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Z.K. "Isilo" CS (Lake Shark Harsh Noise, 2018)
Static-based, wide stereo harsh noise with an organic, almost soft feel. A-side constantly
erupting and bursting like a naturally-occurring flow of liquid. Mid-range undertow with higher
timbres that occasionally break through. Has some ringouts that make me wonder if the sources
are acoustic. Kind of quiet and subdued even compared to Vast Glory's amazing LSHN tape. B-
side thicker and more propulsive, immediate massive flood. Wet, heavy textures. Torrential
rains. Very dynamic, very tasteful. Perfectly layered. For fans of condensed tone/texture studies.

Crack Bytch "Chain Link Toe Holds" CS (Lake Shark Harsh Noise, 2019)
Happily traded this from the woman behind said project after a chance meeting. I believe
there are other elements which appealed to Sam, secondary to the quality of her sound work,
that motivated the release. Anyway. Surprisingly atmospheric, harmonic stuff. Some Tesco/Cold
Meat Industry vibes early on. Detailed, strange and mysterious. Exquisite elements of
brokenness in gear and amp buzz. Not unlike the live Rodger Stella/Puce Mary collaboration,
but more enjoyable. Bizarre applications of unprocessed and processed sound collage. Weird
panning and layering choices. Stevie Nicks coming through the radio. Could more readily
compare this to Blood Stereo than anything typical of LSHN. Live recording on B-side gets
harsher but still focuses on cool stereo action/channel switching rather than getting all in-your-
face. Blown-out vocals remind me of another female act, Yohimbe, I was lucky enough to
experience in Richmond recently. Passionate, intense delivery. Introduce yourself to one of the
new queens.

Niku Daruma "Painful Bliss: Final Twist" (Fusty Cunt, 2019)

I was fortunate to stay the night at these ladies' house after watching them beat one
another up onstage in Pittsburgh. It was much rougher than what you're probably imagining.
They also make fucked-up, dirty, machine-gun laser noise. That gash on the cover probably
happened during a performance. While I'm enjoying what I'm hearing, it's just not the same
without that aspect. Much less aggression than their physical presence, which was intense.
These sounds are energetic and sexy, but the way these women can command attention of a
room is another level entirely. Powerful and Macronympha-adjacent, for sure, but so are the
women themselves. Someone please offer them a live recording at the right time and place. For
fans of Macronympha, Mauthausen Orchestra and Bizarre Uproar.

M.B.D. "Caged For Life" (Angst, 2018)
I saw this gentleman play an excellent, passionate live performance of very weird,
intricate and musical "death industrial" in Cincinnatti recently. This tape simply doesn't live up to
that. I realize it was recorded five years ago, but it's literally nothing like what the guy's doing
now. Skip this in favor of a recent tape, you won't be disappointed. Nowadays, this fella is really
on his game. I hope somebody recorded that set I saw.

Creep of Paris "Hummingbird X" (Research Laboratories, 2018?)
Total "what am I listening to" garbage mess. In the best possible way. Grimy, rough tape
manipulations of thrift store this and that, found on used cassettes. At least, if this was done any
other way, one would have to ask "why?" If you removed the subject matter and intent from
something like Publication Ban, you'd maybe get this. Maybe.

Creep of Paris "Gavia Immer" (Research Laboratories, 2019)
Nintey-odd minutes of, fuck, I don't know. Some pitched, layered interviews with various
women talking about meeting Elvis Presley and the interviewer sounding like an old limey
pervert. The B-side is some kind of surf music sample, looped ad nauseam and tape saturated
to shit. It sounds like something pulled from some random middle-eastern tape. Fans of Blöd
(not the harsh noise Blöd) would probably get something out of this.

Thomas Laroche "Spiritual Enlightenment Through Inactivity" (Research Laboratories,

All ten minutes or so (both sides) of this tape consists entirely of a single tape loop of
choral music.

Thomas Laroche "Repeat Prescription MKII" (Research Laboratories, 2018?)
Tape-pitched vocals ala Shadow Ring over throbbing industrial rhythms. Actually pretty
listenable. Has vibes of arty tape music as well as old-school bleakness. Single-sided tape,
though, so minus some points for that.

