Started by FreakAnimalFinland, December 18, 2009, 10:18:07 PM

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Not really sure how anyone could discount poetry after reading Rimbaud or Plath or whatever, not to mention songwriting is essentially just poetry writing to a rhythm.

I don't keep up with contemporary poetry much, I have my old favorites. But I do have a recommendation.

Moor Mother. Moor Mother is a poet by trade but has gotten underground famous for her musical project that sees her utilizing harsh industrial noise influenced beats over which she can espouse a visceral brew of system indicting rage. It might not be to everyone here's liking but here is a lyrical sample from her track "Creation Myth:"

No hope for the dead battered in their coffins (?)
A new type of happiness
A black happiness that's filled with grief
Somehow ending up at a portal in time
(?) nothing else no mind
Just the innate wiring of your DNA
The process of your chromosomes
Systematically forming to prevent ones own annihilation
I mean extermination