Breaking The Will & Heat Signature East Coast USA/Kiran Arora, Being+ Texas tour

Started by whiteheatnoise, March 12, 2016, 05:26:29 PM

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Breaking The Will & Heat Signature - East Coast USA 2016

Wednesday March 23rd - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
Thursday March 24th - Baltimore, MD @ Barclay House
Friday March 25th & Saturday March 26th - NYC, NY @ Trans-Pecos for M.A.P.S. Festival

Selena Cross, Kiran Arora & Being - Texas 2016

Sunday March 27th - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves*
Monday March 28th - Houston, TX @ Sound Exchange
Tuesday March 29th - Austin, TX @ Beerland for Austin Noise Fest 2016

*Collaboration set; Ranik Apt (Selena Cross & Kiran Arora).

Breaking The Will (Ithaca, NY)
Heat Signature (Columbus/Dayton, OH)
Selena Cross (Los Angeles, CA)
Kiran Arora (Austin, TX)
Being (Dayton, OH)