Isn'tses 'Chernobyletta' eurorack Noise/drone module out now

Started by Cementimental, May 14, 2024, 01:55:22 AM

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Isn'tses first eurorack module the Chernobyletta is out now!

Slightly discounted ltd edition early-bird black and silver protoype edition on sale now, black and gold version to follow soon!

Order from

Putting audio into the CV input is fun, all sorts of weird distortion/pseudo-filter/fuzz possibilities:

More demos soon.

A slightly higher priced black and gold version with some minor tweaks is to follow in the fairly near future, and DIY kits too!

We will be in Berlin this sunday for Berlin Modular Society kit day, if you are around and would like to build one (or buy the pre-made silver version in person) let me know! Also bringing kits for the Chernobylizer, Fort Processor and small light-controlled circuits. :)



Thanks! Yeah it's very weird but definitely can do quite a few different kinds of thing :) More and better demos soon