White Centipede Noise: NECKHOLD, WINCE, GRAIN BELT

Started by WCN, April 05, 2010, 09:32:40 PM

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NECKHOLD - Last Exit c32 – Harsh noise from two brothers from Australia. Rough metallic textures, buried vocals, and a fair share of violent cuts all plowing straight forward on a path of grinding crust.

WINCE - (s/t) c32 - Four tracks of perverse noise. Crushed out metal, obscure samples, and gasping static all crudely layered and thoroughly degraded.

GRAIN BELT - (s/t) CD – Grain Belt is a band consisting of those behind WINCE, WILLFUL, and BACULUM. This CD collects three live performances. Ultra-harsh blasting for extended periods of time, in the style of the Incapacitants, but more raw metal and less electronics. Co-released with Small-Doses and Phage Tapes.

Tapes - $6 N. America, $8 World
CD - $11.25 N. America, $14.25 World

Also available in very limited quantity:
WINCE - Chaude-pisse c20 (Narcolepsia)
$6 N. America, $8 World
BACULUM/BEING/PARANOID TIME/WINCE split+collab 2xc40 (not on label) - Leftover from the summer 2009 Midwest tour.
$10 N. America, $12 World

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