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My Instagram is mostly being used to document lots of old achive flyers. I have already worked through my CMI collection and starting on the rest.
noise receptor: sound with impact - analysing the abstract

spectrum magazine archive: ambient / industrial / experimental / power electronics / neo-folk music culture magazine


Find instagram better than most social media, but still its shit for communication. Will never take people who dont manage to write an email seriously.
Anyway, mine is Mostly art, and the random hiking or music related.
Or label @recordsofthefleshgod posts relevant info plus gig photos etc.



"Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture" 


Personal - @wlfskn
Label - @fallofnature


I subscribed to your account. I use Ig app more often than other social networks. I feel comfortable communicating with people via Direct. So Instagram is now the most convenient social network in which there's an opportunity to develop an account. I never even thought I could very easily get free instagram followers. I've always used it just for work. But about six months ago, I realized that I like doing content creation. Processing photos and writing posts have become something commonplace for me now. It puts me in a better mood. Plus, the increase in audience noticeably boosts my self-esteem. I subscribe to you so that you can subscribe to me mutually.

Soloman Tump

Quote from: NUDE_MAJA_GOYA on May 05, 2022, 06:14:44 PM
Instagram IS Facebook.

Yes, but it easily allows multiple accounts and some sort of anonymity / feed curation, so that is why I prefer it.  Also, my parents do not use it.

online prowler

main hq: @where___frost___reign___
book stream, store selection: @where___frost___reign___8mm
Book and magazine discounts: @where___frost___reign___sales



and for Isn'tses products/synths stuff @chernobylizersynth


@violated.sun mine. and sadly IG remains my only way to reach out for my projects.


For all Young Hustlers info there’s now a page on Instagram to keep updated on Skuggsidan releases!


AKTI Records

@aktirecords label stuff and @paatoimitus for more personal stuff.


Just deleted mine after debating it for a year. Recent discussions on here and WCN podcast made me pull the trigger. Besides, I got real sick with the random viral reels that would play while scrolling through. I don't think noise culture should exist in the same world as that. There are a few good connections I made through using it but that could always continue via email.


For all things God Is War, TCU, Koufar, etc news, tours, upodates:




I can understand your frustration with not getting responses to your emails. I've had that happen to me before as well. It's good that you've taken the initiative to set up an Instagram account so that you can connect with people more easily. Let me know if you ever want to connect on Instagram. I look forward to meeting more people from this forum! Also, as a life hack, I can recommend you to use With it, you can gain many new organic followers and likes making your page a little more popular. Good luck!