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Contortus - Truncated 3" CD

Neatly packed and presented package, with trademark harsh lyrics of Contortus. Usually Contortus sounds very cutting and sadistic. On this release sound is more lower end and had this feeling of ultimate sadistic dominating. It is s pleasure to listen to at high volumes to really dig those deeps out. Gives very strong feelings and paints a picture of a messy basement and a hopeless bound victim. Even though lyrics are mostly about severing limbs, not so much about abuse. I guess that's my own minds addition... Anyways, a very solid release, that stands out from Contortus discographgy.

Hamilton Mist - The Age of Shadows CD

From the latest IOPS batch, Hamilton Mist is ambient album with very and dense soundscape. The booklet has images of frail skinny women, silk thin mist covering the fragile beauty or presence, the album portrays in form of sound. Droning ambient is almost Eno like atmospheres. Very unexpected material from IOPS label, but also very welcome. In a sense it has distant echoes of N12 feelings, but only very distant. The microcosmos Hamilton Mist wraps the listener is highly engaging, even though very little is happening. Towards end more textured sounds emerge from the radiance.


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Hamilton Mist - The Age of Shadows CD

From the latest IOPS batch, Hamilton Mist is ambient album with very and dense soundscape. The booklet has images of frail skinny women, silk thin mist covering the fragile beauty or presence, the album portrays in form of sound. Droning ambient is almost Eno like atmospheres. Very unexpected material from IOPS label, but also very welcome. In a sense it has distant echoes of N12 feelings, but only very distant. The microcosmos Hamilton Mist wraps the listener is highly engaging, even though very little is happening. Towards end more textured sounds emerge from the radiance.

This got me interested. I mentioned in Kristian Olsson topic, that it's rare to find (dark)ambient music that is actually interesting. Whether it's themes or sounds.


Atrophist "Necrofuturism" (Rupu Tapes)

Enjoyed this tape a lot. My second listen since getting it a while back, this time around listened with a closer ear. I love when a tape feels like its from the heart and not overdone or contrived. This has that feeling - like the artist is simply showcasing what he does- not exhausting typical tropes, themes, or sound styles. Its harsh and heavy, but also uses a lot of interesting sounds, and even has elements which sound haunted and other-worldly almost. Side B has insane vocals. Highly recommend!

Tinnitustimulus - "Rat Piss On Cotton" (Cruel Symphonies)

Fluid harsh noise, lot of activity without sounding too "busy" or over-edited. Nicely layered, and sounds like combination of tape machine + synthesizers - could be way off - but the sound sources really land well, analog-sounding and possessed with a sort of semi-autistic skill. Especially like the erratic attack of Side A, but Side B comes in with thunderous wall of hash noise that really hits the spot. Overall great.

Citalopram Shunyata - "Countess" (Narcolepsia)

I like this tape more than the few others releases I have, including the split with The Rita. Long-form sort of harsh noise.. not an insane amount of activity, but it makes all movements that much more impactful. Want to say its almost "minimal" but then picks up in certain areas where seems like there is tape machine scrambling/bizarro sound attacks which I love. Good stuff.

Semänat / Oorchach "Ignis Fatuus" split (Apport!)

Got this in a trade with Povilas when we played together in Latvia. I don't have much in my collection by way of this sort of "cold world" industrial (unfortunately). A distinct sound, and it actually has more of the sort of vibe that I instinctively imagine when I think of "industrial music". Call me an idiot, but the split  is paired so perfectly - Side A and Side B sort of absorb into one sonic entity after getting lost in the drawn out industrial soundscapes.. could almost be mistaken as same artist! There is tasteful use of "beats" here but not like Nitzer Ebb or Test Dept, more like Einleitungszeit, just way less blown-out / heavy. Really enjoyed this tape, unexpectedly.. need to hunt down more of this sort of sound.

Sadio - "Sadio" (Kult Of Nihilow)

Part of the "Kärsimyksen Mytologia - Rappeutumisen Alkemia" series. Raw, blistering frequencies with crashing junk sounds and maniacal vocals. Perfect recipe for optimal results. Very much "live" sort of sound - and really sounds like its recorded straight-to-tape sort of thing, but in best way. Only complaint is SHOULD BE LONGER!! Could listen to 60 minutes of this. Sadio never disappoints. Ace.

Macronympha - "Unreleased Material 92-93" (Advaita Records)

Not exactly sure the story of this tape. Looks like a Roemer release as its just his contact inside j-card. Tape goes into interesting territory with some really far-out, psychedelic droning parts with subdued low-end, and over-saturated crunch (signature Macro) but really really subdued to point of almost broken sound. Trance breaks with nice junk metal parts and other weird transitions including odd samples. A nice psychedelic ride through heavenly harsh Macro mastery.

