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Started by FreakAnimalFinland, October 16, 2013, 09:44:13 PM

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Was searching whether there has been any talk of National Anarchism in board yet... but results come quite small...

Quote from: Jordan on April 03, 2013, 09:32:52 PM
I've already discussed the historical link between fascism and anarchism, individualist or otherwise, but even more contemporaneously there has been some synthesis of these antithetical ideas, such as Bowden's praise of Stirner, Troy Southgate and the NA people, etc.

Troy Southgate should be name many people know in industrial circles due his involvements/collaborations with various groups like H.E.R.R., Survival Unit, Horologium, Seelenlicht, etc etc etc..... But it seems quite little is being talked about his writing or tons of books he has edited.

For last few years he has been extremely prolific putting out neat quality paper back books on Black Front Press. Huge line of "Thoughts & Perspectives" series with kind of who-is-who interesting authors. Journal of metaphysical and occult (Helios) and handful of National Anarchism books, each consisting multiple authors of various topics.

For traditional anarchists it may be awfully dubious as well as for fascists and national socialists certainly includes moments of repulsion. But perhaps even more so the supporters of humanist totalitarianism will find hard to digest.

Anyone into reading sort of "alternative politics" and interested finding new viewpoints, strongly recommended!

Quick cut&paste from wikipedia:

The official National-Anarchist Movement symbol and flag, featured here on a Black flag which is, among other things, the traditional anarchist symbol.
Troy Southgate is today the main figurehead of National-Anarchism,[citation needed] which sees the artificial hierarchies inherent in government and capitalism as oppressive. They advocate collective action organized along the lines of nationality, identity, and tribes, and advocate for a decentralised social order wherein "like-minded individuals" maintain distinct communities. National-Anarchism echoes most strains of anarchism by expressing a desire to reorganize human relationships, with an emphasis on replacing the hierarchical structures of government and capitalism with local, communal decision-making.
The revolutionary conservative concept of the Anarch is central to National-Anarchism and its supporters view liberalism as a primary cause of the social decline of nations and cultural identity. National-Anarchists also reject fascism and communism as statist and totalitarian, and reject National Socialism as a failed dictatorship of a totalitarian government. However, Southgate's National-Anarchism has been critiqued as an opportunistic appropriation of aspects of leftist counter-culture in the service of a racist, right-wing ideology.[20]
On 19 September 2010, Southgate launched the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) and unveiled a 15,000-word manifesto which included a detailed membership system based around a revolutionary cadre structure. The group also launched a magazine called Tribal Resonance and in January 2012 published a 300-page book entitled National-Anarchism: A Reader. He has since published 4 other volumes by Black Front Press on National-Anarchism

While rejection of old style nationalism and old national states, NA may feel promising to some, but when they attach concept of ethnic elements in foundation of nationalism, it will probably repulse many who consider such matters even worse. But, I suggest further investigation. Many articles by various authors offer everything else but simple-minded hatred. I have no idea how large print runs and where these books are available, other than Black Front Press.  (Except Finns who visit Sarvilevyt might find vast selection in bookshelves...)
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Amazon, no doubt.
Actually, I've just acted on your tip, and ordered two books from Black Front Press: Southgate's writing on politics and history, and one on 'counter-culture; music, film, and literature'. The latter apparently includes interviews w/ Turbund Sturmwerk, Puissance, Endura, and Ostara, as well as reviews of industrial, experimental, neo-folk, metal, and gothic records and concerts.
Apart from a few tracks here and there, I was always a little disappointed by Southgate's musical output. We'll see what he has to say for himself, anyway.


Quote from: burdizzo on October 17, 2013, 12:33:05 AM
...and one on 'counter-culture; music, film, and literature'. The latter apparently includes interviews w/ Turbund Sturmwerk, Puissance, Endura, and Ostara, as well as reviews of industrial, experimental, neo-folk, metal, and gothic records and concerts.

A lot of his musings on culture, politics, paganism, and similar topics, are found in the Synthesis web-zine that he used to co-edit... despite its demise still available through


Good one, thanks. The second book I ordered turned out to be out of print.


I was originally hoping to buy Southgate's book on black metal. As it was sold out, I ended up buying a lot of other stuff.
If talking of subject of National Anarchism, I'd assume best is to start with those 4 NA books. Various authors on various topics. There seems to be slightly different views what NA is, but generally simply rejecting statism in favor of something else. What exactly this something else is, appears to be slightly vague. Perhaps due fact that some writing insist that it is not ideology per se.

For some people's nuisance, it rejects left & right (to create actual third way), and rather puts the division to centralized vs. decentralized.

I personally am rather bored with atomistic social ideals what some authors of various anarchist approaches obviously express. Except perhaps in cases where particular individual proves to be interesting and thoughtful. But assumption of atomistic society would be somehow desirable, seems repulsive. Most NA authors come up with something different.

In shelves of unread books, there is luring Southgates book about Otto Strasser. Strasserite national socialism has probably some ground in UK (or used to have), but seems very much shadowed by the direction that purged the original party. There is material of it also in NA books. Back in the 30's, there was also Finnish attempts of political parties of non-marxist socialism. Could be interesting to compare those ideas.
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I found this book on Prussian anarchists (the name the writer calls national/völkisch oriented anarchist in mainly Berlin during the Weimar republic) interesting when it was released. Only in Swedish though.