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SEWAGE/SEWER ELECTION - From lilla Paris to Björngatan in Full Moon
I keep returning to this CDR once every couple of years. It's not one of Sewer Election's more famous releases (I think), but people should give it more love. Their half of the split is just one, long track. White noise, harsh noise, noise-noise. There's some kind of music in there, and it sounds very much like Joy Division, but I have no idea. The track is solid, that's the point. Developing and unfolding in unexpected directions. Unfortunately my CD walkman keeps jamming up every now and then during this track, which might be because I used to have this in my car as I drove to and fro work in another life. Sewage is also great, it's crap that he didn't continue. Really over-the-top, cut to pieces Japanese japanoise from Japan. Titles like "When I open the window" and "S Force Demo". A few completely incongruous drum hits - a snare, a hi-hat, a brief beat. Then more noise insanity. The front cover is pink with a nude woman holding the moon, and the Eiffel Tower is featured on several places outside and inside the typical L-white A5 cover. It's like a sweeter, less offensive Freak Animal cover, if that makes any sense. In the words of Big Mack Deluxe: This is fucking awesome.
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#8521 split tape
Bought this classic as a treat for myself, a definate classic in my books! showcases their trademarks we all know and love. Vocals gets really wild on Project Eden, cover of Grunt. I probably never get tired of Tonis frantic vocals with that unique sound of his. Both artists cover one song of others, and they both work so damn well!  Grunt does Strom classic 'Victory is A Question of Stamina". It is a more lower tone, murkier version of the original. Highly enjoyable. Overall this tape reflects of the time before the huge Finnish noise boom, when things were still a bit more under the covers also the times when I started to discover power electronics and industrial music. Times when everything seemed mystical. Neverthless, a tape worth owning, happened to get a tape in absolutely MINT condition too!

Lettera 22 - "Surface Ego" tape
Lettera 22 has a totally unique sound and way to do their business. This time around material is mostly slowly crackling, near sound collage type of work. Sounds of tape being reeled forward and backward. Snippets of different sounds which source I am unable to indentify. Yet this all weave together into a perfect package of abstract noise.

Sigrblot - "Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest)" CD
Black metal perfection.


Been suffering heavily from noise fatigue the last few weeks. The only music I've been able to stand has been old Blue Note jazz of the less wild kind (Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter, Eric Dolphy  etc). But last night I gave the new MARANATA CD on WCN a chance, Tarmac. Not the type of noise you'd expect from WCN, but then that wasn't exactly the case with Altar Of Flies and K.M. Toepfer either. Great to see Oskar betting on some stranger horse breeds. Tarmac blends saxomaphone shriek-and-blurt with electronics both analog and digital. Fun stuff, but nerve-shredding and tense, too. The second track in particular will mess with your head by means of mean textures and twitching sax-vs-scorch duels. Great disc, and a grower, I'm sure.

Playing right now is the UMPIO - Acquired Tastes DCD. The latest WCN Afterblast episode featuring Tommy Carlsson briefly dealth with kids and noise. My daughter usually don't care at all, but she always responds with joy to the first few minutes of any Umpio I put on. Brilliant double disc, this one, and for being an odds-and-ends affair, it feels rather coherent as a whole as well.


Did you guys noticed is your  "Surface Ego" tape other channel mute?


Quote from: piisti on July 13, 2022, 11:19:30 AM
Did you guys noticed is your  "Surface Ego" tape other channel mute?

Mine is just fine.


There are some copies that have this problem. I got now 2 here that should be returned to label or something.... 3 out of 7 tapes had dubbing defect...
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Maligna Cerebra - misc recordings

Random instragram find. Early beginnings I assume but the potential is there. Atrax Morgue/diseases/mental illness inspired stuff. Not bad, I'll be paying attention.

xCxFxBx - Odour Of Necrotic Seepage

Is Breathing Problem just a goregrind/gorenoise label now? Either way this is good. Nasty as shit.


S.B.O.T.H.I. "Last" LP.
Solid transparent vinyl without labels. "Clumsy" electro-acoustic brutality, that doesn't feel academic, but something else. Underground noise way of approaching art music.

Smell & Quim / Expose your Eyes 8" lathe.
I feel as if I just listened this while ago? Well, its not like you can listen too much of Smell & Quim! Odd noise and weird humour on this lathe all the way.

