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Kevin Drumm - Necro Acoustic box set (favorite disc so far is Malaise)


Blood Axis / LJDLP -cd.
Something so good in this. Double 10" version has been sitting on shelves for looong time without being luring for new rotations. For whatever reason, took the CD version and now been listening it in the car.. perhaps 4 times in last 2 days. The method of ripping off old tunes and poetry done with successful elegance. The simple violin patterns of mrs Lee are something that I hope someone could recommend violin music similar as this. Solo instrument, slow, melancholic. Not show-off. Not folky fun. Not something what real violin music maestros probably do.

V/A Ohrensausen LP
What can you say? The good days of 80's experimental music! Many bands don't perhaps stand out as pure masterpieces, but the album goes on with very nice atmosphere full of surpricing sounds. NWW, Coil, HNAS, P16 D4, Smegma, Asmus Tietchens and many more...
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Dan J

been going over some hijokaidan discs last days, king of noise, limited edition and no paris/no harm. love this stuff.


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Blood Axis / LJDLP -cd.
The simple violin patterns of mrs Lee are something that I hope someone could recommend violin music similar as this. Solo instrument, slow, melancholic. Not show-off. Not folky fun. Not something what real violin music maestros probably do.

I have the last one on this page  I can almost guarantee that youll be blown away by it. I was, best find in a long time.
and while your at it THE ART OF FUNERARY VIOLIN cd looks good too.


past day or so:

con-dom - color of a man's skin
macronympha - amplified humans
Sick Seed/Xenophobic Ejaculation split
mania - insidious and alone
v/a - Gender With No Purpose...
v/a - Animal Bizarre 1


Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck Is Best When God Is Dead tape
Super great chaos! Works suprisingly well for a tape this long (c-40, I think). I'm not versed in the canon of noisecore, recommendations for more stuff like this would be appreciated. As chaotic as possible, please!

Merzbow - Collection 4 & Flesh Metal Orgasm tapes
Very nice reissues on Blossoming noise. Collection 4 is euro-improv done in low-rent japanese style. Sort of funny at times but interesting all the same. Flesh Metal Orgasm is much harsher and tighter, metal banging (obviously!) and throttle electronics.

Terry Earl Taylor - Another time cd
Mr. SS-Offizer played a couple of tracks off this at the Con-dom Helsinki gig. I had to get it! Being a good dj he of course picked the two best songs from the cd but the rest is quite good also. Modern blues/bluegrass style with some English folk thrown in the mix. Banjo, guitar, vocals, harmonica.

And in 30 min the great African horn drone (gets a bit on my nerves, actually...) of the World Cup continues!



nr4 in the ongoing (and neverending) Rozz Williams 'lost recordings' series......Living Monstrosities disc features sound we all know by Premature Ejaculation, but it's the Decent disc that really shines imho, 1 long bleak trip.


I guess this thread is viewed far more than the review thread so I'll just shorten them and write them up here.

Coma Detox - Concussed and Asphyxiated Filth and Violence - FILTH35 (2010)
I was surprised a bit by this one, I heard Reduced To An Invalid only shortly before I heard this one and although you can tell it is the same artist there seems to be a few noticeable differences. Coma Detox can spill out tons of raw energy, they never really let up but with this one it seems a bit more subdued, not to say there isn't a good share of sparse chaos because there is but it is just held back a bit more, at least to my ears. But this formula works well with it, I actually prefer this sound. Most of this tape is made up of low and sustained bass rumbles and (what sounds to be) banging junk abuse along with samples and some vocals (fewer in number than on previous Coma releases) which are thrown up in a nice disheveled and angry manner.


Koufar - Enemy / Legacy Universal Tongue (2009)
Koufar always has such powerful releases, the sound is always heavy and crushing and the message comes through with authority and pride bundled up in a very genuine package. Each track on this one starts out with a clear sample to acquaint the listener with the themes which will be pushed through their speakers in the approaching minutes. The actual sounds, as usual, are firm even if there is little going on as is the case with track #3 "Ahalan wa Sahilan" which carries a sample of a 2 men speaking (seems to be an interview or interrogation) for over a minute as a few minimal tweaks and jabs cascade around his voice followed by some soothing drones that get punched in the face by a sharp hiss and up front vocal shouts and the track ends with some very high-tones being fucked up and played with. If I were to make a "Modern Power Electronics" mix for a new comer I would without question put this track somewhere in there.


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So how was Datahysteri? I remember them as another not very good band from the Konduktör camp.


i like it, first few tracks minimal wave/cold wave-ish with certainly an own sound, all the rest freakisch synth improvisations......pity it was a cdr-sold-as-cd


Richard Ramirez / Black Leather Jesus - "Scrapyard" LP ... totally amazing stuff


Jean-Luc Guionnet & Eric La Casa "Maison.House II.V" CD
very bizarre CD. Jean Luc does saxophone and mastering, Eric La Case does microphones, mixing & mastering. It is all very conceptual. Basically, two guys go to 5 different houses in south of france, the place microphones around the building, and simple tones of saxophone pierces the air. But it is not really sound of saxophone you'll be listening, but the space of house and surroundings. Booklet explains the process, and disc itself has track #1, which is just calibrated background noise of first house, and 2 to 5 complete process of recordings.
One could say either pointless, or pretentious? But in other hand, with some flaws, I do like it. After few listenings, it's hard to say exactly why, but I think in the end simply the organic sound of nothing really happening.
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Zeno Marx

La Casa gives me a similar vibe to Jerman.  Difficult for me to not find some value in the result.
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