The Vomit Arsonsist "Nihil Dicit" (Deathbed Tapes, 2019)
I saw this project live in Providence a few months ago and he had some of the best
control over his equipment of any act I saw the whole tour. That seems to be what "death
industrial" is about, equipment achieving atmosphere. VA does it well, the sounds appeared to
me as these corridors you follow as new ones are introduced. I found this more true in a live
setting, though. Both on tape and in person, though, there's this detail and balance in his sound
in which each new sound acts as a corridor the listener then follows him down (including vocals).
The bass will fuck with your sinuses. I've heard a couple compilation tracks I didn't care for, but
overall TVA exemplifies everything I want in death industrial, sound-wise. I appreciate the
personal and psychological content, also. Very much worth your time, but I'd say go see him live
just as well. Urban, bleak and detached American heavy electronics.

Violent Shogun "Kokutai" (Yes Divulgation, 2019)
More stuff that grabs attention from the first second, made by a guy who's literally always
doing new stuff; somehow making all his experiments work for him. I can't fucking believe the
progress in between recordings whenever I get a new VS tape. While everything so far has been
absolute top-class industrial and noise music, this is more like advanced-technique French
electronic concrete music that like happens to be on the industrial and noise side of the
spectrum. The seamless editing of the plucked notes and struck chords against the bizarro
modular synth propulsion reminds me more of Luc Ferrari than Aaron Dilloway. Things actually
do take on a Dilloway vibe with the second track, at least his more synth-oriented pieces. By the
crescendo of each track, though, Mr. Shogun's sound is always his own. The only project I'd
truly compare this tape to that's currently active is also done by the same person. Even with my
familiarity with the guy's sound and intent, track three came completely out of left field. Point
being, this guy just gets better and better. Please give him some release offers.

impulse manslaughter

Yeah, right! I really, really don't like "modern pop albums", but all of Lana Del Rey's albums are just really good. Consoling pleasures, somehow.

I enjoy stuff like Marissa Nadler from time to time.. According to my girlfriend she sounds like Lana Del Rey. Never bothered to check it out though as she has terrible taste in music..

Bloated Slutbag

Kiran Arora – Formication
Ever wake up in the middle of the night to find a cockroach crawling all over your face? Only to find that the one is not just one, but several? Dozens? Hundreds? A full and fevered cockroach clusterfuck? Now, you too can share in the experience. In the dawning metamorphosis between fever dream and waking horror, in the altered state that splits mind and body, in the nebulous shift of perspective: animal to insect to flattened, twitching, bits. In the uncertain spatial distribution a kafkaesque clusterfuck of possibility. In the distance, cockroach clusters of seismic proportion, massed and thundering, blotting out the sky. In the up close and personal, hordes of mindless insectile excrescence, pricking, poking, slipping, slurping. Slipping through the cracks, in the 'holes, up the crack, down the hole, slam dunks, regurgitated chunks, gulp, glug. Fucking disgusting.
     Dead silence. Ho-hum room ambience. Yawn. Stretch. Like, when's this thing gonna get gowwweern? Eh? Prrdint? Yi sy sm-thig? Quite the nice build, of tension. Slow, stealth-like. Classic, classy. The empty amplified space filling up with more. More empty amplified space. But a louder kind of empty amplified space. Which come to think of it weren't so empty after all. As Eldritch Gears creak into motion the subtle gradations of form 'n essence expand, filling the 'holes to their capacities, and beyond. By the halfway point realization dawns that we are in a full and proper raging of full and bodied thunder bludger. Thunderous bludgering essence, and, not to put too fine a point on it, HARSH. This HARSH continues for a good minute or so, before the machine cuts out, leaving the room with extended pud flubbering session of low key farting around. Very guts churning bottom ended pub flubbering farting around. Man vs stubborn machine, eldritch gears frozen in place refusing to budge, irreplaceable parts sputtering in the silent intervals. But persistence has its rewards. The pud flubbering farting around soon droops into looped low end oscillation, set off with acoustic clicks, presumably the attaching of the Nerve Clamps.
     Then the fucker turns on the machine and it's like, like, li-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Nerves set on fire, twitching uncontrollably in fever-wracked red zone convulsions. This is it. The formication. Super charged particles attacking exposed nerve endings, biting, tearing, clawing. Chattering insectile hordes swarming over blistered skin surface, surging in concert like some DENSE, cyclonic, mass. Yet even at  its most monolithic and wall-like the thrashing core is palpable, rippling beneath sinewy carapace. This feels alive, bloody, breathing, a constant sense of forward motion driving each fresh 'n fleshly drilling intrusion. Here is the essence around which the album, en masse, spirals. Heavy, meaty, full-flavored, sufficient in overloaded capacities as to provide the 'holes, and speakers, a good and proper workout, shaking the foundations to their core, never really content to bask in the almighty thunder, continuously seeking new heights to conquer, new depths to plunge.
     Quick plunge, now, through the Descent Sphincter, to deep and echoing recesses, dark cumulonimbus accretions clouding out the particulars. At the three minute mark, sudden pinched pressures feed claustrophobic panic, big ol' arse stuck in a particularly narrow passage. Then the fits of frenzied seizure, claws, pincers and other sharpened protuberance taking steely knife-scrape to burly unyielding thunder wall. A last ditch scrape-scrap fields hosts of more cumbersome machinery, slamming heavy and hard, and seemingly making progress, graphite dissolving into crumbling bits as determinedly gritty drill-action hollows out the an increasingly rickety foundation. Freedom beckons, craggy surfaces progressively smoothen out to a higher-ended chromium scour.
     Only, to judge from the follow-up track, to have the whole thundering bludger-wall collapse, completely squooshing our poor pudgy hero flat, tiny twitching bits crackling in the near frozen bedrock. The oversize drill-bit now appears to be aimed at the prefrontal lobe, repetitive ripping textures progressively worming their way through the increasingly fragmented cranial surface, ripping apart, torn, broken, shattered. Soon, the prescribed Drill Therapy reaches its inevitable denouement, high-end static particles sizzling among liquefied remnants of flabby brain tissue slowly draining out the hollowed chamber, subdued acoustic elements flushing into perspective. The final procedure calls for more sensitive instruments, plastic-coated drill bits, or scrabbling cockroach hooked to a length of wire, quiet explorations making contact with a pair of tonsils fighting the gag reflex.
     Finally, the tonsillar explorations are subject to steadily increasing amplification, heavier bulging protuberance digging into the soft tissue. Then the fucker turns on the machine, and the inevitable unloading of the insectile horde. Their entry is as painstaking as it is exacting. Huffs and gasps meet regulated electro-blurt, ill-voiced horror-wheeze fighting each incursion ever deeper into encroaching sphinct-crunch. Clawing, scrabbling, pinching, biting. Running Rife over exposed skin surfaces, drilling into every available crevice, or suggesting the possibility of new crevices where needed. Eventually the scuttling wriggling feeding frenzy reaches a sibilant liquefied consistency, eyes rolled back, final moments drawn out in whitened frieze of drooling sputter-hiss. Fucking disgusting.

