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Black Seas Of Infinity "Within Daathian Chasms" extremely low fi death industrial / death ambient for this American project, which - in my opinion - belongs to a very underrated, yet extremely good little "scene", together with other great projects like Dapnom or Taog Susej, grown around 15-17 years ago around labels like Antihumanism or Autumn Winds, closer to black metal rather than to electronic music. Spooky and minimal evil ritualistic ambient music with absolutely NO frills or "intellectual" purposes. Just darkness. (Industrial / ambient)


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belongs to a very underrated, yet extremely good little "scene", together with other great projects like Dapnom, closer to black metal rather than to electronic music. Spooky and minimal evil ritualistic ambient music with absolutely NO frills or "intellectual" purposes. Just darkness.

Dapnom doesnt get mentioned as much as they deserve. I got some the bloody tapes at the time they were happening. BM obsessed guy played it at his place and it was too weird and great to pass. But the tapes were quite varied. One might be total monotony and other might be very happening.


Spoke with Dapnom years ago about doing releases, nothing ever eventuated. He now plays classical under his real name and if i recall has received decent success with that.

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Quote from: Into_The_Void on August 13, 2021, 08:22:45 AM
Black Seas Of Infinity "Within Daathian Chasms" extremely low fi death industrial / death ambient for this American project, which - in my opinion - belongs to a very underrated, yet extremely good little "scene", together with other great projects like Dapnom or Taog Susej, grown around 15-17 years ago around labels like Antihumanism or Autumn Winds, closer to black metal rather than to electronic music. Spooky and minimal evil ritualistic ambient music with absolutely NO frills or "intellectual" purposes. Just darkness.

Thanks for mentioning this.  Never heard of BSoI.  Not sure I hear nothing but darkness and no frills, but that's for another time.  This is a lot of fun because I'm hearing it in a similar way to how great noisecore can be done.  Conceptual or storytelling or something akin to that.  Situational noisecore like Traci Lords Loves Noise, Rectal Pus, or who not.  If I was putting this in a mailorder catalogue, I'm not sure how I'd label it or describe it.
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I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


I recall back in the day, making offer of, then outrageous 150 or was it 250usd for original LP. I have only couple times paid that kind of money for album. Couple Hijokaidan originals I paid probably 150, which seemed mistake after seeing them sold in Japan fraction of the price when I first visited there. Whitehouse Right to Kill and GO debut I paid also good money. I guess just about everything else was bought for pretty much regular prices. Handful of LP's for 50e, but that is soon probably new normal for any LP's.. hah..
Well, NORD LSD, I guess it sold for way more than my offer (auctioned by RRR, not on ebay, but privately). In 2011 someone in Germany made replica bootlegs of the 2nd and 3rd NORD LP's. I think sound is good and cover ain't hopeless either, even if its blurry and odd texture on pictures. Most of all, one can conclude that the NORD debut, with original line-up is vastly superior compared to LSD. This one is not bad really, but merely clumsy psychedelic kraut type works, as opposed to early NORD immersive noise soundscapes.
Factually, tons of new tapes are better than this, yet something made me -again- pull this LP on turtable instead of something... "better"?

MB "Evidences vol 1" 5xLP box
I recall back in the day, long before MB did the comeback, his stuff was so mysterious. Bootleg tape dubs sold by some tape labels of the time and tracks found from compilations.
Then access for archive CD's changed things and you could access a lot of stuff. Eventually felt as if "a lot" became too much for me.
Lost the urge to get more MB than I already had. Never liked any of the comeback stuff, so that sort of escalated that I felt I have probably way more MB in shelves than I REALLY need.
So something like this box... it came out 2007, and first time hit on my turntable now.
Seemed like time was now right, on the mood for some MB. And hell yes, not only "on the mood", but I could conclude that this box-set compiling many of the tapes that came out in one and same year, 1980, is brilliant stuff. Of course I have some of this stuff on other formats, and it was not a surprise it is great... nevertheless, somehow gave rebirth for absolute appreciation of MB works.
When you really think of what stuff we have here, and that it all was done in 1980, and you can take a quick look about the state of NOISE back then... Who would not appreciate MB!?
4th LP on rotation, and proceeding...
If you do not have to much of MB, this box is well worth to grab. I don't think it became too expensive or rare meanwhile..