Tantric Death - "Twin Splitting In Utero" (Tribe Tapes)

Barinchild of Tribe Tapes label Head. On this tape there is some collaborative participation by other noisers like Slacking and Hand & Knee. In a way, has something about it that sounds very "American". Maybe it is the tape-sound akin to Macronympha, or the sound source oddities that pop up which are attached to a lot of current "weirdo" US noise projects. Well made, carefully mixed and heavy where it should be. Need to get some more stuff by this project.


I recall Macronympha tape story is that it was demo sent to GROSS label? And never released as-is. Advaita had some other releases that came from archives of Akifumi Nakajima.

Sadio tape was recorded around time split LP releases were done. Some similar material is found from those two splits.
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Apes Clog Snag

Emil Beaulieau – Dedicated To Richard Rupenus cd (Pure)
Sixth track, that evolves slower but is still quite raw, ends up being very memorable, rest of the album is all over the place constant NOISE. Personally I might enjoy TNB sounds through Emil even more. TNB is great, but throw some broken off tonearms over it and see what you get then! CD got multiple listens this week and everytime I ended up thinking how cool it would be if something like the ARTBREAKHOTEL lp got the minutoli treatment in this day and age!

Zwangsbeglucktertum - If It Pleases The Court 7" (I Dischi Del Barone)
I've had this on my turntable constantly since I got it. Best noise 7" of the recent times! Not that there's been many. A side is Incapacitants-y in it's approach, with raspy noise tangled up with feedbacking unintelligible voice crying out under a lofi recording of someone playing with marbles. B side starts slowed down speech distortion and then blows into layers of rough electronic signals, not that much more, but all I really need. The cover art is nice, has some shoes and the guy from the mythbusters.

Zalhietzli - Armure tape (Narcolepsia)
Hard to describe. Active, fervent and distorted in a very specific way that feels particularly satisfying to me. Unmusical but not for the whole length. Different from the previous tapes and cdrs from the artist, that were also quite varied. How it sounds? Like 2023 tape noise transferred into an old MacII computer. Crunchyness, fluttering, screeching, wheezing, all there, but crackled up by software. Great! For anyone who likes both Altar Of Flies and K.M. Toepfer.

Mot - Break tape (Fanalstatt)
Break has all the elements of Mot I like, but juiced further! Warbled tape loops hot with feedback, steel and iron junk, distorted ground hum. All bloomed with tape saturation. More noisy than some Mot, and I like that, but not nearly as noisy as the Oaf 3".

Idler - Oaf 3"cd (Satatuhatta)
Blunt, simple, very tastefully distorted, delicious microcassette noise. Unlike the plunderphonous dictaphone abusers of the old, Idler oafs around thick and saucy. There's similarities though, it's as messy as the old timers and maybe by that misses some of the trappings of other modern noise, finding it's own way to be harsh.

Commando 15 - Vauhkola tape (Satatuhatta)
Second tape from an occupied Ostrobothnian noiser, Commando 15. Sound consist mostly of layered feedback. Very hand made, played vibe that creates a nervous mood. It wails distantly only to burst into echoes that distort into a cassette recorder. Saying it like that doesn't tell you much, but I think the main charm of this is in the nuances of the sound, the texture so to say. Textured feedback huh? Well, yeah and not exactly, more like how the different sources act with each other and how that affects the recording space and how it all hums and hisses onto tape. I think. Anyway, a compelling piece of noise!

Zeno Marx

Recently listened to all the Popol Vuh albums up through 1985.

Wired - from Free Improvisation 1974 3LP box set (DGG) - I've seen this on krautrock lists for a long time, but I'd forgotten about it - keith fullerton whitman, aka Creel Pone, booted it last year - found a good rip of the LPs today - makes sense that it is on DGG and not one of the common labels; avant-garde that isn't that unique; manipulating cymbals and strings; plenty of people/groups did this sort of instrument manipulation - two very long tracks, from when DGG would put 50+ minutes on an LP (because they didn't adhere to RIAA equalization standards...I think?) - Iskra 1903, one of the other groups in this box, is better at this clatter.

Project Q - The Entropy of Orion 1986 - wish I'd ran into a tape trader back when that hit underground synthers and new agers like this
Project Q - Druids Dawn at Stonehenge 1982 & 1985 - crude synths and electronic rhythms with guitar noodling
Project Q - The Mad Professors Workshop Tapes Vol. I 1984 - kind of surprised at least one of these tapes hasn't been reissued in some form, even if only on bandcamp - good thing for the new ager/yoga/cult adjacent youtube channels.   ***anyone have any idea what publications were used by new age synthers to peddle their private tapes? There had to be zines and a network. I'd love to have an idea where this stuff existed.

Jorge Reyes - Viento de Navajas 1989 (soundtrack) - not sure how often, or if, he played live, but I would have liked to have seen him.

