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INHALANT "bondage" LP
oh my! This starts ROUGH! If you wonder how you can make The Rita type fierce crackles transform into more "PE" atmosphere, first track is just about as good as it gets. This is crispy as fuck and sounds as if the speakers of stereos would be about to be ripped apart. It shounds loud and forceful. All songs aren't as good. Some fall into kind of routine jobs of synth backing + junk noise on top with digital atmosphere or even little bit of wall of noise type of thing. Ending of A-side gets into kind of old Sshe Retina Stimulants crystallic feedback tones which are always pure pleasure. Finally also use of guitar in a way I appreciate: loud painful noise feedback! I would say this LP is asking to be included in collections of modern day noise-pe vinyl!
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Aryan Kampf 88 - Acht und Achtzig cassette
A mix of melancholic black metal, twisted electronics and white power. Ace

Fleshpress - No Return CD
spiral filter forcing you down to black pyramid....

Fleshpress - Rebuild/Crumble CD
After my first listen this became my favorite Fleshpress recording. Absolutely crushing and engrossing. Perfect atmosphere and pacing.



Taint - Hel-lo : I've always wanted to name a project of mine "Hel-lo" but now I can't. But that's fine in light of how good this tiny little 5 and a half minute assault of Noise is. Next to the track "One Thousand Days In Sodom" found on the split with Grunt, this track features some of my favorite Taint vocals. Delayed and angry shouting over very simplistic rumbles and feedback, it slightly reminds me of what Snuff came to do years later.

Grunt / Mutant Ape split : Grunt hits us with an assault made up of a heavy, scraping loop which may also seems to double as some junk abuse on top of this are Mikko's extremely powerful vocals that remain the dominating force as always. Mutant Ape plays with a strain of painful feedback punctuated by a muted, droning hiss and some buried vocals. Both groups on this split end up giving minimal sounds but deliver maximum effect.

Eisenwinter - Monumentales Scheitern : If you have heard Eisenwinter you should know, or at least have a simple idea, of what this will sound like. Melodic, almost poppy riffs repetitively played through-out each track with monotonous banging drum beats, Black Metal rasps and lo-fi production. This album is not the best Eisenwinter so if you have never heard him then I wouldn't suggest starting here, maybe try "Waffe Helvetias" or "Antreten zum Verrecken!".


Tangerine Dream- Phaedra
Tangerine Dream- Rubycon


XE - Victory
XE/SS - Split
Custodian - I
Coma Detox - Reduced To An Invalid
Tearoom Trade - S/T
Korgonthurus - Marras
Goatmoon - Finnish Steel Storm
Rahu - S/T (2 demos comp.)
Foudre Noire - The Dark Gods
Prevalent Resistance - Eternal Return
Vapaudenristi - Demo '07


Diocletian - Doom Cult
Facialmess - His ans Hers
Rusalka - Perpetual Repitition in the Forbidden Conduit
Husere Grav/TRTRKMMR split


Ättestupa - Begraven mot norr LP
My first exposure to this band. Very nice, noisy & atmospheric with decent amounts folkish instruments and melodies to set it apart from many others. I don't know why some people describe this as "kraut", however, I hear nothing of the sort. It's more like melancholic & eclectic indie-rock (meant in the best possible sense of the word) set to a background of noise. I wouldn't mind even a bit more musicianship & tehcnical progress, as long as it doesn't mean getting rid of the noise. Very much looking forward to the future of this project & must get the previous ones also...

Sewer Election - Bristning LP
This is something that is not easily appreciated to its full extent on the first listen. Lots of quiet interludes and parts where the action is very much buried in the detail - in addition to the harsh noise onslaught. To be honest, after two listens I really don't know what to make of this. I know it's good but whether it's excellent remains to be heard.

Macronympha - Baroque cd
Such a great reissue! Amazingly multifaceted without ever sounding cheesy or contrived. Love the reggae samples that fit in just perfectly!

Merzbow - Rainbow Electronics cd
Not quite as eclectic as the Macro disc but still an expert demonstration of how much there is to "noise". Not harsh at all, psychedelic & mind-bending is more like it. Makes me ashamed that I don't have more Merzbow on my shelves... must try harder!


Svenska Bebådare cassette.....amazing presentation (nice recycled paper like the Dusa on Utmarken, booklet, stunning picture of Mari Ryd)......sounds a lot like Dusa, some softer ättestupa, forgotten folklore.....difficult to but a label on it.

GREAT, but way to short cassette :-/


The Svenska Bebådare tape is amazing, but way to short. You push play then it's over.
I'd recommend the Dusa LP as well, underrated album.


Iron Justice - Manufacture Of Consent
VVAA - With Brutal Force
VVAA - Hate Tasting


Tearoom Trade  - st  - I have been wanting to hear this for a long time.  I am very impressed.  There is tremendous emotion in the vocals, and it is an overall dark PE album, almost making me feel uncomfortable at times.  Definitely pocking up the next split release on Danvers



Paysage D'Hiver - Schattengang
Paysage D'Hiver - Die Festung
Paysage D'Hiver - s/t

Been on a PDH kick today after I found out there's a new batch of CD reissues coming out soon. Still need to pick up the Kerker and Kristall & Isa reissues...


One of the best from Prurient in recent years?! 2007 recording which is close to perfect blend of his "older" style raw harsh noise with screaming voice and song with the melodic synth music type of approach with violent spoken newsreports.  5 songs, each slightly different. Most often you hear the objects used for noise are small pieces of metal. Perhaps just keys or something like in Prurient live shows? But overall sound is harsh and brutal. LP medium is good for this stuff and I'd say this simply rides over all the recent bigger profile albums. Therefore being ltd 100 LP, hardly makes sense. It calls for CD re-issue!

HAIR POLICE "stay in bodies" LP
Great LP. And I would dare to say, another piece of ltd 100 copies LP what actually crushes many of their CD's? There's nothing really THAT different, but their ability to make lo-fi shit noise sound so miserably slow and fierce is admireable. When you have drums, electronics, guitar,... basically band line-up, but it sounds neither drone, nor sludge.  No sunn o))), no standard harsh noise. It's hardly "music", yet they do play something. Some people may cry about the endless amount of improvised jam releases band may have created, but without doubt, they have made something of their own, and done something which is pretty unique. On b-side, very tasty and most roughest tape manipulations! Should have been longer piece.
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Mania - Miserable Disposition (2005)
This is still my favorite Mania release to date. Side A is more subtle (strange word to use here) than some of the newer stuff as far as layering and effects are concerned but the harshness is completely in tact. Insane squeal, controlled feedback, perfected. Hissing and swishing shadows cascade around metal abuse. Play this at your next family picnic.

Chrome Jesus - Anti-Aquarian (2010)
Haha, what the fuck is this? This one caught me by surprise but that was my own fault. After getting the tape I went ahead and looked at who was behind the project....Wes Eisold. Now I have nothing against the guy himself but I just can't stand his music. I despise those Three One G "hardcore" bands he is in (namely "Some Girls") and I have never liked Cold Cave one bit. This was the first time I let my guard down in awhile and I promise it won't happen again. There is one nice section on Side B at about 2:06 of some nice Noise, but then a clear synth comes into play and the entire thing is ruined. I felt like I was on Miami Vice.