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icepick method

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Maska Genetik : strada  lp ........EARGASM

been waiting for more seems like forever will have to pick this one up immediately

instant goosebumps
Wow, i need this.
Industrial-noise zine archive


FACTOR X "Directions" LP
Where did I get this? I guess bought from RRR while ago? There is funny thing about this, that since I heard 1994 Self Abuse compilation "Soundtrack for the end of the world", I was so blown out by Factor X on that CD, that I always bought what I could find, but even if liking it, it wasn't the same. Or as good. And just about every time, I remember that fuck, it was NATIVE X on that Self Abuse comp, not Factor X. And next time same thing happens again! And this has happened several times.
Who's Native X? I don't know. Did they do something as good as that comp track? I don't know, but at least they have the role of inspiring to get completely unrelated, but still good band releases by "accident".

So what is Factor X? Lets see:
QuoteReissue of old Factor X tape from the 80's. Top-class crude no-fi voice and tape yuck by this much underrated UK project. A genuinely strange record. Limited edition of 200 copies. Recommended for fans of Mlehst, Schimpfluch and tape collage noise.

"A great collaborator and all round cassette scene protagonist who provided Bandaged Hand with the Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Factor X / AMK "Helicoptor" remix, a Mlehst / Factor X collaboration cassette and various source material contributed by Factor X for Mlehst recordings... Once a great introduction to a slurry of weird location recordings, for someone who was integral to the scene, never really talked about these days." - Mlehst.

Was his interview in old issue of Work In Progress or such UK industrial magazines? I remember I was pretty inspired about his method of physical tape collages. I mean, cutting up regular C-cassettes and taping them back together from short slices and using that as master. Most definitely also this LP sounds unlike people would do in computer/sampler assembled collage sounds. Weird, crude and disfunctional and genuinely rough.

Re-issue is simple as fuck. The original tape J-card glued on white LP sleeve. Tape label stickers glued on LP stickers. Meaning kind of 1cm x 10cm slice. It's quite unusual to have totally unaltered tape artwork as LP.
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IRM "Oedipus Dethroned" 2CD (Autarkeia)
Classy reissue of this great album, now as a double CD in nice glossy, black digibox. The bonus CD is a reissue of the CDr "An act of self-mutilation is an act of freedom". Even though I think IRM has become better and more interesting since they became a trio, there's no denying the greatness of this album. I hadn't heard the CDr before, so it's really nice to be able to get hold of those recordings.


Came to think of it since it was recently mentioned in the thread,

V/A "Soundtrack for the End of the World", CD (Self Abuse Records)
What has kept me for so long from listening to this? Don't know, but decided to give it a spin now.
Classic compilation featuring Con-Dom, Taint, Macronympha, The Haters, Aube and more.
I guess this is a pretty good introduction if one is not that familiar with all the acts participating.
The fourth track, "Ouns're Method (May 11:00 am)" by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck has to be one of the
strangest songs. Shifting from whistle to uncontrolled screaming to folk melodies to dog barks to
frog's croaking in the background to obscure, disturbing vocals and more... The fuck? Vacillating from
occasional hilarity to complete insanity, that in the end leaves you kind of dumbstruck.

Allegory Chapel Ltd. "Trip", TAPE (Sound of Pig)
The first side of the tape is one single, long track. For a large part driven by a sparse bass loop with
lots of spacey sounds on top of it. Quite meditative in a sense, or ritualistic if you like. A pleasurable listen.
The second side has shorter tracks, more harsh and intense, and a greater use of samples. There is a heavy
focus on loops, especially on the final track, both in terms of samples and other sounds. I suppose that the title
is related to being under the influence of psychotropic agents and the sounds being a reflection of that.

