NRR11: Gene Pick "Gray's Ferry" C-20

Started by Crumer, October 09, 2015, 04:56:48 PM

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Out now

GENE PICK "Gray's Ferry" c-20

edition of 100
10usd. Ships Tuesday.

Talking isn't much of anything. There's nothing to say which hasn't already been said, so shut up and listen. Harsh timbral clamor. Despite a commitment to consistent live performance and adventurous collaboration, Gene Pick has chosen not to flood the underground with product. Instead, the project has maintained a patient clip regarding recordings. Each subsequent cassette by Gene Pick has featured the fruits of this work ethic, offering further distillations of a trademark ethos incorporating piercing high end and sustained debris. There's an internal logic built around the spiderweb of modular system, mixer and live processing. Whereas some machines play themselves, the fingerprint of thought is all over the twenty plus minutes of Gray's Ferry. Abrasive dynamism is never sacrificed on account of the material's abstract rigor. "Path Mark" occasionally hints at repetition before ducking down previously unseen side streets. "Behind the Path Mark" trades off between thin cones of sound and denser assaults. Comparisons are tantamount to laziness. Noise is inevitable. text by Allen Mozek