leather Jesus / Vomir / JSH tour starts

Oct. 6 - NL, Amsterdam @ OCCII
Oct. 7 - DE, Berlin
Oct. 8 - CZ, Prague @ Punctum
Oct. 9 - AT, Linz @ Kapu
Oct. 10 - CH, Zürich @ Umbo
Oct. 11 - * please help
Oct. 13  - IT, Pordenone @Scenasonica

*we are still trying to get a show in Geneva for Oct. 11 but haven't got any solid responses. If you know a venue who'd be interested in Geneva or near, send DM. Unfortunately Cave12 couldn't do it. We need direct contact to set up that show or we'll have to skip that city.


knows anyone details about location and starting time for the event in Berlin on October 7th?