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Started by analogue.masters, April 04, 2023, 12:21:15 PM

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Those of us working behind the scenes with analogue masters (SE/UK) have now started to interview the artists we collaborate with actively. The blog will be under construction shortly, and under the same menu, we will also open the doors for a forum in the future (23/11/23). So the project name for this book is precisely "23", - and we have also started reviewing incoming works that we consider relevant.

The first upcoming interview is with #1 All Bretnall (mlehst). Also, we know that All has been interviewed in other forms before, which has been avoided being read and listened to - - in favour of being bias-free. Interview #2 will be with Mo*Te.



Work in progress - will be finished by Good Friday

A specific section called Club 23 will be available for all the following date: on 23/23/23 for those participating in the international comp (Skuggsidan).

Andrew McIntosh

Shikata ga nai.


I haven't finished the posts and descriptions in the forums, so this is just a sketch. It's up to each of us but I was probably inspired by radio amateurs who used to call each other by their aliases. I didn't remember that description. I still have some work to do before it is completely finished.

A feature of the forum is to also post threads with each release that will be made. And there will be a part that is only visible to those involved in the compilation.


We are currently working on interviews for a forthcoming book with comprehensive discussions under our side label analogue masters. We now have the privilege of having Zorïn, the Entre Vifs/Le Syndicat initiative operator, to engage in our research. More info will come in a near future.