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Skin Crime + Wilt - The Horror of Fang Rock LP+CD (Urashima)
Finally listened to the CD last night. Have to say it just felt a little too long. I was listening to it while reading, and even as background music I was finding myself waiting for it to be over. The LP is sufficient, and good!

Bastard Noise & Sickness - Death's Door LP (Relapse)
I'm pretty worn out on Bastard Noise, after the peak 2009/2010 releases (Rogue Astronaut on the electronics front, and The Red List/A Culture of Monsters on the 'band' front) everything I've heard since has just felt derivative. I got this in a trade a while back as the other party didn't have anything else of interest. Took me a while to listen to and wasn't feeling it when I finally did. Gave it another spin the other day after someone plugged it and as I was finding myself wanting that 'Rogue Astronaut sound' albeit without vocals, I was pleasantly surprised that this delivered. I guess it works when you want to hear it (duh). No vocals is a plus here. As with all BN collaborations it's hard for the other party to shine through as the "insect war electronics" are so dominating, but I am not familiar enough with Sickness in any regard to comment on how the collaboration itself is.

Merzbow - Nil Vagina for Mice 7" (Banned Production)
A near-perfect disc from 1993. Not much else to say. If you know the sounds from the era you know what's up. Great execution on an oft-maligned and tricky format.
Primitive Isolation Tactics
Scream & Writhe distro and Absurd Exposition label
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Amber Asylum complete CD box set.
I had couple of their CD's in my collection, but noticed this box, and decided to go for it. CD's that have drums and sort of slow tempo "doomy" atmosphere are less interesting than the far more experimental albums. It took few days to go through everything. I don't "normally" listen stuff like this so much, but there is something in the project that made me interested in it already decades ago.

The New Blockaders "The Pulp Sessions" LP
I got the 7" and CD. But this is not "Pulp". It's TNB's works without Organum, long metal scraping and banging sessions that simply are good.

Too bad this is ltd 100. One would think Toniutti's early 80's works would interest far more wider audience? Also because this LP is damn good one. Experimental soundworks that may be my favoite Toniutti works at the moment. Gave it a spin few times and clearly would ask for more time on stereos.

S.T.A.B. Electronics "Enemy of pigs" LP
Solid heavy electronics / power electronics assault. Heavy tones from synth and aggressive voice spitting out some venomously hostile and insulting vocals.  In a way it is the contemporary PE, where you will get the maximum sleaze. When STAB starts to insult blonde whores surrounded by black cocks, it's certainly reaching level what can't be found in many other music styles than... this.

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Mortal Wound  ‎– Forms Of Unreasoning Fear - death metal from LA. like a more melodic Incantation 

Encoffinized  ‎– Chambers Of Deprivation - real dirty death metal - very similar to Undergang but with more raw sounding production

Deicide - When Satan Lives & When London Burns- Deicide at their peak with the Hoffman's and probably the best live lineup Deicide ever had with Jack Owen and Dave Suzuki on guitars

Death Cult Ritual - Live in Cleveland, Death Cult Ritual & Death Cult Ritual II- one of my favorite current harsh noise acts.

"I do not get bored of nude ladies nor good Japanese noise"


Any comments on the new VRIL JÄGER 12"?


Himukalt "Sex Worker" cs (Total Black)- good work but I don't think it's quite as harsh as some of her past work. Excellent synth sounds along with spoken, repeated vocals and some sexy crying. Well worth checking out esp. if you like her past releases (get the LP on Malignant!).

Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag "s/t" cs (IOPS)- this sounds like blown out synth noise & it may be that plus some junk metal sounds along with sounds of a woman that is all manipulated and destroyed on magnetic tape. Good stuff esp. s2.


So, today I'm happy to have a day off, because of Christ's ascension to heaven some two thousand years ago or so,  that's why l do my very best to properly celebrate this great day:

ZSS - Racial Superiority
Kills slowly but surely

Institut - Live like traitors, die like traitors
It's been a long time since I listened to this, but it's still great!

S.T.A.B. Electronics - Enemy of Pigs
Yeah, people like you deserve to be feed for the pigs!


Skinny Puppy Ain't it dead Yet.  I got the copy where it's all one track.  Excellent way to experiance the album.  Anger is one hell of a song and opener and the set just gets better. 