INADE "colliding dimensions..." 4xLP box
after five hours of MB, already starting with 2nd LP out of INADE 4xLP box. Dark, sinister sounding things going on here. Throat singing or some sort of invocations, tribal instruments, dark tones, dragging metal junks and some distant echoing bounding sounds...

ESP KINETIC "want some of this?" LP.
A bit dirty pressing, snap, crackle & pop through entire LP, but in other hand, it is -dirty- old school industrial works. Nasty keyboard patterns, drum machines, flanger vocals, some metal junk smashing noise tracks too. Overall rotten and mid-range hollow sound, like boombox or walkman recording done in early 80's. So even with surface noises, it works ok.

MILITIA "New European Order"  3 vinyl set
one of all time favorites, and most listened junk percussion industrial albums. Their best works too, due the analogue production what makes the overall sound vastly better than in later works. This album is so good, it never sounds dated in wrong way.
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The Archangels Of Sex Rule The Destruction Of The Regime
So here was one of those holy grails that would mock me every week in the shop, priced three to four times higher than any other cassette sold at the time (early-mid 90s). The two of them [ed. Archangels & Beast 666] were similarly priced, I think, though I'd managed to cop Beast 666 some years earlier. I knew I absolutely needed Archangels but that need was balanced against the certain knowledge that I was being played for the silly sod I was (am, cough). No other suckers would go for it, obviously, cuz it sat there for months (years?). I don't even remember if I actually finally caved (probably), or if I managed to cop it somewhere else (doubtful).

There were two reasons I needed it and their names were Ain and Soph, in that order, as I was absolutely in thrall to everything I had with said names on it (about three things- Ars Regia, Kshatriya and what I will always stubbornly call Exarp Hcoma Nanta Bitom). Came for the Ain Soph and they were everything I hoped, two tracks sounding much in the Ars Regia vein - borderline crappola occult indulgences with an undeniable indomitable atmos occasionally to be named (by me) "ritual dirge" - but arching somewhat to the left of overlapping sessions, beauteous disembodied belchings lending just the correct gutterfelch spelunkings.

Came for the Ain Soph (to a lesser extent the Metgumbnerbone), stayed for the Ewald Spiss. Ewald Spiss. Now here's a character- still going strong! A perfect and perfectly primitive oddity of atmosphere but really I think the star of the comp. (The turn as Kathan Spiss on Beast 666 no slouch at that.) Again that dusky disembodied dirgesmosphere waffling over call-n-response assortment of semi-regular thunk, scrape and wallop, sitting well up or down in the mix as the respective track directs.
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Grand Celestial Nightmare - Forbidden Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom
This is a really refreshing take on understated symphonic black metal from Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues (and dozens of other endeavors). Pretty blown away by this one—highly recommended. While catchiness and strong melodic content isn't always what I'm looking for in black metal, this album delivers both in droves—lots of memorable riffs and great interplay between guitar and synthesizer. Probably not for everyone here, but I'd suggest giving it a shot. The cover art is beautiful, too.

Sadio/Prurient - BDSM Atlantic Partnership
Really solid split here. Sadio side is appropriately punishing—demented screams over growling lawnmower noise. Prurient side is great too—I like that Dom is still willing to break away from the more produced side of Prurient that has sort of dominated the project over the last decade (which I also enjoy a lot) and slip into the raw, tortured, and formless depths noise and P.E.. Glad I seized an opportunity to snag this one. Definitely less enamored with the Exploring Jezebel tape I picked up in the same order, but that's OK.

I'm currently in the process of running through the Burning Star Core/Prurient - Ghosts Of Niagara 10xCS box, but the fact that they're all C10s and that listening through whole thing requires stopping what I'm doing and running over to the tape deck 20 times, it will probably be a while before I get through it all. However, the material is pretty great.

I've also really been enjoying Magnetic Coroner - Time Maligned. This guy makes great fucking noise. Lots of awesome tape fuckery, super satisfying textures, and really engaging sounds throughout. Will definitely be picking up more from this project.

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Scald Hymn - Lilac Drain [New Forces]
I picked up the Balming Mechanism Tape on Monorail Tresspassing last year and played it a LOT.
Then earlier this year I managed to grab a copy of the Instance of Home CD - my first Troniks purchase.
I was excited to get hold of this tape and this style of noise is my particular sweet spot - crunchy blown out low ends with a bit of high end for balance, but interesting use of instrumentation, sparse and subtle field recordings and compositions.  There are moments of real calm that highlight the dense blasts of noise when they puncture through. 
So I guess I consider myself a fan of this project, and this release is well suited to New Forces alongside the Kjostad discography. 

