2:00AM TAPES New Tapes: Ophibre, A Vibrant Struggle, Taklamakan

Started by MorisBelvins, March 14, 2010, 08:49:26 PM

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Hello to the board! This isn't brand new but this is the latest batch:

[2AM14] A Vibrant Struggle | Soft Illusions (c24) ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT
Norwegians Sindre Bjerga and Jan M. Iversen (aka Bjerga/Iversen) and Dutchman Steffan de Turck (aka staplerfahrer) shape a real bleakscape on this c24. Cold basement amplifier buzz drones and loops mix with corroded drum machine dirges and aleatoric casio ghosts. Limited to 40 copies.

[2AM13] Ophibre | Untitled Drones for Iron Oxide (c30)
Benjamin Rossignol lays down another winner with two frosty wall to wall drones on this stunning c30. Glacial forms drift and slowly melt as rainbows chase each others tails below the gleaming ice. Highly focused, mesmerizing stuff. Limited to 55 copies.

[2AM12] CDRX + Taklamakan | Sulphuric Lake/Ispod Zemljine Kore (split c60)
Switzerland's Cedric Baldacchino (CDRX) and Croatia's Harold Gojani (Taklamakan) team up for this long playing split c60. The CDRX side, Sulphuric Lake is a two part trek through foggy, organic dronescapes. Taklamakan's side, Ispod Zemljine Kore, which is Croatian for "Beneath the Earth's Crust" couldn't be a more accurate description of the sounds contained here. If I were told it was all captured by sticking a microphone ten miles underground, I'd have no problem believing it. Limited to 45 copies.

[2AM11] Abortion Focus Group | MW (c26) ONLY 5 COPIES LEFT
Gabriel Piller, man behind Knife In The Toaster. lays down two super minimal, super focused drones here via a set up just as minimal: one pedal. What pedal? Who knows. I'd like to think it was something found amidst the rubble in some post-apocalyptic dream. Limited to 35 copies.

[2AM10] Flesh Coffin | In the Woods (c30) JUST SOLD OUT - Check with the artist.
Norwegian noise veteran Andreas Brandal has been putting shit out since the early 90's. Which means he's been doing this shit since I was in second grade. On this c30, he goes under the guise of Flesh Coffin and lays down two hefty side-longers. Side 1 is a torrential down-pouring of metal studs, pipes, and various other dangerous shit you wouldn't want to be caught standing under without an umbrella. And by umbrella, I mean concrete bunker. Side 2 is machines dying in a pool of tree sap. Limited to 35 copies.

All Tapes $6US/$7CAN/$8WORLD or ALL FIVE for $25US/$27CAN/$30WORLD

SAMPLES AND ORDER AT http://www.2amtapes.com