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Started by FreakAnimalFinland, July 13, 2010, 06:47:16 PM

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Some years ago saw gigantic size photobook of Jan Saudek published by Taschen, and therefore cheap price. Didn't know the man at the time, but quick browsing of the book made me buy it instantly. Extensive liner notes explaining the problems of being controversial artists in communist country. Some of his work is exceptional with obscure models etc, but most of all it is just extremely talented. Most often b/w photography is hand painted, to colorful yet pretty much accurate! A lot of images might not be "special" by theme, yet plenty of things to see...
And would be curious about the documentary which is not very old:



Jan Saudek: Trapped by his passions, no hope for rescue

Directed by Adolf Zika

The full-length documentary film Jan Saudek provides a personally truthful yet harsh life story of a hero and dropout. It is presented as a grand drama, not just full of stirring, colorful photographs, but also provocative ideas, illusions and ideals. Jan Saudek became a world-renowned photographer, winning international awards and being exhibited abroad, long before he had gained recognition in his native country. He is a man who appears in many roles before the camera, often changing them, often surprising, and often shocking.
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I intended to post a topic on him after yeterday's Witkin discussion since they had an exhibition in Milan in the same venue.
One of my fave and one of the very few colour oriented photographers/artist I really appreciate.

some people complained for the underage girls pictures.
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I believe my introduction to Jan Saudek was the cover of Eyehategod's "Take As Needed For Pain" cd.
Was years later when similar works were seen and traced them to Jan Saudek.Truly a superb artist....wonderful and timeless photographs.
That Taschen book is in my bookcase....would recommend purchase.....though I think book is not so cheap now?
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Not sure i've ever seen Saudek before but last image of girl holding the knife on the above link, is obviously where Ultra got the idea for t-shirt art.

I like the images I looked at in the galleries.


Saudek is great. In Lucca, here in Italy, we had a Witkin & Saudek exhibition at the same time of the Whitehouse gig (whose sound fits perfectly with the general aura of emotional deprivation we can find in Saudek's pics), there's a great catalogue of that specific event, hard to find for sure - Saudek then had some solo exhibitions in Milan, with more catalogues (excellent stuff).
The Taschen giant book is high quality stuff