Intersystems ‎– Peachy 1967 - Canadian electronic outfit - got some attention when Cortical Foundation reissued one of their albums, and I think Streamline (Heemann) was involved in two reissues, this being one of them.

I always thought HNAS art was interesting, and now I find out that they (Heemann) borrowed from the German jazz drummer Roland Wittich who did this cover
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Dead Body Love - Puke on My Corpse CD (WCN)

Phenomenal reissue in every regard. The packaging is gorgeous, 6-panel A5 fold-out digipak looks and feels so nice. The notes from both Sam McKinley and Mark Solotrof are a great inclusion. And of course, the sounds are excellent. Very crunchy and heavy and maybe not too dissimilar to Low-Fi Power Carnage. Sticks to the blown-out sounds and does not try to veer away from the sheer power like Prayers for the Sick and Stand in Blood did at times. And what a title, "Puke on My Corpse", it's all so perfect. What a treat and well executed reissue.

Apes Clog Snag

AMK - Play CD (Pure)

Love it. Has both flexi disc montage demonstrations announced by GX (wait what, who's Michael Johnson?) and harsher and chunkier noise tracks. A lot of bangers and a lot of record loops that get stuck in my brain. Like how good is the "Montage Loop Sample Five".

Emil Beaulieau – Dedicated To Charlie Ward CD (Pure)

This is partly very very irritating. Thankfully there's also good noise. Irriting parts might be due to the chosen source material and possibly just to match the nonsense of the Stomach Ache Records. Ends with Gerogerigegeges Whitehouse cover played with very little done to it, and it is of course an amazing track.

Palatial – Perennial Apologia tape (Fanalstatt)

I should light some candles into a tunnel or something while listening to this. You know, so these people can find their way out of there. Underground thumping rhythms and eerie drones. Amazing moments of is that someone scratching some steel or a frog person in anguish? Wind getting from somewhere above into the dungeons or walkman speed manipulations? Nobody knows for sure. Now I feel like I should return to those Domaine Poetique CDs after this.

Eric Lunde - Mimefistofele CD (TraitMediaWorks)

Recordings of an opera played back from tape recorder to another with an external microphone. Repeat until finely decayed. Sometimes you hear a bit of the source sound, but most of the time it could be any other thing Lunde uses for these works. And I find that fascinating. Just something about the crispy high tones of former music is as pleasant sonically as it is as an idea. I like the faux classical music CD artwork and the little devils with tape recorders. I went through some other Lunde stuff in the last couple of days too. Like Industrial Recollections CD compiling XCHDX / TapeDeathCut. Not so much fan of TapeDeathCut half but rest is a golden piece of noise history. For the purely rough and not yet as defined in style, "Scramble" from his bandcamp, second tape ever but already amazing.


Not long ago re-visited and visited several Eric Lunde CD/CDR. At point of his "comeback", he was very prolific and I used to receive box of stuff filled with lots of items, enough that not every title was listened at once. Filed them into "to be listened" shelves only to find them years later. Several items study this sound erosion or decay. Repeating process of recording, playing recording, recording that and replaying and recording and so on and on. Eventually something that may have been speech or something else, you will hear just whistling drone-noise. There is really good stuff that probably got totally overlooked, like tends to happen if you put out too many items in too short time. I am sure Lunde wasn't really looking "big attention", but stuff he sent out to friends and associates and was into making things and communicating rather than "running label" so to say. I am sure some TraitMediaWorks releases are not even listed at discogs, and label site disappeared years ago. I would suspect Lunde is active like always, doing his art more privately, but haven't been in touch for long time! Should drop him letter.
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Bestializer – Perpetrator Leisures tape
I wonder is he is still around? Nothing seems to have been published for decade. C-90 tape of noisy and pretty heavy power electronics / noise mix. One could consider it almost like double album due the length it would take to do this on LP. Covers are really nice, odd drawings by mr. Bestializer and Olsson aesthetics in putting it all together. I wonder if all 80 copies really are out there. I would assume not everything was dubbed and assembled since Narcolepsia tape that came roughly same time with similar edition has probably twice as much "discogs owners" as this one. Feels little too good tape if there really is just few dozen copies out there!
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Been on a PRELEST kick the last few days. Both releases very highly recommended.

Prelest "Brought Low" cassette. Self Released 2020.

Industrial hazardous waste! Really nasty low end grinding synth melting together with samples, carefully executed junk sounds, and flanged vocals. Brooding, overall sinister vibes here. Paints a picture of grey landscapes and failing machinery in your mind. Comes with religious paper insert (text in Polish) w/ download code.

Prelest "Teodal" mini CD. Freak Animal 2023.

