Flysch, Sunken Cheek & V. Sinclair Northeast Tour

Started by Intothered, March 16, 2016, 05:00:16 PM

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Spring MMXVI_

03.20_Ithaca, NY with Kjostad & Fä**
03.21Syracuse, NY with Randomblaster**
03.22 New Haven, CT with Chris Goudreau, Colorguard & Gentle Flowers**
03.23 NYC with Destruction Unit, Suburbanite & Haram
03.24 Easthampton, MA with Shredded Nerve, No Dreams, Snake In The Garden, Secular Identity, Gastric Lavage, Scent & Sects
03.25 off for M.A.P.S
03.26 off for M.A.P.S.
03.27 Providence, RI
04.01_Tucson, AZ with Eric Schlappi, Igloo Martian, Sunfucked, Skincage, Fawnblood, Nathan Youngblood & Will Merkle*

Flysch [OR_Unseen Force]
Sunken Cheek [NY_Prime Ruin]
V. Sinclair [RI_Clandestine Compositions]

*Flysch Only
**with V. Sinclair
unseen force label & distro