Allegory Chapel Ltd. "Confirmation", TAPE (Sound of Pig)
This is a tape with much variation. Sometimes a lot heavier than "Trip", noisier with an industrial touch,
sometimes almost 1980's synthpop style in terms of rhythms. At times it's difficult to discern what is
sampled and what are original compositions, but it doesn't matter at all. In this case it has given several
tracks a cinematic feel, like for example the first track on side B. Originality and greatness are not necessarily
equivalents, but on "Confirmation" they definitely do coincide.
What other releases by Allegory Chapel Ltd. are recommended apart from these two tapes?

Corpuscle "Loam Drape", TAPE (New Forces)
Neat, short tape of harsh noise with frustrated, screaming vocals. Some calmer parts but mostly intense.

Zeno Marx

Allegory Chapel Ltd. recommendations:
When Angels Fall
Excursion into the Pit
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


*BT.HN / Sistrenatus CDR good stuff. Perhaps better than their albums?!

*BODY CARGO "wasted flesh / recycled" 7" good again! Better than stuff before or maybe it's that 7" allows repeated plays to really get into material?

*GEROGERIGEGEGE "sexual behavior in human male" 7". Finally got the vinyl version, and as far as I know, completes my Gero 7" collection to as complete as it will ever be. I don't expect to find Live in Tokyo Gay Center acetate (ltd 10) or Ai-Jin flexi (25 remains?).  Now I regret strongly I didn't buy Showa LP from Osaka record store when I saw it for 70usd. It's not that good, but while being just couple steps away from complete, sometimes little collector mentality hits in.. hah.. This 7" is punk rock meets experimental sexual audio. No noise.

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Steel Hook Prostheses - Light Reflected From A Cold Cutting Table (CD, Pain Compliance Productions): Heavier than Atrocitizer, think this is the best SHP stuff I've heard until now. Cool rythmic parts as well. Cold atmosphere. I also really like the design, well done. Recommended!


The best harsh noise 7" of 2011?? Who knows? Still plenty of this year to go, and if I would be more self promoting bastard I could put WIESE / SICKNESS to line of compete from 1st position. Anyways, I'd dare to say, two positions of top-3 harsh noise 7"s could be already known.
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Nicole 12 - Black Line
Obsessive, eerie, mind piercing; simply amazing album. Sometimes very few things going on, yet the atmosphere is thick as ever. Production is is a pleasure, I rarely comment on these matters, but here it is a real pleasure to ears. Each layer of sound is clear and 'sharp', adds so much to the atmosphere. Wrinkly Bliss is one of my new fav N12 tunes, keep playing it over and over again.

Dub Buk - Idu Na Vy!
War hymns for the summer. It is satisfying to find these bands, even though this might seem just another east european black metal band, but I beg to differ. Slave Ukrainji!


They were signed to Play it Again Sam at the time which could explain their leanings towards a more EBM sound. I think Pagan Tango is a fucking awful album. The album before that, Trust, is much better and sounds even more EBM. The album after PT, Musique Fantastique, I recall being good. We're into the early 90s by this point and I think they released one more album as Chris and Cosey called Skimble Skamble plus a remix album. From a once again distant memory both were decent. Then came the inexplicable name change and apart from seeing an extraordinarily dull concert in 2003 I've heard nothing from that period.
Först när du blottar strupen ska du få nåd, ditt as...


Xenophobic Ejaculation – Must Be Ready / Hang The Nigger (Assembly of Hatred, 2010) - "Must Be Ready" is apparently a cover song from the old Finnish RAC band Mistreat. There is some actual rhythm to be found in this cover song which is something we also heard XE do on the Goatmoon split, but this time around there are no drums but rather some bass guitar (? or synth) with the usual undilating feedback and strong vocal attacks. B-side is probably another cover song by the same band but I can't be sure (their song was titled "Hang the Scum"). This track consists of a clean mid-range tone and rasp screaming and pretty much stays this way for the entirety of the track until the very end when some effects carve into the vocals and the steady tone gets higher and eventually dies down.

