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Zeno Marx

Converter - Exit Ritual 2003

I find this album to be confused.  It doesn't know what it wants to be.  If I haven't said it in the past (I think I have), this guy does death industrial as well as anyone who has ever done it.  It's too bad it wasn't his primary focus.  This album is loaded with quality death industrial, but it also has accessible, or poppy non-poppy, electronic tracks that interrupt it all.  I'm sure that could drive death industrialists a little batty, and I bet the rhythmic noise folk are fine with him limiting the death industrial tracks to the front and back.  Since I like his various styles, I don't mind his usual mixing at all.  It's the oddball tracks that throw me off here; with tones that hint at Roedelius meeting Konono No.1 for a pint.  That's a stretch, but they aren't his usual hard-hitting crunchers either.
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I only buy vinyl, d00ds.

impulse manslaughter

Secret Apex cd on Satatuhatta (reissue of cassette) is 100% killer. Great layered and textured drones, noise, field recordings.


AUTOEROTICHRIST "Bondage Morningstar" 2xtape
Hospital productions
Really good harsh noise blasting. I got the metal plate with hammered lettering, neat artworks and long tapes.

ROGUE STATE "State 213" 4-tape box
Hospital productions
Short tapes in 7" "reel box", with bunch of inserts. Neat sound in noise, and also variation in tracks.

PRURIENT "Tiger smells a corpse" 3xtape
Pretty harsh 2012 recordings of Prurient put into oversized envelope, PVC triple tape box with all sorts of Prurient trademark graphics and song titles.

ROTAT 7"lathe +tape box
I actually listened the Private III -tape several times, before realizing this box has that tape + the lathe. Lathe has really good sound on it too. Finnish harsh noise, for lovers of keeping it brutal and nasty, but perhaps sleaze and odd opposed to dark!

UBOA "The Origin Of My Depression & The Sky May Be" 2xtape
I mentioned in couple of places that this project is pretty good but no physical releases. I just looked it wrong way. Individual bandcamp albums were issued already couple years ago as doubt tape on Cipher! Sold couple, one copy that been for a while at pile of special packaged tapes, finally found its way to tape deck today.  
It's the post-noise of some sort. At times contemporary cut up harsh noise meets digital sound treatments not even very far of some Dave Phillips, but any given moment, it may escalate into depressive screamo vocals over dramatic orchestral drones or something. The Origins of My Depression has almost like singer-songwriter stuff and... kind of drone-stoner rock thrown along noise.
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Been going through wide variety of over-sized, multiple tape set, cdr's, and so on... It is occasionally brutal to see how time flies. Items you feel you "just received", are... old. Finding something from bottom of the box of stuff and realize they've been there for yearS. Or having been listening some podcast thinking I never heard of this artists, and then having his tape(s) laying around for months...  And some stuff just goodies that have been there for a while waiting right moment.

Absurd Exposition
Short but sweet. I was recently listening longer recording of his, but AFA works also in short format. Blasting harsh noise, that is kind of cut up, but not "contemporary cut up" so to say. It has feel of the traditional thick and heavy American harsh noise, while being also skillfully played pedal abuse.

TED BYRNES "All hands" tape
Absurd Exposition
Fast paced percussion, with saturated and blown out distortion sound. I would actually prefer less of boomy and blurry distortion as man is percussionist and not just smashing objects, so nuance and detail of object sound could be clearer than the distortion.

Submersive productions
Hand and Knee and bunch of other projects, most I have barely heard by name. I know this guy has worked with Macronympha and bunch of others, but also his metal project Thorned did almost surprisingly good stuff. Occasionally harsh, sometimes drone, all sorts of noisy things and I like the feel of having no real connection to how feel about anyone. Just like old days listening obscure compilation, and even if it would not be future classic - it was sign that there is something going on there you may have to keep your eyes & ears on..

HAND AND KNEE "contradiction" CDR
Submersive productions
Handmade / painted envelopes, very cheap, reminding specific era of Deadline stuff, where everything seemed to be thrown together fast and cheap, with probably not much thought if it look good in traditional sense. There is some decent harsh noise here, some less abrasive stuff too, but overall feel is good in a way that it doesn't seem like stuff you buy. I suppose it was for sale, but just meaning that it is unlikely you'd have this in webstore of some bigger industrial/noise dealer. It has strong direct-from-artist vibe to it, which adds to charm of release.
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Zeno Marx

Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Pit Piccinelli - Amazonia 6891

This thing had me all over the place.  A little Jorge Reyes pre-Hispanic.  A little Bernard Fort ornithology.  A little minimalist synth percolation.  A little Francisco Lopez La Selva and Addy era.  Electro-acoustic and field recordings.  I've never heard of Walter Maioli.  I sampled a couple other things, and they're all quality like this.
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


Digging back through Bereft's discography. Lots of strong material yet rarely spoken about these days.

Killing Time - Brightside
Came across this in the wild and wasn't leaving it behind. Rugged hardcore with strong metal overtones. Few filler tracks but some decent chest beating angry shit on side A.


