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Quote from: Neanderthal on October 26, 2019, 08:35:16 PM
Did a fair amount of searching the forums with no success, and if a new thread is needed I could start one but -

I'm looking for some recommendations on the subject of sound. Particularly theory, approach, etc... not so much composition or formality.
I have been recommended In Search of a Concrete Music by Pierre Schaeffer which seems like a good starting point, but am wondering if anyone else has some books on this subject they find compelling. Another loose example: I was gifted awhile ago the first Arcana book by John Zorn...

Thanks in advance

High Static Dead Lines: Sonic Spectres and the Object Hereafter by Kristen Gallerneaux

Might be up your alley, might not be...I'm eagerly awaiting my copy. More a history/collection of....sonic oddities than anything I guess. Radio pills that can be swallowed so that a doctor can tune in, emf phones that talk to the dead, fax machines used to decode the *language* of hurricanes, etc


Coming up on the last story in the collected Breece D'J Pancake. Heartbreaking and incredible southern gothic. The heir apparent to Flannery O'Connor. If you're a fan of hers, he's an absolute must.

holy ghost

I just read The Inconvenient Indian - really solid read about a really dark subject. The author approached it with a lot of humour and optimism but wow man as a Canadian facing no hardships it's hard to not feel shitty after reading this.

Just started Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Seems trashy and fun. I like trashy and fun.

I also started The Forgotten Island by David Sodergren. And I put it down after 20 pages. Cool cover but wow this writing is fucking TRASH. I mean fuck dude I bet my fucking dog has could write a better book.



I am reading an "Hoke Moseley Omnibus", 4 detective novels by Charles Willeford.  One of my favorite writers.   Excellent writer who does not spare the brutality in his "pulp" fiction. 
A caterpillar that goes around trying to rip the wings off of butterflies is not a more dominant caterpillar, just a caterpillar that is looking for a bigger caterpillar to crush him.  Some caterpillars are mad that they will never grow to be butterflies.

holy ghost

I finally finished up the Goblin "Seven Notes In Red" book - pretty good. A LOT of info I didn't need and I skimmed over quite a bit. Authoritative and well done to be sure but that doesn't always make for an easy read. Going to save the "biographies" for another time.

I was reading Heart Shaped Box and put it down. Just not that great. Would love to find some contemporary horror fiction worth reading, this was just kind of dull and after 50 pages I wasn't really feeling it.

Started The Dead Zone by Stephen King - I have read most of his books (up until about 1995 or so) and somehow bypassed this one.


Quote from: holy ghost on November 09, 2019, 09:29:26 PM
I finally finished up the Goblin "Seven Notes In Red" book - pretty good. A LOT of info I didn't need and I skimmed over quite a bit. Authoritative and well done to be sure but that doesn't always make for an easy read. Going to save the "biographies" for another time.
I've been meaning to give that a read myself. My girlfriend picked it up in anticipation of their latest tour that's already passed through our town. It definitely struck me as being thick for a band book


Right now reading Swans - Sacrifice and Transcendence by Nick Soulsby while repeatedly listening to new Swans - Leaving Meaning. I'm enjoying both very much. Easy, as I'm a total Swans fan, all eras and incarnations. No excuse.

And also just started Charles Bronson - Loonyology book.

Major Carew

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And also just started Charles Bronson - Loonyology book.

"Fucking loonies... they're great, mate, but... well... they're fucking loonies, aren't they?"


I am about to finish BRONSON, the autobiography, incredible.


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Has anyone gotten into New Juche's latest yet? I'll be picking it up soon
Which book? From what publisher?

Phillip Best just published a new title from N.J. entitled "The Devils".

Not too long ago I read an earlier book by an author Best is publishing. He's an ex-porn actor* & the book* was half-ass Dennis Cooper. Just awful. Can't remember his name (or his porn name) nor the name of the book.

*Christopher Zeischegg aka Danny Wylde; "The Wolves that live in skin and Space"

Sucks to hear about Zeischegg. I've been looking forward to his Magician coming out through AS. Seems ambitious at the very least since it's a novel, art book, and a film. With that said, though, I'm not expecting it to be this generation's Genet, or to be, like, REALLY impressed with the writing. But it definitely seems interesting. Steak Mtn made a cool cover for the novel as well.

Eigen Bast

Just got a nice stack from Infinity Land-Heliogabalus, or The Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud, and their Coil tribute book. Both are really impressively laid out.

Recently finished Baron Wenkheim's Homecoming by Laszlo Krasznahorkai and Earth is Best by Peter O'Leary. The former was absolutely crushing,highest recommendation. The latter is a volume of poetry about the fungal kingdom, beautiful stuff.


Currently reading Lee M. Hollander's translation of The Poetic Edda. He tries to recapture the context and spirit of the texts, but the language can be a slog to get through at times. Over all, a good and engaging text that demands close attention to detail.

Anyone have recommendations for other translations or interpretations of this text?

holy ghost

I'd read the first four books in Joe Abercrombie's First Law series and really enjoyed them and started the fifth - The Heroes - a few days ago. Great funny writing with every character an unreliable shitbag. I see he's started a new series 30 years in the future and I really want to finish off these books and the short story collection and dive into that next year.

Also I read My Friend Dahmer and it was also really great. I loved Trashed and I see he's doing a graphic novel on Kent State next year.


Fanzine themed evenings here, as of late. Special Interests #11 arrived a few days ago, so I've been reading it along with #1 of Dungeon Synth zine Rotstock (and, for some reason I cannot explain, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book far more hilarious and intelligent when you're 15 or so). To top things off, I've been perusing Shocktilt #2, which has inspired a few music purchases.

Additionally, my work situation has changed so that audiobooks are now essential to even exist. Along with various The Great Courses (Indian History, Christian/Islamic/Jewish Mysticism and a long course on Bach), I'm heavily into old AD&D novels now. Mindless Fantasy, with tolerable levels of woke.
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