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Those two tapes are from the mid-eighties... And if you like that kind of stuff you should check out En Halv Kokt i Folie. Weird cut-ups which are more fun if know Swedish but weirder if you don't... stay away from the CD on CMI though.
Although Konduktör have released a few releases in mid 2000 they were mainly active between during the eighties. Börft pretty much started when Konduktör folded.


yes! i know them....Börft used to have a lot of the Konduktör-cassettes at reasonable prices.....pitty i don't speak the language, guess i miss a lot of th fun lol


men of the iron heel - first pogrom

gotham city - black wrists

rippikoulu - musta seremonia


I hope they do Rippikoulu 1st demo. It crushes 2nd demo anytime. No death-doom, but very nice "regular" death metal. Not long ago listened the demo. Ordered it from band members when it came, and did interview to my zine back then...

I've been pretty much 7" frenzy now. Basically grabbed all my metal related 7"s I have never listened, and been systematically going through them. Not many anymore, then doing same with noise & related. That should be like 50 slabs to spin. Some have been listened, but placed again "to be listened again soon" pile where been collecting dust for couple years.
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I downloaded first one some time ago. not as "powerful" as the second, but it is excellent indeed. do you have copies of the LP reissue mikko ?


not yet, but coming.
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Bloated Slutbag

Xenakis binge... been going for later period orchestral work, played extra loud. like shoving face against glass floor and doing a little breakyourface dancing.

Small pile of Vivenza staring at me, but I need a few more drinks tonight...

Strict/Pain Jerk "Collaboration" somehow finds its way into the mix on a bi-weekly basis, but you already knew that. Nice little early morning head clearer filed with the stack of Incaps 7inchers
Someone weaker than you should beat you and brag
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SLOGUN "Kill to forget" LP

Haven't listened to this one in ages and it's much better than I remember. Fascinating to hear how much of this actually sounds like modern day noise/PE from the US - both vocally and musicwise with it's thick layering and quite organic, rumbling soundscapes.


Herz Jühning - Miasma CD

I've just got that great album. It's simply my kind of music, dark and hypnotic with rich analogue vibes. A perfect blend of Haus Arafna and November Növelet.

Le Syndicat - Relikat & Schraguemusik CD
Le Syndicat - Rectitude CD
Le Syndicat - Corrumpate CD

No need to introduce them. I've got those 3 classic releases from Rrron few weeks ago and i can't stop listening to them.


Flooded Church of Asmodeus - No Parole For Satanic Underground cassette
Jason Crumer - Roxann Spikula - Suppression in the Third 2x10"
Deathprod - Morals And Dogma CD - Heart Breaking Love of God
and on a daily basis IRM - Virgin Mind 2xCD and The Cult of the Young Men CD


TEF "CAST" Pitchphase
TEF "Machinations of a Corner" Pacrec
Govt. Alpha "Seventh Continent" Dotsmark
Govt. Alpha "arial patrol" Sewer Records
Pain Jerk "Alchemistry" Amp
Slogun "Buried and Left for Dead" Circle of Shit
Kazuma Kubota "a sense of loss" Pitchphase
Scorn "Ellipsis" Earache
Broken Note "Terminal Static" Adnoiseam
Khanate "Clean HAnds go Foul" Daymare

last couple of days.........


Over the last couple of weeks regularly:

Survival Unit "Continuity" & "Will To Zero"
"KFC City 3099"
Streicher "Oi Annihilism"
Haare "Psychedelic Funeral"
BN "Rouge Astronaut"
Grunt "Petturien Rooli"


Recent spins:

RAMLEH Valediction CD
SURVIVAL UNIT One Man's War 7"
GRUNT Petturien Rooli CD
REGIM Stabbed By The Blind LP
TEST DEPT. The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom LP


Today's playlist included amongst others:

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music cd
Got this last week after years of planning to do so. Thought it would be just a historical curiosity, not really a one to listen to. Instead it's a pretty great album. Not harsh or violent at all, more of a psychedelic mass of feedback. Almost drone-like, drifting in and out of bliss and vision. Not dated at all, I could easily imagine something like this coming from the more psych-drone-oriented side of the noise scene of today. Except it's better than most of that stuff...

Kevin Drumm - Untitled single-sided 12"
On Dilemma Records. 95% of the time I really don't get the point of single-sided LPs... and that applies to this one also. Why bother unless you're going to put some etches or something on the blank side? Fortunately the sounds are very very good. First track is harsher with nice start & stop pause action. Second one is like a million insects buzzing inside your head. Drumm rarely disappoints.

Henri Chopin / Pan Sonic / Achim Wollscheid - Composition (some character!) cd
2/3 of the Chopin tracks are guaranteed pleasures, the first one a more of a curiosity. Pan Sonic seems mediocre here, not impressive in any way. I remember a live show of theirs from years ago, where I literally felt my insides being massaged by the overwhelming mass of sound. It fuckin' slayed, if you know what I mean... Wollscheid is pretty digital and annoying. But in a good way! I like it when somebody can annoy me like this.

Violent Onsen Geisha - The Midnight Gambler cd
Some good parts but WAY too long. Condense this into 30 min. and then we'll talk, ok?


Quote from: heretogo on January 30, 2010, 10:01:17 PM
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music cd

I remember thinking that this must be pretty "rare" to get even on CD and I think I was so amazed to find it somewhere 2nd hand CD. Well, it seems like album has always been in-print, and available for pretty good midprice... Regularly priced even in my own mailorder (which probably means midprice in regular shop standards). I think it's good album, but be it done by someone else maybe not that famous? Related to this, I remember when I picked up Laurie Anderson original tape from very early 80's from one Japanese shop for like 1€. It might have been Lasse Marhaug who happened to be there who asked did I know who she was, and that tape could be pretty rare. I had no idea who mrs. Anderson was... and well, apart from UBUWEB samples, can't say I would have checked much else of her works.  Totally zero interest to see Reed & Anderson play live in Helsinki last year. Seemed like bitter jaded old man goofing around with electronics.
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