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Just a few short remarks on some recent stuff I bought;

Beuys / Pissoff - Creamcheese Düsseldorf LP; live recordings from 68 and the only surviving Pissoff recordings. Pissoff was an art school free jazz noise project by Eberhard Kranemann and some friends which morphed into Kraftwerk. Joseph Beuys, their professor, invited them to play at one of his performances. The quality of the recordings is better than I expected and the music will appeal to fans of the Nihilist Spasm Band, Airway, etc. Actually, just a really good LP.

Gust de Meyer - Casioworks LP; reissue of a Ding Dong Records tape from 1983. 8 tracks recorded live with only a Casio calculator. Sounds like a mix of primitive synth pop and vintage video game music. The only recordings from this obscure artist who later became a professor. Recommended if you like this type of stuff.

Alberich - Machine Gun Nest LP; powerful industrial and rhythmic noise. I have some more Alberich records but it's not something I play often. This collection reminded me to revisit his other material. Nicely produced mix of industrial, power electronics, techno and ambient. A bit like those Hymen/Ant-Zen records I used to buy in the 90's.

Lucy & Aaron LP - Aaron Dilloway and Lucrecia Dalt collaboration. Sold out pretty fast but I believe a 2nd edition is on the way. Saw some people recommend this here and I have to agree this is a really great record in the vein of the recent loop-based Dilloway LP's. I can't hear a lot of Lucrecia Dalt on side 1 but what she contributes nicely complements the atmospheric, surreal sounds of Dilloway. Best collaboration I heard since a while.

BJ Nilsen - Ore LP; a beautifully packaged picture disc that seems to have escaped most people's attention because it was released on a small label with hardly any distribution. I comes in a die cut sleeve with a large booklet and numbered insert. The sounds on this record are a mix of field recordings and minimal drones for the patient listener. Focussed and strong material. After the first listen I revisited the Short Night and Invincible Cities cd's on Touch that i bought once because they were recommended to me by a good friend and loyal Boomkat follower. It seems Nilsen ended up somewhere between some of the different scenes as his name doesn't seem to get mentioned a lot these days, which is a shame.

Aaron Dilloway & Jeph Jerman - Casual Collisions CD; digipack with nice pictures of the home studios of both artists (I guess). It took me about 5 seconds to decide I needed to buy this reissue of a cdr from 2013 as I'm a big fan of both artists. This cd starts out as a regular Jerman record to my ears, which is a good thing. Slowly some of the typical Dilloway sounds seem to surface and when the record seems to get going it's already finished. To be honest I expected a little more but obviously still worth getting.

Z.O. Voider ‎– Perpendicular Groove CD; saw this announced just when I was digging into Turman's discography. I really like Flux and some of the more accessible later records. This is an old collaboration project from 1988; typical early industrial with elements of Grey Wolves, Le Syndicat, etc. The first half is from an early recording session in 86 and sounds more muffled with a lot of hiss when compared to the second half which was recorded in 88. This sounds like a straight tape transfer and could've maybe used a bit of mastering for this cd release.

Altar Of Flies – Signaler CD; I first played this in the background while working and really liked it.Then I listened to it in my car with more focus and it was still good but a totally different experience somehow. Crumbling soundscapes, field recordings and varied textures nicely mixed and mastered. Sometimes it feels a bit like the sounds are just floating without direction but overall just a great listen that I keep coming back to. And I also like the artwork.

Mlehst – Her Single Desire & Deep Throat And Felching CD's; I have a few Mlehst items in my collection but his vast back catalog is so intimidation I never know where to start when I want to check out some more. These 2 reissues were a welcome starting point for further exploration for me. In my mind Mlehst is one of the bridges between the avant garde (NWW), drone and the noise scenes. The Deep Throat cd is my favorite of the 2 and more in line with the other material I have. The other cd sounds more like conventional harsh noise and could've used some more dynamics or variation.

Kjostad ‎– Knuckle Gash 7"; one of my favorite contemporary noise artists with a nice mixture of some of his typical sound elements with a nice build up on side A and a chunk of metallic junk noise on the other side. Somehow these pieces feel a bit less focussed when compared to his other material, like these are fragments of longer pieces. Nice collage artwork.