After Narcolepsia episode on WCN podcast, picked up couple of labels tapes.
Might be my favorite TORBA tape. He did stuff before, and after, but this particular tape made impact on me and for reason or another, if someone would ask me where to start, it could be "tape on Narcolepsia"!
Unclean tape on Narcolepsia. This Finn band did his early works on F&V label. I got all the promo tapes back then, but I felt then, and I felt each time I heard thing that "he can do better!". So not willing to put out stuff, but wait the moment he does what I think he can. Now, for years, there are multiple decent releases on many labels, Finland and abroad. Decent Finn-filth to listen to, but couple recent live shows have indicated he is indeed still getting better and worth to keep ears open for future recordings...

Dead Body Love tape "disasterland" tape
Lazy Squid rec
good stuff! There is surprisingly many moments of blown-out music bits there, but really good nevertheless.

I was listening Steward Skinner WCN podcast and he mentioned Murder Corporation as one of those guys.... Hmm.. how it was said? Well, I guess somehow in way that for him you can accept some b/w murder xeroxes and it'll work. Yes it does!
It just made me really want to grab couple MC releases from shelves and listen to them.

Murder Corporation "Caution" tape
Murder Corporation "Carbonized" tape

both on Murder Release, in large pcv boxes.
Both are the very charming kind of lo-fi blown out crude harsh industrial noise. Not really PE, more taking early days MB into harsh noise territory. Back in the 90's Murder Release was spreading MB tapes to people, before the official reissues started to happen.

I think the thing they talked about rare noise tapes on the episode, that there is that charm about ultra rare tapes. I think I have never paid even 10e for noise tape till this day!  Only reason that I have them, is that happened to be around when it was happening.  Some A.M.B.  or Murder Cororation, I think notion of rare wasn't considered back then? It is more like that tapes what are rare now, were the tapes very few cared, and thats why they are rare now? I recall in Noisextra episode, Murder Corporation was asked how come one classic tape was edition of "6", and it was because that was amount of orders he got.
Yep. Imagine my level of regret, being in touch with M.C. and doing trades with him, and NOT buying entire discography? At the time, lack of money for sure, but also, it would be curious to know how many guys realized entire discography of M.C. is worth having plus that they actually got it? If there is serious M.C. collectors, I'd like to see them post pics!
Talking of "hard to get" tapes, I recall also good moment, when I asked Marco Corbelli what's the price if I order 1 of each Slaughter prod tape. He replied in letter than please no! Only 3 tapes at maximum, as every tape is dubbed real speed from DAT master and buying all is too big order to dub. Slaughter tapes... I don't have them all. Just some tapes I managed to buy, little by little..

NP/THIRDORGAN collab tape.
The best looking one of the trilogy. I suppose NP is one of those hidden secrets of Japanese noise, that was around since like... 1985 or something, and worked with bunch of legendary names.. but when you hear anyone mention NP? This collab is great special packaging, metal box with molded/welded metal artwork and... well not sure even how to describe it in english words. Special packaging what looks actually good and also labor heavy?! Inside is C-60 METAL tape, that is not filled entirely, but probably around 50 mins of sound. And what sound?! Just brilliant harsh noise. Especially NP side has those demented vocals, which could be worthy of discussion, probably have to start elsewhere.. Noise with weird vocals. Buried deep. I have to check what was already covered in older SI topic about noise with vocals. This one has seriously odd vocals on N.P. side.

AFter that one, passed tape shelves and from two random place spotted PRELEST and NIGHT WOLF tapes. Perhaps some sort of sign to see them both, among wall of tapes, so decided to pull them for listening session. What is common thing with these, is not the sound, but perhaps that the makers are well known in other fields of music? I assume it is not secret, since people seem to know and there is discogs...   Prelest is project of mastermind of Mgla, which is fairly well known Black Metal band. Some may know that before that, back in 90's he was doing death industrial and power electronics, and that was how I first got to know him. Prelest is new works, modular synth, samples, buried vocals... I suppose if you drop names like Atrax Morgue meets Anenzephalia, the guy behind project probably nods and says that's about right.  His background in industrial-noise probably contributed to how bleak and dark his "metal" works are.
Same can be said about Night Wolf. Man well known of dark and negative hardcore unit Kickback, you could perhaps see that interest in fierce noise may have lead his hardcore works to be something else than life affirming youthcrew stuff. Mentality of deranged noisy power electronics was in the music, but also audible on this tape. Good stuff, hopefully one day more!

Zeitkratzer - Whitehouse electronics CD, this is all acoustic music, sometimes amplified. 11 member line-up playing live instrumental pieces of Whitehouse songs, sort of re-arranged. Really good ones, like Zeitkratzer tends to be. Not sure how many listen their stuff or Reinhold Freidls solo stuff? Some of the best things in "contemporary art music" what I know of.

Zeitkratzer "KORE" CD
It is hard to say what exactly is THE best of the group, but for those into pretty massive and noisy stuff, this one is really good. Reinhold Friedl composition played by Zeitkratzer and it is massive and loud, and highly textural. Almost like avalanche of barely "musical" orchestration.