Eigen Bast

Python - Astrological Warfare
A killer follow up to Serpent Superstition and the It Rumbles Beneath.. ep. It follows similar paths of esoteric Italian heavy metal riffing but is laced with an eerie ritual ambient undercurrent. True weirdo occultist tunes. Remarkable production channeling thee old country.

Bloated Slutbag

See bottom of this post for digest commentary.

Violent Shogun – Taste Our Japanese Steel
Someone should tell the shogun to take better care of his steel. Corroded, crusted, spotty, growing brittle at the edges. Quite the earsore I'm afraid, with... yes there it is, distinctly noisome smack of rot. Mm-hmm. Frankly, if you're going to invite people to sample the shit, a range of vital maintenance measures would clearly merit attention. Start with the storage options. This particular specimen comes housed in recycled tape featuring on Side 2 the BBC's Alistair Cooke. No help there.
   Still, with reference to the more recent Rot, one might be forgiven for feeling this were all as intended, seeming, incredibly, to celebrate the gravest of ferric afflictions, decayed tape only underscoring the slow burnt fidelity of dry-shredded rust-sputter reaming aural passages raw. And into already inflamed tensions comes the shogun, driving home this rather nasty wedge, twisting a few times for good measure, tortuously dragging ill-kempt innards out. Thirty seven minutes worth of straight-through-gut skewer squirk 'n wrench
   Under normal circumstances I'd put it down to the violent nature, but then we are to understand this as "(the shogun's) love declaration to Jaako Vanhala and Hal Hutchinson". My initial response was to whip out selections from the above indicated objects of ardour, ostensibly for study and contrast (but actually because, like, what the hell). As paean to the greats, a purpose would already be well and served. The palate duly registers the rougher strains of Hutchinsonian metal-whanging-on-metal. But not to sell anything short. Neither does this try to ape the form nor challenge the supremacy. Rather the shogun takes the gift and offers...une perspective japonaise unique.
   Descriptors may include rough, raw, ragged, shredded, not so much brutal as brutish. Brutist. Two relatively brief intervals of brute harsh amid leisurely exploration of wide panned acoustic scrap texture. TNB aren't mentioned but in the passages of relative quiet a certain Changez Les Blockeurs-eque introspection, hefty iron husks dragged in protest across cratered concrete floors, dishing ye olde industrial strength leavenings in more than ample measure.
   I will say this for the side-long study in close mic'd junk metal abuse: it is measured. The pacing considered and sure. There is even a perceptible narrative arc to the piece, a marked tendency to skew baroque. Not content simply to leave the corroded scraps to whang where they may, a course is charted, elaborating with some deliberation through subtle gradations of crest and sigh, shove and scrape, clank and clunk.
   The first movement escalates rapid-like to fairly full-up mass of full metal racket. Corroded and crusted full metal racket. Full metal racket pocked with putrescent scraps of ill-savory steel whanging their crustiest. Scrapes, scours, brief belching fits of irate clobbering clang. All of it backlit by surprisingly tasteful hush of ghostly backwashed drainbience. From this point a solid several minutes harshening up loudening up, reaching the much-anticipated eye-watering levels before suddenly crashing out, depleted of steam, drained of whack, percussive spunk and stammer sputtering to sustain itself through flaccid echoing chambers lolling disconsolately at third and then fourth remove, lengthy passage very gradually reduced to near non fidelity.
   Then. The teeniest glimmerings of life. Lingering tinpot dong-loop browbeaten on the back of steadily backwashed drainbient distorto-clonk. Sudden flare-up, and there it is. BooOOOiiing. All out force, and damage. Noisome. Overpowering. The stench of it. The harsh of it. Jee-eezus. Sphinctors contract, eyes water, trousers tent. Well and deep into the screechy scorch zone, feedback rushing to join steel-on-steel clusterfuckfest. Not entirely unexpected, but quite entirely necessary I'm afraid. Particularly for hardons of the, um, harsh-headed inclination. Regret to inform said inclination that the shogun seems disinclined to keep it up for longer than needed to prove his point. Yes, shogun, it really is a big one. Yes. A fat honking one. A whopper. Yes, thank you shogun. We get it. Not sure you need to rub it everyone's face.
   So to the abrupt halving of the mast, not so much thoughtful and introspective as availing of the opportunity to hear oneself think. Here the harsher inclinations are tempered with still quite robust and full flavored denouement, no sudden moves, fat chunks of filthy festering steel whanging about right where I can see em, echo chamber flushed with backwashed streams of yellow effluent, only really petering out in the closing minute or so. Quite the tour de force if the shogun may say so himself. Or as they say in Japan 「私のホバークラフトはうなぎで満たされています」. Definitely an acquired taste, but one I'm beginning to crave. How's about we go back to my place bouncy bouncy?

