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Rhinocervs - RH02 (Rhinocervs 2010) - Rhinocervs isn't the bands name, they don't have a name so fans just call them by their record label name since it was the first of two releases this label put out at the same time as you can see here . I like RH-02 better than RH-01. For awhile I swore RH-01 and RH-02 were by different bands and thought that RH-02 may have been a split because Side A and Side B differ in various ways. I later found out my assumption was wrong. Side A is fast and repetitive for the most part, pretty straight forward but raw as hell Black Metal (these guys are tied in with the Black Twilight Circle, a group that includes bands like Volahn and Arizmenda among others, who have very close ties with Bone Awl). The second track is when things begin to change, it breaks down in the middle and gets completely melodic, then this melodic bridge picks back up pace until the end of the song and we are back in the ball game with a new developing sound that follows itself over to Side B and doesn't let up. Side B is great, it is definitely in line with the romantic French BM sounds - lots of melodic leads, minimal use of blastbeats that are tossed aside in favor of a punk directed drumming, and a sophisticated sound/mood - if Shakespeare was into Black Metal this is what he would write. I don't get how anyone who likes Black Metal couldn't like this. This tape has a very high ranking in my collection.

Flame - March Into Firelands (HHR 2011) - So far this is one of my favorite Metal releases of this year.  8 tracks of Blackened Thrash with hints of "War" or "Bestial" Metal in there. Fans of the genre know there are more than one type of "War Metal" and when I mention it in this case I am referring to that bands like Bestial Mockery or the Metal that a lot of older South American bangers played instead of the crazy stylings of Revenge, Proclamation or Order of Chaos type "War Metal". I would say it is like a mix of older Aura Noir, Bestial Mockery and Vulcano. You can listen to a few full track off of it here:

Morrigan - Celt (Horns of Cernunos, 2003) - Fans of mid-era Viking Metal Bathory and Bathory worship will love this (this band was previously known as Mayhemic Truth). This CD never really gets that fast, it's more slow to mid-paced Metal with great hooks and really good use of Keyboards, occasional clean vocals and chants. The slower songs are sometimes refereed to as "doomy" by reviewers who don't know what the fuck they are talking about, "doomy" is a false tag in this case. The slow, chunky sections and songs are suggestive of the Hellenic BM (Greek) sounds of bands like (early) Samael, Thou Art Lord, Varathron, and Zemial. I usually like more raw and lo-fi Metal, especially when it comes to Black Metal, to me a sickening and dirty atmosphere is essential in 9 out of 10 cases. This album, no actually this band is a good exception to that rule, they make up that 1 out of 10, because although there is an amazing atmosphere burning up in there this album more about riffs and the simple but talented drumming. This CD in particular needed good production values to pull off the sound they were aiming for and it worked perfectly as it did on all the albums they made from here on out.

Gonna pop in some Power Electronics now...


Taint - Piece-Meal Dissection (Taint Entertainment 1995) - I haven't actually heard a physical copy of this tape in about 6 years up until just a few days days ago when I tracked down a copy from a guy in Italy and finally received it in the mail. Side A still blows me away as it did when I first heard it, actually maybe even more now that I've accumulated a more "acquired taste" for Power Electronics. I believe that the material here could be released on a label like F&V, Freak Animal or something today and yet it was released in fucking 1995! Way ahead of its time in my opinion. The importance of releases like Misogynist Lust and Whoredom don't escape me at all, but I feel that this is such an underrated release in the history of the genre and in this artists discography. Both sides of this cassette are both disturbing pieces of very subtle and building P.E. equipped with Taint's specific signature and M.O. - pervy samples/victim tapes (not nearly as many as we would hear in later releases), feedback and metal/junk abuse.


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shift vs sick seed split

got this yesterday from a horses mouth.
wheres the sample from in the second(?) ss song, was it deathmask or something. best sample ive heard in a loong time and a cool brooding song too.

Horse's mouth sez: thanks for the compliment! The sample is from a documentary about artist Joe Coleman that some here might know. I borrowed it from a friend a couple of years ago. I don't remember its name and can't be arsed to google but maybe someone will. Very much recommended viewing anyways.



ive did google and ive seen that guy and his paintings but the name hasnt stuck.
pretty topical as just a few days ago I saw that theres a brand spanking new case of ebola and here in finlandia a few things were scrathced of the desease list:he/sheism and sm was there something else too I forget.


Keränen - Moon Over Torrelorca, CD (ljud & Bild)
Very nice and slow drone. Have spinning this all day.


Borghesia : resistance cd .....wellcome to the world of darkrooms, poppers, escorts and EBM :-)


You've got my attention, now just tell me more!

But seriously that sounds like my kind of music.


don't know, it's pretty original ebm from Ljubljana (started in '82)......not the macho/military kind of ebm, imho it's rather sleazy & gay & drugged.....
first album is awesome:
later it went like this
later they kinda lost the synths & drummachines, more 'rock'.....i heard they are back but haven't seen/heard a thing....

wrong forum, i know  ;-)

Nil By Mouth

GNAWED purge

Great tape of well structured power electronics with some elements of rumbling noise and disgusted vocals


Grunt / Cloama "Valkoinen Kuolema / Belyi Smertz", CD (Freak Animal)
Great split album, this is how PE is supposed to sound. Concept and topics here are similar to "Petturien Rooli" I believe,
namely the Finnish Civil War. Many of the tracks feature voice samples that I guess come from these times or describing them from a later date.
I would say there is a clear distinction between the respective styles of Cloama and Grunt, but they melt together really well here.
Perhaps could be said that Grunt has a little more noisier approach than Cloama, whose sounds are more analog synth based.
Do correct me if I am wrong (I find it a little difficult sometimes to properly describe the various sounds in noise and power electronics).
This album would definitely deserve a re-issue at some point, but seems like it is quite available still to this day.

Cloama "Death Certificate", 7" (Freak Animal)
As a follow up to the previous CD mentioned here, this is one good seven inch. I especially like the first track and its unplugged
approach. However, any more words from me are redundant. Get this one! It is perfect for the 7" format.

Romance "Live : Gateshead / Newcastle / Glasgow", 7" (Harbinger Sound)
I guess this is what is refered to as cut-up harsh noise? This is very good stuff, I would say a bit reminiscent of some Bizarre Uproar
material. Felt like it was very short in length, almost too short. It definitely left a taste for more.

Ennio Morricone "Sacco & Vanzetti (Original Soundtrack Recording)", LP (RCA Records)
Obviously not noise, but if one likes Morricone, this is essential. Interestingly, there are a few parts on here that has some
kind of experimental electronic approach. I would not go as far as to call the sounds "industrial", but perhaps proto-? Without
roots in the industrial music genre, it is maybe not legitimate to give it an industrial label, but nevertheless out of the ordinary
in this context. It was made in 1971.

I would be very curious to hear more unmusical electronic recordings from this period in time and earlier. If someone could
give me a few pointers it would be much appreciated.


Maska Genetik : strada  lp ........EARGASM


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Maska Genetik : strada  lp ........EARGASM

been waiting for more seems like forever will have to pick this one up immediately


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Quote from: P-K on May 18, 2011, 05:02:28 PM
Maska Genetik : strada  lp ........EARGASM

been waiting for more seems like forever will have to pick this one up immediately

instant goosebumps


Currently listening to Grunt - petturien rooli through my headphones at high volume. Great work and very different from what I have been listening to lately, the noise and artwork go so well together, dragging images of war into my mind.