Graustich – Irrational Fear 7"; industrial pulsing rhythms, synth noise with some hints of Tesco/Unrest style power electronics. Enjoyable white label 7" with a tiny numbered insert.


One of my last played noise tapes is Citalopramy Shunyata - Countess, released by Narcolepsia. Comes in a ziplock back with black print on a purple paper cover. Bit hard to describe the noise, it's not really harsh or extreme most of the time, but it's good.


Sarin Snow - Twilight Ægis
Dolchstoß - Mourning Cloak

Fascinating how Twilight Ægis and the Dolchstoß promo tapes go back to the traditional format of the demo, with long passages of videosamples filling up the tapes. It's almost it's own genre, just with that added dimension of videosamples blowing out the length of the releases in proportion to the actual tracks. This will surely make them more collectible items one day. When people are trying to pick apart the content, the promo format provides a whole different structure. Sound wise, "Mourning Cloak" comes in brooding and heavy, with a structure focused on building tension; I thought this was reminiscent of Anenzephalia... I've given the Sarin Snow promo multiple listens, keenly anticipating the upcoming LP. And while the project's sound/s seem to have evolved since the initial releases...particularly the vocal delivery, this is something that evades comparisons. The project remains elusive despite successive releases and a growing back catalogue.


L'ECLIPSE NUE "A defective man / Torn spectral lens" CD+3"CD
I have some other stuff of project, and liked what I heard, but never really paid attention. This thing was listened in right time. Live material on 3"CD, album on CD, both packaged into metal-box made for CD. Experimental noise, sometimes wonderfully raw and fierce - like some moments on live 3" - but mostly kind of innovative and "anything can happen" type of experimental industrial noise. Sound itself feels like it would be digitally recorded, but plenty of physical elements. That is my only complaint, that the "color" of noise, especially in live, feels a bit like ZOOM H2 type recording. Clarity, sharpness, etc all there, but little juice missing, hah..

SMELL & QUIM "Bulls Penis Soup" CD
Total Black
I have commented this before, in S&Q topic. Then it was lathe and bandcamp stream format. CD is needed and great to see Total Black doing it. Absolute highlight is one of the most demented and dirtiest noise song of recent times: WE WILL FUCK YOU IN THE ARSE. Absolute classic already now!

CIRCLE OF SHIT "Romance through the body" CD
Oh man! COS just took major leap forward! Disc starts almost like the he'd attempt to move into NWW kind of direction of odd cut ups and tapes, but material will take harsh noise levels into maximum too. Like with L'ECLIPSE NUE, I would recommend final touch be improved by recording on analogue tape. COS cd is almost like little too good to settle for "mixer clipping into digital recorder" -type of sound? If just plugging your gear into tape deck, it would probably be the final nail to settle firmly name among names you should check despite perhaps being turned away by band name, hah...

AHLZAGAILZEHGUH "Music for handicapped ears" CD
Phage tapes
What? Handicapped ears? Ahlza... is pretty much in the cut-up noise perfection. Not too little, not too much, not slow, not too fast. No stutter glitch. No static HWN. Just... all the way in perfect balance of noise satisfaction. 74 mins non stop brilliance.
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Xerxes 1998
Government Alpha side-project CD! Late 90's international collaborating. Sound collage with lots of contributors. I have had this CD since it came out. Was reminded of it when reading Life Without Sex #1 from 2001. Described as musique concrete/cut-up/collaborations. There are harsh noise contributions here too. Good CD!

I have often been advocate of listening noise. I am highly suspicious of artists who just make, and never listen and appreciate other peoples noise to level of fanaticism.
It seems absolute must to stay aware of level of what is actually good, to not just listen your own farts and perhaps your friends. After hearing the best, to make & release even better. Or at least attempt to do so!
I had idea while ago, that instead of just listening other people's work, should I actually try to go through entire Freak Animal catalogue. So... 130 or so CD's? Plus other formats. At the same time, I know that I will like it. For obvious reasons. But going though couple hundred releases? Huh... Idea was that besides having perspective of what is happening right now, it would be good to be aware what you have done. In what way putting out new CD is compared to thing that was done... say 20 years ago?
Well, V/A Degenerating Finland CD (fa-cd-007), that was compiled 1998-1999 or so, and published 2000. It feels like sort of who-is-who of Finn noise of the time. Curiously also everybody is still around. That may tell something about level of commitment of all these guys., Bizarre Uproar, Cloama, Mnem, Moozzhead, all still around! Grunt doing just fine. Pain Nail not only just released 2021 CD, but also next album is completed as well. Order. may have not released much new stuff, but he is around and recording things  a bit. All-Out guy plays in Savage Gospel with mr. Haare. Detonator was member of Sadio and Cloama. Woundead, is back under his original name U.N.D. And put out nice 100 copies LP recently. I.Corax was first real CD appearance of Aural Hypnox related groups! Nicole 12 died in 2011, but the brute behind the project of course still here creating nuisance in Finn noise scene, eh eh..
To me it feels as if this comp would be as good now as it was 20+ years ago. Even worthy of repress!

