Weird (but usable!) synthesizers

Started by Penon, March 09, 2024, 11:58:17 AM

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While I am perfectly happy with my Korg MS-20 Mini's character and usability, and I think there is a lot I haven't extracted from it, I am going down the rabbit hole of reading about and watching reviews of strange synths - meaning strange logic, form factor, or otherwise. If I get to buy a strange synth, I want it to be not only sonically original but also fun to play - that is an important part.

Anyone is using synthesizers that are out of the ordinary?

Some of the ones I have been eyeing

Folktek Resonannt Garden (and its younger sibling Nano Garden):

Most of the stuff from Soma Lab, especially Lyra-8:

The most fun (but not necessarily practical) would be to get theremin from Moog:
Minimum Sentence - UK Disquieting Electronics:
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That Resonant Garden is over 1100 euros? Maybe the demo is bad, but I really don't see the point. I mean it's a box with a few microphone preamps, multi-FX units plus some pieces of guitar strings. I get that people want to support independent builders and creators, but there's a difference between supporting them and letting them take advantage of you. Get an Electro Lobotomy Sonic Forest and a couple of Zoom multieffect pedals instead :)

The funny thing is, that for the purposes of our particular milieu, standard synths meant for "regular" music are actually the unusual, out of the ordinary ones. Since we have to figure out ways to use them for purposes they weren't intended for. Having said that, I've tried a few drone/noise synths, they typically will sound pretty good (or at least you'll be able to squeeze some good sounds out of them), but they often end being one trick ponies. Nothing wrong with that as such, of course.

Btw, the UK's own Stylophone is bringing out their own, budget theremin soon.


Dreadbox NYX2 can be very interesting in drone mode. Onboard reverb, midi, semi-modular = pretty flexible.
Got mine used, local and reasonable.