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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on August 02, 2010, 01:01:21 PM
One of the best from Prurient in recent years?! 2007 recording which is close to perfect blend of his "older" style raw harsh noise with screaming voice and song with the melodic synth music type of approach with violent spoken newsreports.  5 songs, each slightly different. Most often you hear the objects used for noise are small pieces of metal. Perhaps just keys or something like in Prurient live shows? But overall sound is harsh and brutal. LP medium is good for this stuff and I'd say this simply rides over all the recent bigger profile albums. Therefore being ltd 100 LP, hardly makes sense. It calls for CD re-issue!

One of my favorites.  'White Hell' news report is about an incident across the street from Hospital Productions store at the Hell's Angels headquarters.  Only wish this album was longer


BU - unsafe & insane

simply great album.

satanic warmaster - black katharsis
brethren - savage inequalities
BU/deathkey split


CRANIOCLAST "(The) L.K.A. Sonar Kit" PIC 7" (Drone Records) 2000

Most definitely one of their more accessible recordings. The composition is very good with background slow pounding rhythm and lots of different overdubs, including samples, sitar and strange treated cello (?) on the a-side and laid-back piano on the other. I wouldn't call this one industrial in any way - very "modern" in approach, both music and covers.

Been delving heavy in on German 80's-90's experimental music all summer. Continuing...


mostly stuff from latest package sent by mikko: the rita / alo girl LP, utmarken 10'', new sewer election LP, new infirmary LP... and junk metal genius of grunt's "pripyat" track!!

i've also been enjoying how the latest ÄTTESTUPA lp is starting to grow on me. i liked it from the start, but full appreciation has been work of numerous listens. when will we be treated to a finnish debut performance of this group!?


Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on August 02, 2010, 01:01:21 PM
HAIR POLICE "stay in bodies" LP
Great LP. And I would dare to say, another piece of ltd 100 copies LP what actually crushes many of their CD's? There's nothing really THAT different, but their ability to make lo-fi shit noise sound so miserably slow and fierce is admireable. When you have drums, electronics, guitar,... basically band line-up, but it sounds neither drone, nor sludge.  No sunn o))), no standard harsh noise. It's hardly "music", yet they do play something. Some people may cry about the endless amount of improvised jam releases band may have created, but without doubt, they have made something of their own, and done something which is pretty unique. On b-side, very tasty and most roughest tape manipulations! Should have been longer piece.

I must buy this item. This band for me is early SWANS in 2000s era. If SWANS were still from those years they would do such music like HAIR POLICE.


np : my Sigmund Und Sein Freund vinyls, great stuff, especially Sacred & Secret ...


THE NEW BLOCKADERS  two new LP's on Hanson
one unreleased stuff, one previously only on CD in the 4xCD box set. Was it 300 each? Seems like little too limited. I guess was sold out in matter of hours. And who knows how many of them are just waiting in stash of some dealer to be later auctioned?
Well, both of these are great. Good covers, good artwork, good pressings. Hard to say which one is actually better? They both represent the guaranteed works of TNB. CD material is partly very hi-fi / high frequency boost sounding, but due multiple tracks, the atmosphere changes once in a while.
I don't know should these be rated as absolute classics, since they tend to recycle (?) the famous TNB sounds from past, but it is still guaranteed enjoyment.
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has been a loooong time since i listened to :



i forgot how good it was, np the Multi-Phase Electrodynamics cd .....dubnoise :-)



various THE FALL singles


HÄNDER SOM VÅRDAR - Korridorblick
New Swedish project, self-released, self-distributed début I think. Discrete industrial, slowly investigating the few scratches and bleeps that grow and disappear. Synthesizer definitely present, but not dominant. Far-from-your-face attitude, reminds me slightly of the longest track on the KORPSES KATATONIK album. Recommended if you can find it somewhere.

Seems like Sweden is fertile soil also for newcomers, not just the familiar faces (even if in new constellations) - H S V, RÄNNSTENSUNGAR, FOGDE...


Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Satan, Yuri And You + Mortuary Sorcery + A Beautiful Girl Like You / Mystery Mountain 7"'s
Perfect music for washing dishes etc. It's a shame the format is very ill-suited for such activities...

Heavy Winged - Spreading Center cd
This has been sitting in the "to play"-pile for a long time, I don't even remember how I got this. Experimental, slightly psych-y noise with rock instruments. Not too bad, actually, I can easily listen to the whole disc through. I'm very happy they don't aim for the trendy black metal territory - in that case I would have to turn it right off...

Testicle Hazard - Het Potatis 7"
What's there to say? Great harsh noise with no unnecessary elements, no pictures of nekkid ladies or funky cadavers to distract my focus. Instead the artwork & title include some nice references to Finnish popular culture and school education! Jättebra!


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Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Satan, Yuri And You + Mortuary Sorcery + A Beautiful Girl Like You / Mystery Mountain 7"'s
Perfect music for washing dishes etc. It's a shame the format is very ill-suited for such activities...

Debut CD is very good also. Or should I say everything is. I think part of the debut is made of the two early tapes. Finnish tape label Joukkomurha compiled first two tapes on one tape in... 1992? Artwork by S.A.Hynninen of Reverend Bizarre. That was my first exposure for band, and impact lasts still today.
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