VST, DX, plugin galore

Started by tiny_tove, November 09, 2015, 02:13:18 PM

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Emergence vst

granular machine like the legendary "mangle" but x4



Stumbled upon something interesting.

Berna 3 is the latest version of the simulation of an early electronic music studio.

A celebration of the Studio di Fonologia Musicale of Milano (Studio for Musical Phonology) of the RAI Italian National Radio and Television and the German WDR's Elektronische Musik Studio of Cologne.

The user of Berna 3 has the opportunity to build their own compositions starting from the instruments and practices that defined electronic music at its origins.

A didactic tool that will give us the opportunity to understand how masterpieces such as Gesang del Ju╠łnglinge, Fontana Mix or Visage were conceived and created, but also the possibility of approaching the very idea of electronic music, as it was invented in the first half of the last century.

Video demo here:

The same developer also has a 'Japanoise inspired noise box' which is pretty cool as well:


Absolutely stupid viral marketing promotion from some car manufacturer, generic cheap and nasty VSTi synth with gimmick nature field recording sound. Website is gibberish with loads of nonsense about 'healing' bpms etc when the actual plugin doesn't even have a sequencer at all :D Mildly fun, going to use for dungeon synth https://www.kia.com/us/en/movement/our-instrument

Actually good: https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/ Free soundfont plugin with a load of interesting sounds mostly cinematic/orchestral/sound-design stuff


what's good at the moment? why, glad you asked...

https://www.newfangledaudio.com/pendulate -- Pendulate randomizes for interesting textures, if you're into oscillations.

Seems like Saike's plugins for Reaper (via reapack, or from the forum) are always interesting and a bit strange... very cool Lava reverb!

Synplant 2 is quite out there, but then again so is v1

Andrew McIntosh

Quote from: pentd on January 18, 2024, 10:48:05 PMhttps://www.newfangledaudio.com/pendulate -- Pendulate randomizes for interesting textures, if you're into oscillations.

That thing's brilliant, got it a few months ago and it's a great synth for ultra-low and oscillating frequencies. I'm crap at modular patching so I haven't bothered effing around with linking different bits but it's nice to know the potential's there.
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