Digest spew:
Full-flavored multi-textural crunch-floods caught in the uncertain metamorphosis between monolithic harshwalls and superdense spasti-particles, ripping the whole apart from the center-out. Scrabbling, clambering acousti-flits scampering across flatulent whole-flesh surfaces, fur clad venus winking in and out of frame. In the altered state, perspective shifts, splits, caught now in a kafkaesque regurgitation of big angry pink things, monstrous vermin willing red-hot scorching heat on the teeny insectile frame. Love the smell of neurons frying the morning.
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Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell
I know this isn't really typical for this board but have been listening to this album nonstop since I got my cd copy in the mail. So many beautiful, sad, crooning tracks about the need for intimacy and to be taken care of. I love her voice and image (I mean, duh, she's fucking hot) but some of the tracks on this album are just stunning. "Venice Bitch" has to be my favorite...a 9 minute psychedelic rock anthem with probably the catchiest hook I've heard in recent years. "Fuck it I love you" is another standout. "Happiness is a Butterfly" and "Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have - And I Have It", the two closing tracks on the album are equally beautiful tracks. Lot of piano ballad type pieces but they work so well. Could have done without the foolish Sublime cover "Doin Time" and the track "Bartender", but otherwise I'm not complaining. Great, great modern pop album.

Yeah, right! I really, really don't like "modern pop albums", but all of Lana Del Rey's albums are just really good. Consoling pleasures, somehow.

I fuckin' hate piano ballads, so that's why it is the weakest entry in LDR's discography.


Quote from: wonderland_media on September 18, 2019, 02:18:00 PM
Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell

I don't listen to pop music and had never heard Lana Del Rey previously, but I gave this album a try and I love it. Such a great album. I'll check out LDR's previous stuff too.


"Lily the Flesh" - Bizarre Uproar

This is probably my favorite Bizarre Uproar recording that I have heard thus far.  The simple atmospherics of the noise blend very well with the movie samples, without becoming overpowering.  To me, this record represents what it is possible to achieve if one possesses utter dedication to a specific vision, and highlights that simple components in the right configurations can go a long way.


Vetala ‎– Retarded Necro Demential Hole LP
Title pretty much says it all, that's exactly what it sounds like. Very hit and miss band that are capable of both creating some top tier deranged BM or just sounding like some drunk cunt taking the piss. This one falls into the latter category.

