Death Metal

Started by seventhcircle, July 15, 2019, 11:36:37 PM

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Saw a Texas Death Metal act called TRIBAL GAZE on Saturday with JUDICIARY and INCLINATION. Hadn't heard of them before last week (I'm admittedly a couple years behind on everything). Almost stole the show. Groovy Skinless-esque DM with that Texas swing. Very good onstage with lots of presence. Vocalist has a little it-factor in him. Could be huge at some point. Highly recommended.

Cranial Blast

I kind of miss that early era of when death metal was still in proto phase coming out of thrash and death metal was about "death". Wisconsin had a slew of great bands come out in this period that had those thrashy riffs in their death metal style and violent and horror lyrics to satisfy the genre aesthetically.  Dr. Shrinker comes to mind, early Morta Skuld, Morbid Saint, ect. Really like that stuff! It's kind of like a bunch of thrash guys that went, let's try this death metal shit now.