FOR SALE: Peter Sotos & Related Books + Other Items

Started by barktime, February 08, 2024, 04:30:15 PM

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Peter Sotos:
  • Special
  • Predicate
  • Show Adult
  • Kept: The Collected Peter Sotos Volume Four
  • Waitress (2005) One of the Waitress extras, in this case in the form of a CD
  • Waitress (2010) Waitress booklet Stay. Came with pre-orders of Kept. Limited edition out of 50. Signed & numbered.
More info on Sotos books:

Jim Goad:
  • Answer Me! All Four Issues 4 issues in one. All extras included (unused game pieces). Signed by Jim Goad.

A.D. Hitchin:
  • Consensual

  • Straight to Hell: 20th Century Suicides (book) Contributors include Peter Sotos, Mikita Brottman, and others
  • Grunt: Trite (DVD)
  • Grunt: Decadence of Flesh (DVD)
  • Delirium Tremens - The Best of Chthonic Force (CD) Limited edition of 100. Signed & numbered. Featuring Peter Sotos, Boyd Rice, & others
  • Hated Perversions - (Freak Animal Institute of Paraphilia Studies) (CD) Featuring Nicole 12, Sick Seed, Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, Taint, & others
  • A Machine Called Orgasm - Dedicated to Max Hardcore. (CD) Songs by A. Shaw; limited to 96 copies

*** DM me for specific information on any items, and/or to make an offer ***
*** Photos available on request ***


I PMd you for kept. I have a kee mcfarlane coming in the mail by next Friday. I ordered 2.