BEARTOWN RECORDS: Andrew Coltrane/ cheapmachines/ Cavities & More

Started by beartownrecords, March 11, 2010, 08:19:42 PM

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Presenting this latest load of slop...

BTR014: Cavities - "The Egg Man" C24 - Mysterious, pissy duo (or trio, we're not really that sure) mangles musique concrete, live sound, object manipulation, voice and whatever they can get their grubby, drunken, little hands on. We took a big chance on putting out a CS from these reclusive goons - and it definitely paid off. This is their first (and probably last) release. Complete with screwed up, irrelevant collage artwork.

BTR013: Cheapmachines - "Cast" C20 - Philip Julian's exploration and scrutiny of the organ continues with two decandent, alluring and warm compositions. Complete with slighlty optimistic, fold-out watercolour artwork.

BTR012: Andrew Coltrane - "Adieu Mon Cherie" C45 - The misanthropic, overbearing murmurs of everyday drudgery are manipulated and ruthlessly dismantled with the employment of countless methods of auditory deconstruction. Tapes, voice, samples and hiss from God knows what are all twisted into a strangely satisfying and radically potent composition. Comes with abstract, unfathomably complex collage artwork.


As ever, all releases are £4 (inc. delivery worldwide) and in editions of 30. For the time being, these releases WILL NOT be available on, so don't go on there for them just yet! If you'd like to order some stuff please email: christopherwbostock (AT) googlemail (DOT) com WITH AN ENQUIRY beforehand. This is because of limited stock with some of our releases. Sorry about this, we'll probably throw in some free stuff for your troubles. Thanks alot.


Still Available from Beartown Records:

Steffen Basho-Junghans - "O Som Naha" (C90) (LAST FEW REMAINING)
Fossils - "TV Magic H20" (C35) (NOT MANY OF THESE LEFT EITHER)
Black Sue - "Mohareb" (3" CDR) (STILL AFEW OF THESE REALLY)
Adrien Barbobott - "Life's A Beach" (3" CDR) (LAST FEW)
BBBLOOD - "Untitled" (C30) (LAST FEW)
Terminal Curl - "Go Banshi!" (CDR) (PLENTY OF THESE, SO TREAT YOURSELF)
Black Sue - "Untitled" (C20) (LAST FEW)