Soundcloud, bandcamp ?

Started by bitewerksMTB, October 31, 2011, 09:43:02 PM

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The new Unrest releases by S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS, KEVLAR and VONSECHSUNDACHTZIG are avilable to stream and download from Bandcamp.

Physical format can be ordered from tesco.
Först när du blottar strupen ska du få nåd, ditt as...

Eigen Bast

rehearsal recording for live debut of BIG WRENCH new ABQ NM harsh noise duo
more soon


Hi, the latest Urall release is online available at
Let me know what you think!


New Scatmother album "Vivikta", available this month on physical formats CD (Dunkelheit), Vinyl (Dunkelheit) and Tape (OFR). OFR will also do an exclusive ATWA - based shirt design. Full Album can be streamed here:

Major Carew

ZSS Live Soundboard recording from 2019 :

Unreleased ZSS studio track:


JLIAT 50 more Harsh Noise Tracks -
All 17 + minutes direct improvisation -
Free Download


Bug Wevill        
Fort Processor
Yamaha TG77
Processors & Effects
Boss BF-3
Korg Mini KP V1
Korg Mini KP V2
Korg Mini KP V1
Mooer GE 200
Mooer GE 250
Korg Pandora PX 5D
mono split to Mooer PE100
Behringer UMC202HD
Acer Laptop

Some tracks not all 3 inputs and
not this sequence of effects.

Including the two Merzbow variations sets this makes 502 HN
tracks. The above using limited equipment due to lockdown.
The project continues.


Plastic Boner Band

Older material is meditative harsh noise (Catholic Tapes, DOKURO, Power Silence/Somnimage, Anabolic Dimensions)

Newer stuff is much more melodic/piano/drone/psych with a tendency to still blow out the overdrive at times. Will have an LP of this stuff out in late 2021 or early 2022.

Urban Noise

New Approach Records


Metadevice "Turba" is fully available for streaming at bandcamp:

CD will be available soon, but a pre-order can be done at


Samples of four upcoming Disclosures titles now on SoundCloud.

Check out Parasite Nurse's Bandcamp page for an extended sneak peak.
Material Body Dysfunction & Flickering Coward. Cincinnati OH USA.


Pervert and Proud


Preview for the upcoming Virgin Entrails & Unclean collaborative album, "Suomi-American Hate Alliance". This is an unused edit of an album track.

Urban Noise

Quote from: ConcreteMascara on September 21, 2021, 06:38:36 PM
Preview for the upcoming Virgin Entrails & Unclean collaborative album, "Suomi-American Hate Alliance". This is an unused edit of an album track.


Last Rape - "Campaign of Madness" added to the Bandcamp.
New Approach Records


Here a recent live show. I combined a live room sound recording and a line recording taken from the mixer. Doesn't sound too bad, imo.