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Sewer Goddess and Fire In The Head has been the only artists who actually followed the idea of my "short quick interviews". In guidelines I adviced to use questions merely as reference what to talk about, but that they could be left out. I think in all other cases it required printing the questions. I wanted to make difference between "real interview" and kind of introduction to raising/interesting/whatever artist.

I think manifest can't be "mandatory". Manifest usually is born out of something. Urge to manifest.. of course. If band/artist has no urge to say anything, it would be foolish to expect extensive liner notes or pamphlets for sake of genre history.
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Quote from: Brad on July 08, 2010, 10:06:13 PM
These aren't written in an active enough voice to feel like the classic manifestos, the effect is more like ad copy.

True, but most classic manifestos manifest in a way that effects very much like ad copy. If I deliberately read more into it than apparently intended, well, perhaps this slutbag readerd doesn't know her slutbag place, but style is as much the domain of the reader as it is the writer.
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