Factor X "directions" LP,
same about this. I wonder if it was just while ago (say year, couple,... ) I listened this or do I remember wrong? The charming tape manipulation noise/experimental. Name of this artist came up with new Mlehst episode of Noisextra. Very recommended episode to check out. Early Factor X was very much about cutting tape. Physical cut ups, weird collages, odd sounds, noisy, but not all the way harsh by current day standards. This LP has extensive amount of experimental vocal stuff. Humming, "singing", whatever, mixed within cut up tape noises. I like it. It is like greatest examples of type of noise that is not done anymore, as far as I know. Perhaps one reason is that... how to sell or even -spread- this? If you say macro style brutal harsh noise, or GO style heavy electronics, icy drones, whatever, you got some sort of audience....  If you got just odd piece of almost undefined weirdness... what is the crowd for it? Hard to say. It is really good LP!

Nova Akropola LP
is great, and full of classics, Boji / Sila / Brat Moj 12" on L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords is perhaps even better. more abstract. When you think same label put out within year or two, C93, Rober Haigh, NWW, Coil, Organum, Hafler Trio and so on... Many times it feels odd to associate Laibach with all the way way more obscure names, since it seems everybody knows Laibach, the other names, you got to be somehow initiated to experimental industrial genre.
Besides liking early Laibach for purely musical merits, I like the cross-over art project nature of it, and pushing experimental sound to new unprepared audiences. Idea that industrial could be more. It makes one also wonder what if C93 or Organum or NWW was on MUTE back then, what could have been cultural impact? Who knows. It is inspiring idea that odd abstract noisy sound could sometimes benefit from being pushed into new, bigger audiences.

LHD "Curtains" CD
Double flame thrower harsh blast of how this was described? I have mentioned many times, that sometimes you don't really the the good things happening right in front of you. Hunting down old classics or thinking what new obscurities you have not noticed. Sure I did always appreciate Troniks/Pac Rec, and I certainly have bigger collection of these than most other labels. Perhaps already because of the massive output, so having even 20% of discography, would be massive. I probably have way more than that. Anyways, when good stuff keeps flooding in, it's taken almost as granted, but not perhaps articulated that even this cheap cardsleeve cover large run midprice noise disc, is probably better than hundreds of "obscure hard to find" items one craves for, hah..  Especially by the end of disc, it gets really restless, dynamic and full of energy.
So if worried of missing some recent small edition noise releases. If you're missing some older LHD, can be good idea to grab them instead. Note that this was re-issued not long ago as part of LHD "In Mono"!

Ättestupa "1867" 12"
I have kind of love/hate releationship with thing I may sometimes call "indienoise". I just bought BLOD LP on Discreet Music (swe) and I was fully convinced it is THE Blod. But it wasn't. What an atrocious experience!
I would consider Ättestupa to be sort of "indie noise", hehe.. It has enough of musical side, a bit of neat haircut and all that, but at the same time, really good stuff. I guess I do have pretty complete set of Ättestupa stuff.

Reijo Pami "Dreaming of being a tampon" LP
one of these Finn artists that you associate with Lal Lal Lal and that type of things. More amusing thing is, that big sister of artists was minister in finnish government at the time. I don't know how many noise artists would have family members in highest level of politics, yet still put out kind of demented bizarre noise art? Reijo Pami is neat, kind of lo-fi, odd and bizarre recordings that most of time you keep wondering why this stuff is pressed on LP, and those thoughts mix with thinking it is so great there is LP that is so lo-fi, so low-tech, so unexplained, just odd... that one could almost recommend it to guys who like H.Ö.H., but perhaps with ironic eyeglasses and moustache?  There may be a bit to chew for boneheaded PE/harsh noise freaks, but it is really one of less recognized things in Finn experimental scene one should try to get and appreciate.
One of most demented moments of Reijo Pami Lp is field recordings of city where you can hear Iron Maiden play arena gig?!

SLOGUN "Let me show you how" LP
I got pretty strict policy of nothing for collecting, everything for listening purposes. I think I have had double copy of this for quite some time. Well... since it came out. I kept special edition unopened, but that is total disgrace, so today it was on turntable, like any good noise record should be.
I think most of the Slogun fans tend to like the first album they heard the most? At least I got that impression. Perhaps it is also related to era when bigger amount of people got exposed to his work? Many times, if someone would ask what my favorite is, it could be Kill to Forget, or Written in Blood (I was quite surprised to hear from John he accepted that deal because Grunt had made tape on same label!). They were not the first ones I heard, though!
Now that I listened this Let Me Show How, it is 2004 album, and objectively thinking it may actually be as good, if not better than two formerly mentioned? All things of this era of Slogun is there. Multi layered electronic noise, up-front screamo vocals. Attention for both noise and the vocals. Album as a whole is like Slogun albums here tend to be... each track is strong and powerful, but as a album, feels like track after another, not creating some sort of bigger feel how it would be distinctively different from other albums with bunch of powerful tracks. Not really negative remark.
While I could not necessarily tell which Slogun album is playing if someone played random track, I am pretty sure I would know it is Slogun in matter of seconds. This is admirable quality in noise. Probably have to grab some other Slogun titles into playlist soon...