Digest spew:

Violent Shogun – Taste Our Japanese Steel
"My love declaration to Jaako Vanhala and Hal Hutchinson." Ain't that sweet. Not to mention just that measure tart, ferric degradation rendering rusted out and mouldering the ill-kept supply of acoustic scraps on hand. Wild, unkempt reams of corroded crusted steel scrap whanging into well-worked sphinct-holes, fenced in by distinct baroque sensibility. Un vrai travail d'amour, in all the wrong places, for all the right reasons. Metal whanging on metal. What more is there in life?
Someone weaker than you should beat you and brag
And take you for a drag


Bizarre Uproar ‎– For Night Science cs (Cipher Prod.)- older track with pitch-down vocals, crushing low-end, choppy loops. Recommended.

Interracial Sex ‎– Forced Busing  cs (New Forces)- pretty brave for an artist to advocate for school segregation in this day n' age.

Bloomer ‎– Wound With A Foreign Object Embedded cs (New Forces)- heavy low-end loops. Not sure of the sound sources. Some moments are better than others.

Himukalt ‎– Sex Worker  cs (Total Black)- excellent rel., multiple plays this week. If you like her previous releases then there is no reason you wouldn't like this & for those whom have not heard Himukalt, this is as good of place to start as any.

Eigen Bast

Linekraft - Death of the Slave
Brutal scrap abuse, primitive synth melody and tortured vocals on the A side, 'Above the Capacity'. It's a massive sounding track which will crush live. B side, 'Slave' moves into a more post apocalytic vibe; dosimeter croaks, whistling wind, distant clanging. Intensity grows imperceptibly before dissolving. Killer release, hopefully the new LP on Tesco keeps up this energy.


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Linekraft - Death of the Slave
Brutal scrap abuse, primitive synth melody and tortured vocals on the A side, 'Above the Capacity'. It's a massive sounding track which will crush live. B side, 'Slave' moves into a more post apocalytic vibe; dosimeter croaks, whistling wind, distant clanging. Intensity grows imperceptibly before dissolving. Killer release, hopefully the new LP on Tesco keeps up this energy.

I've listened to that once & didn't care for one side at all. It just seemed murky with no detail but I'm thinking I wasn't paying attention for some reason. The side with screaming is good. I'll have to spin this 7" again tonight.

Last night was Ochu's "Unproduktiw" 12" which is damn good & will get some repeat spins before I check out Treriksröset's LP and "Mr. SM" tape.


 Treriksröset ‎– Kristen Musik Från Rågsved LP (Harbinger)-  whatever sound sources were used for these recordings surely cannot work anymore. feedback, crunchy static, blown-out low end. rough as fuck harsh noise! i'm looking forward even more to Mr. SM after listening to the LP. i'll have to dig out the debut and all of the "killing for..." tapes, as well.


2019 is the 20 year anniversary of Xiphoid Dementia and for this year I wanted to do a few extra special things. For one, I ripped, remastered, and posted the first release that ever featured the sounds of Xiphoid Dementia: V/A Death Kontakt Pt. 1 released on cassette by L.S.D.Organisation back in 1999. Enjoy.


mauthausen orchestra: bloodyminded - i never seem to definitely get enough of the dirty, raw and rotten industrial noise from the italian old school.. by this point i like basically everything from his classic period, but this is one of the standouts for me
atrax morgue: black slaughter - more classic italian filth.. so simple, yet so effective. all the deadbag-era stuff works for me, even the totally drawn out stuff
swastika kommando: 1983 - would love to know more about this guy... seems to be among the italian masters along with maurizio bianchi, although it seems little is known about him
currently listening to cold tape by mb.. one of the best ive heard from him, yet i have still to research the whole catalogue thoroughly