A continuation of the same grimy sounds as his previous but I would say that this release is slightly better! Seems like the artist put a little more thought into each composition. Sounds striking at just the right moment. Track 2 gives a sense of urgency and claustrophobia and then we're treated with a very long, BLEAK drone piece in Track 3.

Artist only has two releases (to my knowledge) and I'd suggest listening to both in order to fully appreciate his craft.


Incapacitans & Two Assistant Deputy Ministers - Stocks & Bonds CD
Purchase inspired by the WCN podcast episode with Soddy. Incapacitants do their usual routine, but also have drums in the mix which makes it, at least for my Incapa-knowledge, a bit different release. Their part begins with cruelling feedback solo which almost reminds me of Scottish bagpipes. Super dense and LOUD! Almost erupts to something but then gets stuck to a looping sound, with slashes of noise and some sort of vocals, the classic frantic screaming.  Chaotic and true Incapa-style mad noizu errupts quite deceivingly and it's like being on a boat during storm, waving in huge waves of noise. The collab track is wall of sound, like bring under electronic waterfall. TADM invites you to put more volume, and then attacks you with the very same, nearly soothing tone. It's like being showered with noise. I think Soddy mentioned in the interview this "no bass" approach he had, maybe that's the factor that makes this cool as sea wind. Occasionally throwing some seagull shits at you in form of electronic sparks, bleeps and blops. When you close your eyes, you can feel almost like a meditative sensation whole listening to TADM. Very interesting, and good. Still available widely, so go get it!


LIDLESS EYE "Angora Morgue" tape
Circuit bending, rewired and modified electronics. C-90. haha. That's probably reason why this been in my "to be listened" -shelves for many many years, but now that it finally is being listened, it is pretty good stuff! Many times it reminds of sounds of mixer feedback-loop improvisation and on b-side I am often thinking how close it sounds to some instrumental Bastard Noise recordings (minus echo). All the time things happening, and it isn't the "flock of chicken sounds", but actually good electronic noise.

EVENINGS "Rosemary plain" tape
self released
This is also about 10 years old tape found in middle of black metal demo tapes piling up in shelves. C-60 of broken lo-fi noise that is pretty good stuff and perhaps these days if label like Satatuhatta would put it out, people would cream on their pants. There are releases on Second Sleep, Chondritic, Tapeworm, so artists is certainly noticed by noteworthy labels too. Sometimes looping rhythms, that appear like turntable sounds, but most often hiss, crackle and variation of screechy noises that appear live-at-home experimentation.
Artist has bandcamp, but this particular tape is not there. Closest could be:
Some newer ones seems to be different kind of stuff. May have to take closer look what stuff I have from this.
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Been on massive Chondritic Sound listening session for some days.

Altar of Flies "Signaler" CD feels like a bit more calm and minimal that some of his other works from this era. I need to return to this soon.

Hive Mind "Hollow Slumber" CD, actually Difficult Interactions label. I thought the warning about sub-bass modulations that may damage your speakers would be just the usual noise joke, but damn! Actually, when CD first starts, my speakers started to act all weird, and not really handle well the bass frequencies. haha.. Suddenly the clean synth oscillation starts to create The Rita like gated crackles... Little less volume and speakers could handle frequencies.

FLYSCH "Concrete Horizon" CD, very good broken noise harshness!

SMOKEY EMERY "Things done changed" CD, industrial-drone-loop kind of thing. Occasional feels like older art music sampled into loops that end up sounding industrial music.

SKIN GRAFT "Hell in the blood" CD, harsh, very harsh, occasionally maybe more simple than some of the SG stuff? Remains harsh, but with sparsely hitting metal objects and feedback etc. And then again, switching to blast.

SCANT "Dissociative" CD, perhaps after SG this was slightly bad choice to listen to. Not that it would be bad, but more minimalistic, almost HWN or static noise drone with little lo-fi snottiness and after SG's high energy harshness it wasn't that exciting.

SMELL & QUIM "Pushy gothic gnome versus charity techno gnome" CD, what a demented noise cd! First half is pretty damn challenging with all the weirdo gnome spoken sounds, hah, but I don't say that as negative remark. Ultra bizarre, strange noise!

ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD "Demimonde voices" CD, reissue of GROSS label tape. I remember how I liked this much more than the debut CD on Charnel Music. Very experimental, songs going all over the place, in realms of experimental industrial noise.. and crossing over to something you could call even music. People who think all bands sound too much the same now, could grab this ACL to find album where pretty much none of the tracks even sound the same!
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Zeno Marx

Brume - La Violence du Néant 2023

I've been sleeping on this favorite.  I don't know why, but I thought he had slowed down and really wasn't releasing much.  Wrong.  He's been busy.  This is more on the dark ambient leaning side of his work, but all the usual, incredible manipulations, acoustics, and industrial are all well represented within that.  Not surprising, it's more of his masterwork.
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