Militia archive collection CD
contains War Against Society, Kingdom of our lord mCD plus familiedrama 7" with Con-Dom and Laura Maes. For me, among very best of the style and sound I most associate with what "industrial" to sound like. Even if they are not along early protagonist by any means. Started in the 80's and finally made name in mid 90's onwards. Some of absolute best percussions and eerie synth sounds. I got all the stuff as originals, but this comp is too good to not have it...
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Bloated Slutbag

Tangential to some of the idea(l)s on which Stewart Skinner opined in the last WCN episode, I grabbed the new digital-only reissue of Knurl's Tetramatrix tape (1994). Tetramatrix was for me at the time a perfect, and perfectly nasty, piece of harsh blistering scorchery. The pure stuff, through and through. This was Mr Bloor in his early "take away everything that we consider musical" stage. The transitional point was quite marked, and probably came about around four years later, when Knurl started to explore a fuller flush of the frequency spectrum, not to mention the possibilities of a more through-composed flow. And with this reissue, which was remastered for the event, Knurl duly renders a more robust and fully flushed sound. I like it, it's an interesting take on what for me Tetramatrix always represented, but at least in terms of HARSH, it is undeniably lacking against the sheer raw power of the original: ninety-three minutes of unutterably vicious earhole battery, no compromises (and perhaps of comparatively little concern for a supposed audience).

Of course, as this forum has taught me, if any one aspect of Knurl's (primarily earlier) sound has ever come in for criticism, it has been on this very point. So I'd wonder if the "refurbishment" comes as much from Mr Bloor's own evolving preferences (I'm inclined to imagine so) as from feedback he's encountered over the years (a not entirely discountable possibility). Maybe he should talk to Stewart Skinner.
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Stroker - Jump Street CS

More dirty and harsh stuff from Stroker. Starts with the sounds of a demented and cackling children's video blown to shit. Matches the childish and disjointed collage art well. Soon after comes the bass soaked noise to expect from the project. The noise is broken up by strange pitched down voice samples, what sounds like movie dialogue, and even some football commentary. Heavy noise.


Eigen Bast

AFATEF - Slower Traffic Keep Right - CS - Dada Drumming 2022
high octane texas supremacy. What else is there to say? Two of the best to do it delivering a blisteringly fast sustained burst of harsh. In and out. Soundtrack to speeding across the state line.

Serration/Agonal Lust - A Razor at the Throat of Mankind - CS - Cloister 2022
Well executed split of heavy power electronics. Massive low end, memorable vocals, confident and potent material. I am still kicking myself for missing the fest but this'll do!

Mo*te - Regulate Body Temperature - CD - Rural Isolation Project 2022
An unexpected but welcome surprise, new Mo*te is always an instant purchase. 40 minutes across 4 tracks, wonderful stuff. Reminds me of the works on "Throw a Stone" to a degree; truly psychedelic layering of rhythmic elements and rumbling churn.


Autumn playlist:

Jonathan Briley – Complete Works

Fantastic collection, this has been spinning a lot all year. The sheer range of materials is impressive, essential.

Atrax Morgue – From degeneration to degeneration

Another essential box, most of the early Slaughter releases compiled in a wooden box with lots of documentation.

Frozen Flesh Order - Extra Terrestrial Terrorism

Mid-tempo black metal with vibrato/distortion "alien abduction" vocals, I know some people hate this but I think it is charming.

V/A Batongen

Tape comp from 1986, never gets old. Mostly Swedish experimental cut up noise stuff, always entertaining.

Merzbow - Hard Lovin´Man

I keep coming back to this one for some reason... mostly for track two, something about the loops he uses on this one and the droning ambient part sets it apart.


Lately, HEAVY SYNTHESIZERS has been what I want. Music that is bassy, thick, and not afraid of phasers. In addition to revisiting familiar artists in this vein, like GO, KEVLAR, Shift, Serration, Climax Denial, IFOTS etc, I have listened to a fair bit of Sarin Snow. It's pretty good shit. Sometimes I wish the vocals were less effected, it takes away some of their potency I think. Nevertheless, the project often satisfies that need for heavy synth action. Natural Architecture and Deus Vult both hit that spot.

Any other recent or old heavy duty synth projects I might have missed? Suggestions very welcome.
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Euro Trash Bazooka

Quote from: TS on October 18, 2022, 05:08:57 PM
Any other recent or old heavy duty synth projects I might have missed? Suggestions very welcome.

Shameless plug:



Quote from: TS on October 18, 2022, 05:08:57 PM
Any other recent or old heavy duty synth projects I might have missed? Suggestions very welcome.

The ZSS live albums are great if you like GO.


Quote from: Balor/SS1535 on October 19, 2022, 06:53:08 AM
Quote from: TS on October 18, 2022, 05:08:57 PM
Any other recent or old heavy duty synth projects I might have missed? Suggestions very welcome.

The ZSS live albums are great if you like GO.

Yeah, listening to Spectacle Of The Triumph now and plenty of deep, nasty grinding synth.