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I posted this on the Troniks board but thought i would hit this board as well.

A.M.C.O. - A Partial Discography [C32+Adult VHS]

Features the complete tracks from the Gag Factor VCD, the Emily18 one-sided C24, the Fuck You Head With An Iron Fist compilation, the Slave 3"VCD and the Aural Atrocities Volume 3 compilation. Comes with 9 inserts and your choice of panties and adult VHS tape.

I only have a few copies of this on hand. E-mail me first and i'll send you a pic of the panties and list of adult VHS tapes to choose from. $14ppd in the U.S.

Sound sample can be heard here: - Self Titled & True White Killer [2x Single-sided C10's]

Fascism. Racism. Misogyny. White trash power electronics. The track 'Total Self-Esteem' from True White Killer:

Both tapes for $7ppd in the U.S.

Stepfather - Dildo Affair [C23+Zine]

Do you like it rough? Spread that hole wide...

$7ppd in the U.S.

A sound sample can be heard here:

A.M.C.O. - Daddylove [C32]

I'll be your fucking daddy. Re-issue with alternate artwork.

A sound sample can be heard here:

$6ppd in the U.S.

everseescanners [at] yahoo [dot] com