Menacing '84 ‎– Hail '84 CD
Dig this project, in particular this release. "Fear Culture" is a standout track, great vocals.

The Vomit Arsonist - Nihil Dicit + Gone tapes
Some of the strongest material to date from TVA. Definitely deserves a nice CD/LP of each.

Active Decay - Putrescine tape/bandcamp

Rotten lo fi electronics/noise. Cool stuff and the right duration for this kind of thing. Slaughter Prod/Murder Release style material, done well.

Vile Gash - Agonized Corrosion

Barely two minutes here unfortunately which is a massive shame. Very rough and hateful HC and one of my current favourite bands.


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Vile Gash - Agonized Corrosion

Barely two minutes here unfortunately which is a massive shame. Very rough and hateful HC and one of my current favourite bands.

I've been just obsessed with this band. Kind of annoyed with the length of this too, but only because it's so great.

Eigen Bast

Vile Gash rip - that last LP is exactly what I want out of hardcore. They're incredible live too.

Raven Dark - Foretasting the Death by Birth
Ice cold BBH black metal. Ildjarn hypnosis riffs and totally blasted production, borders on tedious but remains compelling. Proudly incompetent. Some frustrating audio artifacts on the CD (weird high pitched tone on the 1st track for example)

Soloman Tump

Quote from: FallOfNature on September 26, 2019, 02:55:14 PM

The Vomit Arsonist - Nihil Dicit
Some of the strongest material to date from TVA. Definitely deserves a nice CD/LP of each.

Following your recommendation (and others in this thread) I downloaded this via bandcamp last night. Have to say I am mightily impressed, it's right up my street.  Its a Frankenstein - bits of noise, PE, industrial, doom and drone all grafted together to form a monster and it really works (for me, at least)


Quote from: FallOfNature on September 26, 2019, 02:55:14 PM
Menacing '84 ‎– Hail '84 CD
Dig this project, in particular this release. "Fear Culture" is a standout track, great vocals.

underrated project! Really good album


no remorse - this time the world
probably my favourite RAC record of the stupid and overtly offensive variety. all songs are basically primitive anthems of bigotry and hate, like it should be. perfect for a friday! if the day continues in this vein it'll be maybe evil skins, early mistreat, landser..


Gelatinous Symbiotic Cyborg - X​-​Fusion Testing Zones And Remnants of Biosynthetic Research
Project involving a friend of mine. I've long been a goregrind/cybergrind devotee but haven't heard anything like this. Don't really have words for it. If gore/cybergrind is your thing check this out.

Paroxysmal Descent - Manifest Attrition CD
Release date is tomorrow but I was lucky to get a copy from the artist last night and had it on repeat most of the day. Current bias aside PD has been my favourite Australian Black Metal band since the first album that came out over a decade ago on Total Holocaust. Where the debut sounded more introspective and like a guy who was quite displeased with himself (think Xasthur's best stuff, Abyssic Hate), this album displays a lot more outward fury and anger. Best tracks - Mask Of Ignominy and Blood Narcosis. -

Terror Noxpheratur - Blood Beast

Bizarre, badly mixed, noisy, chaotically played, inhuman sounding Black Metal from a lone Portuguese maniac. Never heard anything remotely similar so it's hard to make a reference point. Think Beherit played backwards and pitchshifted. Fucking nuts in any case.

Linekraft ‎– Subhuman Principle LP
Heard a few things from Linekraft here and there, CD on Malignant, tape on Nil By Mouth....interesting stuff but nothing that stuck with my usual tastes. Enjoying this LP quite a lot however. Definitely talented and going to be a grower.

Nox Insultum ‎– Nox Insultum
More bizarre Portuguese BM. Voice is familiar...same guys behind Occelensbrigg maybe? Who knows. It's fucked up and I like it.


I like the Tesco LINEKRAFT LP more than the Hospital release but I need to give it another listen.


LASSE MARHAUG - Xerography C20 (Joy De Vivre)
A solo tape from Marhaug. Doesn't happen too often. Well, there was another one earlier this year, but I havent seen it for sale in Europe so... But I'm very glad I got this one. Bumpy, bouncing rubbery and unpredictable noise. Bleeps, weird thuds and bomps, rumble, scree, disfigured music samples and skidding magnetic tape. Lovely titles as well, "In the mood for Atrax Morgue" had me laughing out semi-loud. Noise CAN be both fun and great you know. I really hope he hasn't recorded his last proper solo noise album.
Anyone in Europe who's selling the The Bastard Doesn't Dream cassette?