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DMDN "sling trip 2" CD
Perfect 80's industrial/pe. Could this be even better than PURE/RRR disc? Anyway, selected from the discography in similar way. Best tracks of some tapes. If I would have to recommend people who like what Industrial Recollections does, that you should REALLY get this one. And perhaps shamefully I should also advertise I should have time today to update FA mailorder list with this title for sale.. heh.. Anyways, Anyone who likes the 80's Euro PE should admire this. Rough, yet well done. Intense, but not falling into pointless noise.

HEBOSAGIL "Ura" tape
tape version of new full length. Should this be mentioned in Noise Rock topic? Maybe. Not exactly noise rock, not exactly sludge, not exactly hardcore or metal.. What it this? I don't know. Wild rehearsal sound quality, with obscure finnish lyrics, very well made and talented riffing. Good musicianship all over. Some has described this like fuzzy and grim mix of Unsane and Radiopuhelimet. Why not!

ICEAGE "live 2010" tape
Short noisy punk-noise from Denmark's Posh Isolation label. I think b-side gets better, short tape of ultimately fierce sound.

WAR "god made flesh" tape
C-20? Anyways, short tape from Posh Isolation which continues the path to become label best known for releasing bands with names that already been used by tons of bands before, hah! This is Copenhagen WAR which is lo-fi and grim electronics, yet also with this melodic/instrument/song method. If I have nothing better to say to compare, one could say some works of Ättestupa? Vintage cheap keyboards, rhythm but the lo-fi noise approach to music.

HUMAN LARVAE "What Lies Ahead" tape
Unrest continues to do the quality music on tape. Did I comment this before? Some parts of this reminds as if HL would have tried to approach music with SHIFT influence! Several moments of similar minimalism and effected vocals, but diversity within 6 tracks goes further and also conquers different territories. Heavy electronics from germany and project worth keeping eye on. Not sure which is better, this or the CD on Existence Establishment, but both worth to get!

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Die Menschzerstörung is by far my favorite Einleitungszeit release. The first song reminds me a lot of Strom.EC - General Enemy played at half speed.  rMensch 2xlp was good too. I agree with Zeno about Aus Dem Laboratorium, it's just boring. The last 3 albums are just too much extended static blast for my taste. Same reason i stopped obsessively buying Dissecting Table in the past year.  I like the older industrial stuff better from both artists. 

Also picked up 3 of their dvd's from FA. They put on a great show. The Auranoise dvdr should probably be mentioned in the performance art thread.
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Alvin Lucier - I am sitting in a room. Hadn't heard before; quite an unsettling experience. The mechanic repetition of the voice recording, and the constantly extended obscuring of the recognizable words; as if a lense between the listener and the sound is becoming more and more opaque. Either the person talking is fading away from existing world into some kind of mist, or the listener is slowly loosing consciousness. Perhaps not something I will listen to many times - or even once again; I would most certainly grow bored in the abscence of this first rather profound listening experience.

John Cage - selected works for prepared piano and vocal ensembles and other stuff. Prefer the instrumental works, never been too keen on more experimental vocal works (rambling and shouting voices all in a mess - I prefer regular concert choirs like Carmina Burana, if anything.)

Bäckenfraktur - untitled c10. First release of this Swedish project, first release of the label, Pissoar. Solo venture heavy on the synthesizers. A bit too fiddly for my taste, but certain dark and heavy sounds and ambiances he achieves will hopefully be explored more thoroughly in the future. The main tracks actually feel like intros, and some short stuff at the end of both sides appear to take off, but ends abruptly. In its brevity, a good introduction to yet another newcomer in the Swedish scene (only the last 1½ years or so have seen a deluge of new more or less interesting projects; Khmer Noir, Arv och Miljö, Blodvite, Hängd, Amph, Händer Som Vårdar, Argonaut, Teufelsdröckh, Feberdröm, to mention those that come to mind right now...).

SPK - Leichenschrei. No comment needed.

SPK - Meat Processing Section. How could I have missed this for all these years? Amazing songs.

+ various ALUK TODOLO releases - the first 7", a live tape, and the collaboration with DER BLUTHARSCH which was surprisingly good; like regular AT releases with sad pop songs played on top. Highly recommended.


SICK SEED "Man And Machine" 7INCH


Decree - Fateless


Quote from: XE on April 29, 2011, 09:18:46 PM
SICK SEED "Man And Machine" 7INCH

A slight disappointment. For a 45 rpm 7" I'd like to hear more "instant hit" material, stuff on this record would be fine on a tape or lp. But on a 7", just makes me wonder why or how do these two tracks stand on their own. For me, they do not. Solid stuff, though, just too short to make an effort.
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The a-side sounds like "instant hit" stuff to me!


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Decree - Fateless

how does this compare to the first 2 cd's? the first one was massive imho, second one was still "ok" ....


conqueror - war cult supremacy



Yen Pox - "Blood Music" 2 x CD reissue (think I may actually prefer the second CD with the s/t tape, but good dark ambient throughout.)
LR / Puce Mary - "Lucia" tape (strong material, looking forward to receiving the LP in the mail.)
White - "Tears of Piss" tape
Werewolf Jerusalem - "The Last to Know" tape
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Violent Noise Atrocities

Fuck Patrol - Contact
Marduk - Rom 5:12
Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
Emperor - Live At Inferno Fest

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DMDN "sling trip 2" CD
Perfect 80's industrial/pe.

Today I listened to the DMDN Netley Abbey tape (Midas Music, 1990), and I think that most of the tape is included on the CD mentioned. It is really excellent stuff, and hasn't dated at all as far as I'm concerned. In 1990, I don't think anyone made any kind of distinction between "noise" and "power electronics", rather I think that most folks that I heard mention the tape just thought of it as a noise tape. Things were so much easier back then, heh. Anyway, a great tape, and one that a lot of folks would appreciate these days.


Blood ov thee christ -Behind thee bars
does anyone know where the first sound clip is from? would love to watch(or listen too) more.


Wince – Vasovagal Syncope (White Centipede Noise, 2010) - I believe this was the beginning of the Wince we know today, changing from the walls found on Buried Rage and previous cassettes to well rounded Harsh Noise utilizing an abundance of metal/junk and pedal abuse. This also marks the beginning of the great WCN label. Side A begins with a sample and rigid feedback that quickly erupts into bulldozers of static. Creaking metal and, what sounds like, broken glass being tossed around in a metal paint roller tray or tin can, make their presence known quite early. Side B feels "fast" to me. It's like Noise blastbeats without rhythm. Violent volleys of crunch, effected metal and snaps of feedback that intensifies itself as the track progresses. This one can give you an anxiety attack accompanied by nausea.


Sharpwaist - Sucking from the Breast of a Castrator (C30, New Forces): Quite a different line up from the tape on Nil By Mouth (now with Kristen Rose of Sewer Goddess) and it sounds different indeed. Less chaotic, more kind of subdued, dark, maybe even a bit atmospheric. (I really feel I suck at describing this kind of music.) Anyway, not that the tape on NBM is bad, but I like this one more.