Had Crawl of Time "Operation Black Widow" CD probably since it came out, listened and filed on shelves. Now returning to it, material feels stronger than earlier impressions. Perhaps also listening his WCN podcast interview, it gives a bit context there. Sonically it has good pretty harsh angle there besides heavy electronics synths and rhythms. When in interview mentioning he finally found his own voice, meaning the delivery of vocals - it is indeed better than a lot of "shout as loud as you can" -type of vocals. Spoken voice with tasteful processing gives often darker feel, but also variety that it ain't the same thing, but changed from song to another.
There is not that huge amount of Crawl of Time stuff, but I got to check what all I did have...

On the reading, old issue of Judas Kiss. Curious Whitehouse interview where he talks about planning 3rd Archive CD, that would be focusing on all things Philip Best, except his work with Ramleh. It was mentioned also unreleased old works would be there...  His comment about planned (but I assume cancelled) Anthology vol 3 made me want to listen previous anthologies.

Vol 2 CD, it is fierce experience indeed. 77 minutes long, includes 2nd COME LP, some tracks pulled from Ilse Koch LP, MB album. I got them all as originals, so this anthology is kind of obsolete... but in other hand isn't.
I got all my originals from Japan. I may have mentioned before, but there was insane incident in Grunt 2005 Japan tour. I had just released 5 different Grunt LP's, in edition of 100 each. I had brought maybe 20 each to this tour and older Japanese guy approaches me, pulls out both Come LP's and Ramleh "Hand of Glory" 7" and asks would I trade these 1:1 to Grunt LP's. Sir, yes sir!  MB and Ilse LP's found elsewhere in Japan.
This comp is of course not obsolete, due perfect master tapes to CD transfers, tasteful lay-out and the over the top pompous Bennett liner notes. Man known his worth, hehe...
First Come track (A-side) is quite sucky. Another track is good. NWW, Consumer Electronics, MB all gold.
Just couple of days ago I visited Bennetts blog and seems like new Cut Hands about to be released and I suppose more WH reissue to come. I really like the new CD presses of Whitehouse. I tried *not* to get them, as I have other versions... but when seeing the booklets, thought that the little 7mm slice they take on CD shelves, I will have them too...
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VHRIL - Vortex Psysynthesis, CD
Six years after mentioning getting this album I am finally around to write about it (last time the CD walkman had broken down). In the end, there's not much to say after all. This is incredibly good. Much like any really effective musique concrete-ritual-atmospheric stuff, the basic point is that it sounds like something you might record yourself, except you don't know exactly how it was done and you will in fact never do it. The dreaminess, the darkness, the power of Vril ("it's like chi, but racist" to quote a famous meme), it all adds up. Some lazy synth, some slightly more "brutal" stuff... I am a huge fan of most Xane material I've heard, but this particular project I didn't actually get my hands on until it was re-released by Old Captain in 2016. It was one of my better purchases ever, I would say, and as far as I remember I paid very little for it. If you don't have this one, you'll want to buy it.

As a postscript I now note that Discogs has banned the album from sale, which is too retarded to even comment upon. I would guess it's still available from Old Captain somehow, though.
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Quote from: FallOfNature on July 15, 2022, 09:31:30 AM
xCxFxBx - Odour Of Necrotic Seepage

Is Breathing Problem just a goregrind/gorenoise label now? Either way this is good. Nasty as shit.

Ha! I've thought the same thing recently. Will check this out.


Linija Mass, lots of Linija Mass. Going through the collection of this and related projects and it is all really really good. Metal clanging and factory sounds just the way we like it!


Listening Dijkstra LP yesterday, and I thought it was just while ago on my turntable. Well, seems like just few months ago, and impressions were the same:

Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on April 28, 2022, 09:26:44 AM
Raymond Dijkstra "L'opus ch" LP
Everybody loves Raymond? This lp has really eerie soundscapes, mistreated piano, delay tricks, very simple but effective technology, resulting good things... My assumption is that this artists is appreciated by handful of guys who will grab ultra limited hand made items from him, but vast majority of people don't pay attention?
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AKTI Records

Just swapped some records with Keränen and got Raymond Dijkstra La Philosophie Des Chiottes LP from him. Haven`t listened to it yet and kinda forgot that I had it but now I feel like I must play it... been watching movies more now and less music but still some good stuff has circulated through my tape deck like for example:

The Spring Room Sessions by Jazzhand & Amek-Maj
This one I liked a lot, but took some time to digest. I feel like I have this thing with many noise releases... Jazzhand had this malfunctioning sound which was interesting. I like his approach to noise. Amek-Maj being great as always. To me he is one of the best and most productive noisemaker atm. 

