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Zeno Marx

I don't remember caring for the Intravene disc a whole lot.  Need to listen to that again.  I probably haven't heard it more than a couple times, and you haven't heard it once until you've heard it thrice.
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Bloated Slutbag

Quote from: Bloated Slutbag on January 31, 2018, 05:26:46 PM
There's a collab with Scott Tayler that looks very good but which I've yet to indulge. (Hopefully to be arriving soon!) Discogs credits Johnathan Grieve with vocals on the closing ditty so my Contrastate-ly hopes are high.

First of all, let's just quash those hopes shall we? What vocals JG apparently contributes are processed to a buzzing oblivion. Second, let's salute another fine work from SRMeixner & co! Perhaps, as ever, the "co" should get a bit more due. And perhaps they are so entitled in opener "Kirschner Wind". Kenneth Kirschner piano droplets plunked into deep booming reservoirs, their spare reverberations the centerpiece to a cavernous array of more upfront metal on metal scraping, faintly protesting brake-squealage, distant patter of rain (credited to MA Tolosa) slowly washing to the fore. Very physical sounding, at least compared with the more electrified manipulations Meixner has elsewhere offered. The physique I might credit to Scott Taylor, at least in reference to the smattering of Taylor I've encountered. The suggestion is further amplified in the fully-flavored low frequency hoverings to underscore the second ditty, which could be an alternate mix of the first sans piano and rain and stitched with fragments of drift n drone. In "The Sound Of X", the bass heavy underbelly is back yet again as the barest suggestion of Mr Grieve huffs and hisses through the carefully spaced echoing of wide-panned clinks and clanks, compressed into tinny burbling snicker before breathing to a life of massed droning layers, a finale worthy of such a grand effort.
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Zeno Marx

Their Festival Karlsruhe tracks are amazing.  They could just as well be mentioned in the ritual threads.  Apropos for this time of year, too.  When they go into their chanting/vocal manipulations, it's uncomfortable, visceral, powerful, and beautiful.

Quote from: bogskaggmannen on December 11, 2009, 01:21:55 PMA very special sounding group with music that just is not made these days.
This really cannot be stated boldly enough.  Being so theatrical and dramatic, I wonder how much, or if at all, they were influenced by Crass.  Their visual aesthetic is at the opposite end of the spectrum, but maybe?
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.