Nicole 12 – First Dance Of The Spring (Freak Animal, 2011) - I am going to do a larger review of this on my blog so I don't want to get too into it here. At first I was thinking to myself "I wonder why he is making two separate releases instead of one longer one?". In terms of sound the 7'' seems like it would be appreciated more by people who's favorite Nicole 12 album is the Substitute LP, while Black Line has a sound that harkens back to the older material in Nicole 12's catalog. Whatever the reason may be you can definitely hear some differences.


S.T.A.B. Electronics - Born for Righteous Abuse and Temple of Self-Disgust tapes
First time I've listened to this project and I think it's good. After one listen each, I like the first tape more but I'll definitely be giving both of these repeated listens.

Sadistic Bliss - III tape
This kind of stuff does nothing for me.

Will Over Matter - Seven Impulses tape
I was somewhat distracted while listening to this, but I remember liking the weird vibes. Maybe a bit too long in parts, would like to see this project try some shorter track lengths on a 7" or something.

Male Compliments - s/t tape
Really good. Intense vocal attacks, really like the short reverb/delay used on them. This tape is gonna get played a LOT. Unfortunate that it comes in a fucking plastic bag. Goddamnit I hate that shit.

Neurosis - Sovereign lp reissue
Not their greatest material, but still good stuff from around the Times of Grace period. Glad to see that this band's backcatalog is slowly getting reissued on vinyl. Essential band for any fan of heavy music.

Arckanum - ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ lp
I know a lot of fans of the original trilogy would freak out at this statement, but I think this album might be his best work. Songs are crafted very well and the whole album just flows perfectly.


Few comments for messages above. I've seen couple of times mentioned N12 "Wrinkly Bliss": it's Wrinkly Bills ;)

STAB Electronics, I agree the first tape is better than 2nd. I think the best solution would have been to simply combine the very best of 2 tapes in one, and re-record and use the remaining ones later on somewhere. I think the original promo was one long piece, which was divided to be 2 tapes. It was good choice, but 1 tape with weaker material removed would have been better.

And now, the Alfarmania new pic 10", very nice! There no big surprises, though. One side to my ear sounds close to Con-Dom's "Holy Bible" 2nd track, with less up front vocals and some physical sounds thrown in. I like the eerie and distant sound of recordings, which has kind of feeling Anenzephalia have had in their live stuff. Nothing is "loud". Nothing is "in your face". It's not really distorted or fierce, but muddy, echoing, distant, gloomy industrial-noises and power electronics soundscapes. It's good follow-up in the catalogue. 20 minutes of playingtime already got several spins.
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Dyslexia here I come


Decided to pop the first S.T.A.B. Electronics release in with all this talk surrounding it. Personally there isn't one track on either S.T.A.B. cassette that I dislike. I agree that the phased vocals in some of the tracks was a bit much like on the title track for Born For Righteous Abuse, I also agree that he should have just released on larger LP.

Funeral Mongoloids – New Wave Of Mongoloid Heavy Metal (Self Released, 2006) - This is the first FM release. The tracks on this one are more Noise oriented than on later cassettes/CD's, 80% of the tracks have such destroyed and effected sounds that it is hard to even tell if there is a Guitar present or if it just some loops, pedal work, whatever. Lots of cheesy samples opening each track or rather each set of tracks (72 tracks in total smashed into 10 longer pieces). A lot of pace changes too, most songs are mid-paced which is another difference when compared to FM's other material and Noisecore in general.

Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck is Best When God is Dead (Filth & Violence, 2010) - A clusterfuck of sounds forming 40 minutes of one-take, no edits Noisecore. Side A is a static mess of Noisecore with grumbling vocals and the usual Noisecore abrupt-tempo-change-with-a-drum-stick-count-down, waves of hissing cymbals and fast snare blasts, effects, goofy leads, etc. Side B isn't much different but the riffs are more discernible in some places. This is probably the best FM release (not a huge surprised considering the label) and the album which I would suggest a newcomer to start with.

Waste - Demo (S.H.I.T., 2010) - Noisecore from Canada's S.H.I.T. Sydney's Holiest Independent Tapes label. Murky tape noise and fast, augmented grinding Noisecore blasts effected to shit.