Interviews you'd like to see in SI?

Started by Nyodene D, December 10, 2009, 06:15:12 PM

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If you could photocopy all the Issue of Descent magazine, that would be great!


If people have missed it all copies of Descent can be downloaded here:
noise receptor: sound with impact - analysing the abstract

spectrum magazine archive: ambient / industrial / experimental / power electronics / neo-folk music culture magazine


While we're on about old interviews - I never saw one with Dagda Mor. Was one ever done?
Oh, and FFH.


Jean Louis Costes
Macronympha (Joe Roemer or/and Rodger Stella)
John Duncan
Aaron Dilloway

Jaakko V.

Quote from: burdizzo on May 16, 2013, 08:28:31 PMWhile we're on about old interviews - I never saw one with Dagda Mor. Was one ever done?

There was one in...was it an old issue of Freak Animal?


Oh. Not in the ones I have, but I am missing a couple. Anyone have it, or is it online somewhere?


Not in Freak Animal... as far as I remember. And not in DEGENERATE! either..
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Jaakko V.

I checked and it's in Freak Animal issue #12. Not a very long one though.


ah, ok... I don't remember almost anything of that issue... Kind of last sigh of energy after quitting for some years...
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Don't know if his name has been brought up already but Jun Konagaya (GRIM, White Hospital) Would be cool!


Quote from: smegma200000 on June 24, 2013, 10:24:39 PM
Don't know if his name has been brought up already but Jun Konagaya (GRIM, White Hospital) Would be cool!

yes, i suggested him - i'd love to learn more about the man himself and those projects in his own words!

it was great to hear he's active as GRIM again after the surprise concert announcement in 2010, and now an excellent new album 'Psycho Sun' is out on Steinklang (Austria). highly recommended!

mp3 of track excerpts :

upcoming : WHITE HOSPITAL reissue!!! i assume it'll be both their records together ('Holocaust' 12" and 'Merry Xmas' 7" for those who don't know them). this is a big deal to me as i've always loved the records but have never been lucky enough (or rich enough in the case of 'Holocaust'!) to own the originals. it's perfectly clear they needed to be reissued properly and i'm glad to see it's finally happening. hopefully with bonus material too which the label blurb indicates, but maybe it wasn't relevant to WH?

"What Steinklang presents You here is the next REVOLUTION after the brilliant revival of Japans Ritual Industrial legend VASILISK. "Psycho Sun" is the first new album of Japans Noise-Pioneers GRIM since 27 years and their sound did not loose a single quantum of power in all those years! This is PURE GRIM, like three decades before!

In the mid 80ies GRIM released three incredible milestones of Industrial Noise music, the LP "Folk Music", as well as the 7" "Amaterasu" and the more folky 12" "Message". These three releases always were and still are the "holy grail" amongst the most wanted collectors-items of this genre.

Short history: GRIM as well as VASILISK developed out of the legendary Industrial duo WHITE HOSPITAL (aka Jun Konagaya and Tomo Kuwahara). Both artists were mainly inactive over the last 25 years and now both felt the sparkle to start again doing music, but not like most other "re-starters", who are just a pale shade from their earlier times - GRIM and VASILISK are doing the same fantastic music now, than they did in their early years!

Steinklang will soon re-release all early VASILISK and WHITE HOSPITAL material + bonus on CD and LP."

i can't wait!

also, here's footage of the GRIM gig from 2010 (Shinjuku Urga Oct 18th 2010)

Pt.1 :
Pt.2 :
Pt.3 :

there's more GRIM footage on there, possibly of the same gig and better than the above, but i've not watched it all yet.


i said this before anyway, but now he's finally resurfaced and it could actually be a possibility - JUNTARO! i'd love to know where he's been and what, if anything, he's done of interest in the last 10 years (for all we know he could've done loads of recording), and i want to know what the future holds for him and The Gerogerigegege!


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agreed about SOK, I remember doing some shows with him in the UK and his sets were well developed and interesting - isnt Hospital supposed to put out an LP by him?

I dont know if its suitable for SI but how about Clang Quartet, his approach and outlook is certainly different from everyone else

and while I'm at it, how about an interview with WRECK & DROOL from Israel, I've been fascinated by those guys ever since I 1st read their name, I think one of the guys lost his leg in a bombing (dont quote me on that, I could be wrong)

BEST - Ron

mass-murder performance art such as the FBI's "group show" where a krowd ov citizens were shot and many killed in Colorado as a sik sort ov meta-promotional stunt in koncert with the investors ov the Batman franchise.

So you think the theater shooting was a promotional stunt literally?

I wonder how much incentive someone would need to kill themselves...

I was also wondering if the guy watched the movie first. If not I wonder if he thought about before he killed himself. I for one am not into those movies but I saw it a few months ago and it was horrible.

It would cool to see SI interview Incapacitants.