Fashionably Late For The Apocalypse by L$D Fundraiser
I`ve listened to this like what? 20 times? Only keeps getting better and better. Industrial feel to it wth some repetitive synth themes, tape fuckery, toy soldier percussions & feedback. I`m pretty convinced that the best music at the moment comes from NZ. (stuff like P.Wits, No Label releases in general, Long Comfortable Screw Against The Wall labels tapes, Maxine Funke, Antony Milton`s stuff in general, Pumice etc.)

Euro Trash Bazooka

Quote from: AKTI Records on July 19, 2022, 10:46:18 PM
La Philosophie Des Chiottes LP

"chiotte" is the vulgar name for "toilet" in French. Such a title makes that LP a must hear I guess haha.



THIRDORGAN "Jinzoningen" LP
This Thirdorgan LP totally slays, and it is hard to say why exactly Thirdorgan is so rarely hailed among greats of Japanese noise? I guess it's for example Noisextra crew who keeps mentioning it, occasional comment on noise forums... but seems like it remains in shadow of many other names.
This LP, if you don't know what it is, think of 1997, where early 90's Merzbow harsh noise blends with early 90's busy Monde Bruits sound. Not sure exactly what pedal it is that makes these very Monde Bruits type of sounds here? Everything is very fast, very electric, very sharp, but also harsh. There is neat dynamic variation where he seems to manually adjust volume, not always blast at highest possibly volume, but tweak sound lower, and then hit hard again. It's like the Merzbow panning tricks of 90's, were sound warps, spins and shakes in ways that nobody does in contemporary noise. When thinkining of this ear of Thirdorgan, it makes me also think the harsh noise era of Putrefier. There are odd links there too. Andy Bolus has made some art for this Thirdorgan, and he also has links to Putrefier.
I meet the Thirdorgan at one of his UK tours. I have very vague memories what all was discussed, but I remember when we talked about some bizarre Japanese "movies", and I mentioned about one particular dvd of Soft on Demand company, Japanese guys looked at eachother, one says the name with vastly heavier japanese accent and both burst into laughter. SOD did a lot of regular things, but at most deranged bizarro creations, they had releases that surprised even me at the time for being so weird.

TNB/Organum 12"
I guess it is no secret there is book about The New Blockaders under work. At least I heard of it from couple sources. It should be done by, ehmm.. proper author. This might set it to new standard that is not present in some noise books?
It is actually curious, how little TNB I have seen on this group. Also when people listing their favorites at WNC or talk in Noisextra, it is not very often when TNB comes into discussion. Same with Special Interest magazine "The Essentials". People of all ages and countries, listing top-10 influential things and it is fairly rarely when TNB was there. But at the same time, band is like THE name in the noise. It is not many who have had so many noise artists do tribute remixes and stuff like that. Band really had high impact on noise history, but... for currently active noise generation? Who knows.
For my horror, I noticed this 12" was still in PVC sleeve, but no damage done. Sounds clear and hiss-free, painful but elegant screeching noise.

NON "Blood & Flame" LP
Another classic I don't see so often being influence for contemporary noise guys, is NON. Perhaps as his most vital stuff is so damn ancient, and in later days man is much more known for other things than producing inspiring abstract noise albums...  This one is really good one. Neat combinations of eerie and noisy loops, creating dark slow paced industrial-noise tracks. A lot of them too, but not too short. It always makes me think these days, are there "big labels" who would push noise to larger audience? Like there was Relapse, Mute, and such. Putting out mainly other type of things, but with resources and distribution networks they had, pushing noise releases forward too...  I guess it is matter of physical format being tough to move for big labels, that no challenges are needed?

Merzbow "collection" 10xCD box
Very early days 10x tape series of 1981 racket, free noizu mess, clatter and random chaos. Well, I thought I'll start with Merzbow and managed to listen first 7 CD's before workday was over. This era of Merzbow is not my favorite, but it ain't bad. So far half of one CD only was like "come on Masami! Try at least", haha... It is more about the mass of collection here, than if any particular thing stands out. I guess it will be that disc that was released as stand-alone LP by Urashima. 3 more discs to go through today!
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