First FA CD, was sort of failure due technical error. Theoretically good, but technically failed due era was a bit different, hah.. CCCC material was reissued by No Fun prod. CCCC box. I sent Carlos DAT tape that was fucked up on FA's first cd.

2nd CD was AUBE / THE HATERS split CD. Sounding neat still nowadays! It was about 1996 or 1997 when I contacted both guys, Aube and The Haters. I had idea for packaging, and liked what both had done with broken glass sounds (what's not to like?!?). Both guys, masters of their craft, send me DAT tape. Akifumi designed cover and sent me "lazer prints", and paper masters were given to offset printer. Folding and glueing was done by myself, looking pretty good still on todays standards!
Back in 90's doing CD's wasn't that easy and cheap. Especially for guy who wasn't yet even 20!
Aube is here his masterful build-up, from quiet to loud, loops, efx, etc.
Haters is the full on wall of clatter of breaking glass. Actually very high fidelity, clear and massive. It is NOISE, but not the distortion pedal noise, not tape saturation noise... but just massive sharp and splintered glass-breaking noisy! Not sure how mr. GX recorded this, but clearly under influence of joys of wrecking things!

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I have often been advocate of listening noise. I am highly suspicious of artists who just make, and never listen and appreciate other peoples noise to level of fanaticism.

AMEN. I don't listen much noise today as I don't listen to much music in general due to my hearing problems and also due to the fact that I'm stressed with work and noise distracts me when I focus. Something different from the past while non-vocal driven noise was helping me to go faster. BUT when I listen to a noise record now it's like reading a book or watching a movie. I stop and listen, read and focus on that with no distractions. Often listening other projects give me ideas for my own stuff, eaither  to try to avoid repeating what is done or simply the kind of textures that I think could work perfectly in what I do but in a different context.
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Psychward "Abuse & Terror" C20
This latest release demonstrates that anything less than an underground testing chamber is woefully insufficient to hear new noise tapes in; at least for an initial test detonation. As a country, we have the space, we have the capital – but is there a will?    ...Something worthwhile to ruminate as Psychward drags his listeners across 20 minutes on this latest effort. This time given a professional-grade release; the highlight of the object is the logo printed on the tape shell. It is well worth adding to the collection, due to the efforts of the Narcolepsia label's nicely done physical products.
For this written report one can merely attempt to quantize all that's happening in order to represent the dynamic push of this tape. In a nutshell: P-ward offers a new tape of what he does best; that being his signature abstract harsh industrial noise craniectomy. Hyperactive mid-to-high range aggression coming to the fore early on - composite pieces of the sort MSBR used to forge. Signal to noise ratio is completely unsteady: past channel capacity; the rate at which information can be reliably transmitted is long since passed; perpetually off-the-radar noise fuckery. Distorted divebomber-like loops filling up a good long portion of magnetic tape thereafter. Seemingly at the artist's whim, this is paired with abstractly warped cassette speed manipulation – but it works... Surprisingly somewhere in the final "Nine Point Multi-Directional Blade Placed Within (Unable To Retrieve)" A-side track there's some sickly acidotic synth loops slowly catabolizing amidst a cacophony of piercing noise signals. This from the same mad scientist who concocted Morbid Paralysis 7" for Novichok earlier in the year...    But across this whole release there is no fixed point. This tape is choppy bliss. From segment to segment, there's passages of silence, false starts; not so much reminiscent of Rudolf's molecular-level precise cut-ups: but in a much more 'sloppy tape experiment' manner, as is the whole style of the tape... This is why we emphasize the need for a listening-terminal with a largest possible noise-channel audio capacity to be selected as a test site for this release. No Dolby!